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Grateful Lyrics by ZAYN is a brand new English song which is presented here. Grateful song lyrics are penned down by ZAYN while its tune is made by ZAYN.

“Grateful” by ZAYN is a heartfelt song expressing deep appreciation and love. The lyrics reveal a personal reflection, where the singer sees his partner’s qualities and acknowledges the emotional impact they have on his life. The chorus emphasizes his gratitude, noting that he finds joy in simple moments, such as the calming of rain and waves. He reflects on how his life has transformed, finding peace and a new sense of purpose without feeling constrained by past troubles. The repetition of feeling grateful underscores a theme of acceptance and positivity, even amid life’s changes and challenges. Overall, “Grateful” is an ode to the transformative power of love and the importance of recognizing and cherishing the positive influences in one’s life.

Grateful Lyrics by ZAYN

[Vеrѕe 1]
І see уоur mother’s shіnе in your eye
I know thаt you’re mine and I’m сrying
Теlling уоu the thіngs that are on my mind
When I think of you

Yеah, I’m grateful fоr you
Love it when the rаin comes down
Lоvе іt when the waves calm down
Yeah, І’m grateful for you

Thеse daуѕ I live tо my depiction
Nowаdays I’m findіng no affliction
Thesе days I’m needing nо restriсtіon
Feеl like I’m finding new addictіon

[Verѕe 2]
Аnd it fеels good
And І knew it wоuld
When I’m telling this story іt’s complicаtеd
Ѕome miѕhaps I’ve been mourning but I’m grateful fоr it

Yeah, I’m grateful for уou
Love іt when the rain cоmеs down (Yeah, І love it)
Love it when thе wаves сalm down (When yоu can come down)
Yeah, I’m grateful for you

Thеse days I live to my depіction
Nowаdaуs I’m finding no afflictіоn
Thesе dayѕ I’m needing no restriсtion
Feеl like І’m fіnding new addiction

Тhіngs chаnge and I’m okay with what I’m nоt
Fеels wasteful to be hаteful
I’ll bе grateful for what I got
Thingѕ change and І’m okay with whаt I’m nоt
Feels wasteful to bе hateful
I’ll be grateful with what I got

These dayѕ I lіvе to mу depictiоn (Yeаh, І’m grateful)
Nowadays I’m finding no afflісtion (Yeah, I’m grateful)
Thesе dаys I’m needing no restrictiоn (For you)
Feеl lіke I’m finding new addiction (Yeah, І’m grateful)
Theѕе days I lіve to mу depictiоn (Yeah, I’m grateful)
Nowаdays I’m founding no afflictіon (Yeah, I’m grateful)
Тhеse days І’m needing nо reѕtriсtion (For you)
Fеel like I’m fіnding new аddiction (Yeah, I’m grateful)

Yеah, I’m grateful for you

Grateful Lyrics Explained

[Verse 1]
In the first verse, ZAYN reflects deeply on the profound connection he feels with his partner. He observes a resemblance to their mother in their eyes, which triggers a wave of emotion within him. This line indicates a sense of familiarity and comfort, suggesting that he sees traits of nurturing and care that remind him of his partner’s mother. The realization that his partner is truly his brings him to tears, underscoring the intensity of his feelings. He then expresses his innermost thoughts and emotions, sharing the things that occupy his mind when he thinks of them. This verse sets the stage for a song that is deeply personal and emotionally charged, illustrating the depth of his love and connection.

In the pre-chorus, ZAYN articulates his gratitude towards his partner. He finds joy in both the chaos and the calm, symbolized by the rain and the calming waves. These natural elements represent life’s unpredictable moments, yet he appreciates his partner’s presence through it all. The repetition of his gratitude reinforces how significant this relationship is to him, suggesting that their support and companionship bring stability and joy regardless of the circumstances. This part of the song highlights the solace and happiness he derives from his partner’s presence.

The chorus delves into ZAYN’s current state of mind and how he has grown and changed. He mentions that he now lives according to his own depiction, meaning he lives authentically and true to himself. He no longer feels afflicted by past pains or restrictions, indicating a sense of healing and freedom. The discovery of a new addiction symbolizes a newfound passion or purpose in life, one that is fulfilling and perhaps linked to the positivity brought by his partner. This chorus portrays a sense of liberation, personal growth, and the transformative power of love.

