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Ghetto Superstar Freestyle Lyrics by DaBaby is a brand new English song which is presented here. Ghetto Superstar Freestyle song lyrics are penned down by DaBaby while its tune is made by DaBaby.

In “Ghetto Superstar Freestyle” by DaBaby, the rapper exudes confidence and assertiveness as he navigates through themes of success, loyalty, and resilience. DaBaby boasts about his rise to fame and his ability to navigate the challenges that come with it. He showcases his prowess as a lyricist, addressing haters and proclaiming his dominance in the rap game. With slick wordplay and a gritty delivery, DaBaby sets the stage for his upcoming project, “Ghetto Superstar,” promising fans more of his signature style and attitude.

Ghetto Superstar Freestyle Lyrics by DaBaby

That’s my baby
I had to come and cook up me a new one, they like when I’m talking my s*it
Always on point, clutching my finger on the trigger whenever I’m parking my whip
They done went and got me started, now I’m going retarded, they saying I started some s*it
Somebody go get some water and pour that s*it on me, ’cause I done got hot than a b!tch and I ain’t even pop it (Firzt back like he left or something)

I’m out the city
You know I’ma blank, n!ggas can’t even stop it
I’ll get in that mode
Sell everything that I got and take off all these chains and these watches
These n!ggas some hoes
Monkey see monkey do, that ain’t the way that I’m rocking
You gon’ see all ten of my toes
Touching the muhfu*king ground ’til they met up and dropped me
I swear to God, n!ggas ain’t going
Come put that pu*sy on me, then I gotta go hustle
Don’t bump me, that s*it get annoying
Whip out and draw it out on n!ggas, or let this s*it slide?
I should probably flip me a coin
I would’ve crashed in your muhfu*king face if it was back in the day
But a n!gga been growing
She ain’t respecting this s*it that I got going on
And I tell that b!tch, “Get up, you’re gone”
I ain’t tryna kick it
I love myself, I don’t play ’bout a n!gga
I love my kids, I don’t play ’bout my daughters
Dive in your s*it and go pay all my lawyers
I ain’t tryna be at the top
If I can’t stand on business, this me and I’m not
One of them other n!ggas you reading about
I’m the real fu*king thing, if you see it or not, the n!gga
Turn up the muhfu*king tip, now they waiting for Baby CD to come out
I got a Glock 23 on my hip
N!gga, play ’round with me, we gon’ see what he ’bout
I had to switch up the muhfu*king clique, n!ggas thought it was easy
Baby don’t fu*k with you now, I won’t fu*k with you twenty years later like Gucci and Jeezy
If you don’t like it, then n!gga, get even
Let’s see what these n!ggas doing
I got that s*it that ain’t on me, it’s in me
These n!ggas think that they know me, oh, really?
Get on your ass, write this moment, no Diddy
Could’ve hit her, I ain’t wanna, she hit me
Open it up and act like I don’t see it
They don’t wan’ see me on top, I done peeped it
If I want something, act like I don’t need it
I can’t let ’em notice
I done took care of some n!ggas way more than they parents and they became ungrateful for it
I’ll give you a chance with this s*it
But I can’t hold your hand, I’ma tell you, “Good luck and don’t blow it”
I come and float on that muhfu*king beat with that pain in my eyes like a muhfu*king soldier
I could pronounce every consonant and every vowel on this b!tch like a muhfu*king poet
I’m articulated
It’s too late for n!ggas, they already hate it
I eat me a plate and I’m already hungry
I guess n!ggas thought that I already made it
Her pu*sy get wet through a drought
And she’ll fu*k me right here in this car, she my favorite
It’s too late, I ain’t cooling off
I’m finna step on these n!ggas all summer, then come through and step on that s*it in the fall
I had to remind they ho-ass I’m a dog
I’m still screaming, “Fu*k all these n!ggas, we ball”
Yeah, he gon’ get up every time that he fall
If you gon’ sit there and say you love Baby, then promise you pick up every time that he call
That Brandy was left on the muhfu*king table, he coming for every single dime and he lost
N!gga, I’m telling you

I had to come and cook up me a new one, they like when I’m popping my s*it
Always on point, clutching my finger on the trigger whenever I’m parking my whip
They done went and got me started, now I’m going retarded, they know they done started some s*it
Somebody go get some water and pour that s*it on me, ’cause right now I’m hot than a b!tch and I ain’t even pop it

That ain’t DaBaby, that’s my baby
GHETTO SUPERSTAR on the way, n!gga
You know these three songs right here, this just the muhfu*king
You know, these just the, the appetizers for GHETTO SUPERSTAR, I’m back, n!gga, let’s do it

Ghetto Superstar Freestyle Lyrics Explained

In the chorus, DaBaby asserts his identity and confidence, referring to himself as “my baby.” He emphasizes his prowess in the rap game, highlighting his ability to captivate audiences with his self-assured delivery and bold lyrics. He describes his readiness to confront any challenges that come his way, metaphorically comparing his intensity to being hotter than fire without even igniting. The repetition of “cooking up a new one” suggests his continuous creation of fresh, engaging content that resonates with his fans.

DaBaby’s verse brims with assertiveness and self-assurance. He declares his independence from the confines of his city, asserting his ability to thrive regardless of his location. The reference to selling everything he owns and shedding material possessions like chains and watches suggests a rejection of superficiality and a focus on authenticity. He addresses his detractors, dismissing them as imitators who lack his authenticity and resolve. DaBaby affirms his dedication to self-improvement and self-respect, prioritizing his well-being and familial obligations above all else. His references to violence reflect a readiness to defend himself and his principles. Ultimately, he presents himself as an unapologetic, self-made individual, undeterred by the negativity of others.

The repetition of the chorus reinforces DaBaby’s confidence and assertiveness. He reiterates his ability to command attention and dominate the rap scene with his bold persona and compelling music. The imagery of being “hotter than a b!tch” without even popping suggests a simmering intensity that is always present, even when not explicitly displayed. DaBaby’s insistence on pouring water over himself symbolizes his desire to cool down from his fiery energy, yet he remains unstoppable and unapologetic in his approach.

In the outro, DaBaby reaffirms his identity and upcoming project, “GHETTO SUPERSTAR.” He confidently asserts his return to the spotlight, referring to himself as “my baby” once again. He dismisses any doubts about his talent and relevance, teasing his audience with the promise of more music to come. The outro serves as a bold declaration of DaBaby’s continued presence in the rap industry and his unwavering commitment to his craft.

FAQs & Trivia

Who has sung “Ghetto Superstar Freestyle” song?
DaBaby has sung “Ghetto Superstar Freestyle” song.

Who wrote the lyrics of “Ghetto Superstar Freestyle” song?
DaBaby has written the lyrics of “Ghetto Superstar Freestyle” song.

Who has given the music of “Ghetto Superstar Freestyle” song?
DaBaby has given the music of “Ghetto Superstar Freestyle” song.


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