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Grizzly Flow Lyrics by Rio Da Yung OG is a brand new English song which is presented here. Grizzly Flow song lyrics are penned down by Rio Da Yung OG while its tune is made by Rio Da Yung OG.

“Grizzly Flow” by Rio Da Yung OG paints a vivid picture of street life in Flint. Rio recounts violent encounters and drug deals with gritty detail over a haunting beat by Helluva. He boasts of his shooting accuracy, drug sales, and criminal exploits, demonstrating his ruthless demeanor. Rio’s rhymes are raw and unapologetic, showcasing his life experiences and the harsh realities of his environment. The song’s dark imagery and aggressive delivery capture the intensity of Rio’s lifestyle, reflecting the challenges and dangers he faces daily.

Grizzly Flow Lyrics by Rio Da Yung OG

What up, Helly
(Helluva made this beat, baby)
It’s Rio, n!gga, Da Yung OG
Flint town s*it, n!gga, we fu*king with you

Hundred shots, fifty shots, thirty shots, sixteen shots
But this hold ten, it’s a different Glock
Spin the block, roll down the window, try to hit his top
Hit him in his back, face and neck, they look like chicken pox
Smell the drank, before I buy it, I’ma lick the top
Bad b!tch, before I hit her, make her hit the top
Half of brick of coc*ine sold, it’s only six o’clock
Hit the soda with the chicken crack, this a chicken spot
I don’t really give a fu*k ’bout what a n!gga got
Sock a b!tch, she called her brother, got the n!gga shot
Make it hot around this b!tch like I just lit a lighter
Smoke a n!gga with the mic, I spit different fire
Pull up in a Uber, drop a hundred, I’ll Lyft the driver
Bad b!tch, she take me on a mission, yeah, I tip the driver
Shooting through the front windshield, almost killed the driver
I send a b!tch to go and bust his fake ‘script in Meijer’s
I draw pictures when I rap, I’m a different artist
I use the Glock to paint s*it, I make different portrait
Drown him in the lake then I’ma hide his body in the forest
Hit him with the FN and K in the Ford Taurus
When the police find his body, he had rigor mortis
Beat the n!gga in the studio, stomp him with my Forces
I dropped the hook on his ass, but this a different chorus
I hit his dog with some s*it that be killing horses
Flint n!gga, they gon’ judge us ’cause our water dirty
I sold his ass a Perc’ 10, that is not a 30
Twenty-two under this Glock, bro, this not a thirty
But the way I shoot this b!tch, I think I’m dropping forty
Yellow diamonds in my watch look like I dropped the dirty
B!tch, come join the winning team, you wanna rock a jersey
Bro, come drop the paper off, you wanna drop a versie
Bring me some fu*king peanut oil, I’m finna drop a turkey
Man, I swear I live a hell of a life
Can’t smoke, but I drink lean, somebody send me some vice
I ain’t never bought no crack, I can tell that ain’t right
When I was young, I sold dope, twenty grams every night
When you was young, your mom smoked like twenty grams in the night
I know the real, who you think she used to sell on your bikes?
I prayed to God for a blessing and it felt outta sky
I ain’t even shoot him, put out strap and n!gga fell out and died

Grizzly Flow Lyrics Explained

The intro sets the tone for the song, with Rio Da Yung OG acknowledging the producer, Helluva, and introducing himself as a representative of Flint, Michigan. He asserts his presence and affiliation with his hometown, suggesting a sense of pride and loyalty to his roots despite the gritty subject matter to follow.

Rio’s verse delves into the harsh realities of street life, where violence and drug dealing are commonplace. He vividly describes the use of firearms, boasting about his accuracy and the lethality of his weapon. The references to “chicken pox” suggest the severity of his shots, likening the wounds inflicted to the marks left by the disease. Rio also discusses his involvement in drug trafficking, highlighting the lucrative nature of his illegal activities. His disregard for human life is evident as he casually mentions shooting someone and orchestrating drug deals without remorse.

Despite the grim subject matter, Rio demonstrates a creative flair in his lyricism, comparing himself to an artist painting with a Glock instead of a brush. His use of wordplay and imagery adds depth to his storytelling, depicting a bleak yet captivating narrative of life in Flint. Rio’s references to specific locations, such as Meijer’s, ground his narrative in reality, emphasizing the authenticity of his experiences.

The verse also touches on socio-economic issues, such as the contamination of Flint’s water supply, which has garnered national attention. Rio acknowledges the judgment faced by Flint residents due to their environmental struggles, implying a sense of defiance against societal stereotypes.

Furthermore, Rio boasts about his drug sales, referencing specific narcotics like Percocet and coc*ine. His cavalier attitude towards drug dealing reflects the normalization of such activities within his community. Rio’s references to specific quantities and types of drügs illustrate his intimate knowledge of the illicit drug trade.

Towards the end of the verse, Rio reflects on his upbringing and his involvement in criminal activities from a young age. He contrasts his own experiences with those of others, highlighting the disparity in lifestyles shaped by poverty and crime. Rio’s references to his mother’s drug use and his own involvement in selling drügs underscore the cyclical nature of addiction and crime within disadvantaged communities.

Ultimately, Rio’s verse provides a raw and unfiltered glimpse into the harsh realities of street life in Flint, Michigan. Through his vivid storytelling and candid lyricism, he sheds light on the struggles and dangers faced by individuals immersed in a world defined by violence, drügs, and poverty.

FAQs & Trivia

Who has sung “Grizzly Flow” song?
Rio Da Yung OG has sung “Grizzly Flow” song.

Who wrote the lyrics of “Grizzly Flow” song?
Rio Da Yung OG has written the lyrics of “Grizzly Flow” song.

Who has given the music of “Grizzly Flow” song?
Rio Da Yung OG has given the music of “Grizzly Flow” song.


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