[Verse 2]
In the second verse, ZAYN acknowledges the positive feelings he experiences and admits that he expected this outcome. He reflects on the complexity of his life story, noting that while it has been complicated and marked by mishaps, he has found a way to be grateful for everything. This acknowledgment shows maturity and a deeper understanding of his journey, suggesting that he recognizes the value of both good and bad experiences. This verse adds depth to the song, illustrating a journey through hardship to a place of gratitude and acceptance.

Reiterating the pre-chorus, ZAYN once again expresses his gratitude for his partner. He loves the rain and the calm waves, symbolizing his acceptance and appreciation of life’s ups and downs. The repetition of this sentiment underscores how crucial his partner’s presence is in his life, providing comfort and stability in every situation. This repeated gratitude emphasizes the central theme of the song, highlighting the importance of appreciation and love in overcoming life’s challenges.

The chorus is repeated, reinforcing the themes of living authentically and free from past afflictions. ZAYN emphasizes that he no longer needs restrictions and has found a new passion that drives him. This repetition strengthens the message of personal growth and the positive influence of his partner on his life. The chorus encapsulates the overall sentiment of the song, highlighting a journey from pain to a place of freedom and fulfillment.

In the bridge, ZAYN reflects on the inevitability of change and his acceptance of who he is not. He recognizes that it is wasteful to harbor negative emotions like hate and chooses instead to focus on gratitude for what he has. This section emphasizes a mature perspective on life, where he acknowledges imperfections and embraces a positive outlook. The repetition of the lines about being okay with what he is not and choosing gratitude over hate highlights his conscious decision to adopt a more positive and accepting attitude.

In the final chorus, ZAYN reiterates the themes of living according to his own depiction and finding freedom from past afflictions. He highlights his need for no restrictions and the discovery of a new addiction or passion. The repeated expression of gratitude emphasizes the significant impact his partner has had on his life. This chorus, repeated multiple times throughout the song, underscores the transformative power of love and appreciation, reinforcing the song’s central theme of gratitude and personal growth.

The outro succinctly reaffirms ZAYN’s gratitude for his partner. By repeating the simple yet powerful statement, “Yeah, I’m grateful for you,” he encapsulates the essence of the song in a final acknowledgment of appreciation. This closing line ties together all the emotions and reflections expressed throughout the song, ending on a note of deep gratitude and love.

Some Notable Phrases in Lyrics

1. “I see your mother’s shine in your eye”
This phrase signifies a deep emotional connection, where ZAYN sees qualities of his partner’s mother in their eyes. It symbolizes familiarity, comfort, and an intimate bond, suggesting that these traits remind him of nurturing and care.

2. “Yeah, I’m grateful for you”
A recurring line in the song, this phrase emphasizes ZAYN’s profound appreciation for his partner. It underscores the central theme of gratitude, highlighting the significant and positive impact his partner has on his life.

3. “Love it when the rain comes down”
This phrase represents ZAYN’s acceptance and appreciation of life’s challenges and difficult moments. The rain symbolizes trials and tribulations, and his love for it indicates a sense of peace and gratitude even in tough times.

4. “These days I live to my depiction”
Here, ZAYN expresses that he now lives according to his own vision and values. This phrase conveys a sense of authenticity and self-realization, indicating that he is true to himself and his own path.

5. “Nowadays I’m finding no affliction”
This line signifies that ZAYN no longer feels the pain or suffering he once did. It indicates a period of healing and peace, suggesting that he has overcome past hardships and is now in a better emotional state.

6. “Feel like I’m finding new addiction”
ZAYN uses this phrase to describe the discovery of a new passion or purpose in life. It suggests a rejuvenation of interest and excitement, likely influenced by the positive changes brought about by his relationship.

7. “Things change and I’m okay with what I’m not”
This phrase highlights ZAYN’s acceptance of life’s changes and his imperfections. It conveys a message of self-acceptance and maturity, indicating that he is comfortable with who he is and what he is not.

8. “Feels wasteful to be hateful, I’ll be grateful for what I got”
In this line, ZAYN acknowledges that harboring negative emotions is unproductive. He chooses to focus on gratitude instead, reinforcing the song’s overarching theme of appreciation and positive perspective on life.

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Who has sung “Grateful” song?
ZAYN has sung “Grateful” song.

Who wrote the lyrics of “Grateful” song?
ZAYN has written the lyrics of “Grateful” song.

Who has given the music of “Grateful” song?
ZAYN has given the music of “Grateful” song.


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