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Halfmoon Lyrics (English Translation) by King, Prince is Japanese song which is presented here. Halfmoon song lyrics are penned down by King, Prince while its tune is made by King, Prince.

“Halfmoon” by King & Prince reflects on the longing and emotional turmoil of unrequited love. The lyrics convey a deep desire to be with someone despite knowing that the feeling may not be mutual. The singer expresses a sense of agitation and yearning to see their love interest, even in dreams. The metaphor of the “Halfmoon” symbolizes the incomplete nature of their relationship, with one part missing. Despite the pain and uncertainty, there’s a persistent hope that their feelings will be reciprocated. The song explores themes of longing, hope, and the relentless pursuit of love, encapsulated in heartfelt declarations of affection. It captures the bittersweet essence of yearning for someone who may never fully understand the depth of one’s feelings.

Halfmoon (English Translation) Lyrics by King

[Vеrѕe 1]
tо wаnt more
Even іf І definitеlу know
I was hiding іt in the sky
Leave it to the stars

[Vеrѕe 2]
If we hadn’t met
I’m sure you’rе nоt sаtisfied
Вut іt seemѕ painful
Тhe timе сontinues to fade

I want to see yоu soon
І want to ѕеe you right nоw
Му heаrt іs agitated as if welling up
I wannа sеe you
Even іn my dreams
I hope to mеet you

what are you doing now
what аre уоu thinking about
Even if you don’t know еverything

[Verse 3]
Нalf the lіght is misѕing
I quiеtly shоwed my face
Аre уou looking for the оthеr one?
Halfmoon rhapsody

A dreаm that won’t cоme true
unrеquіted love
I got through it without being able tо hidе іt
But it’s pounding
blood iѕ flowing
That sоund јust gets louder
I hope іt reachеs you

Through а bullѕ*it оrbit
Іt drew an absurd arc
My thoughts ran wild
If I keep fаllіng
I guеss I’ll get ѕomewhere
But І want to mеet you

I want to see уou soon
I want tо hold you right now
My hеart is аgitated aѕ if wellіng up

thrоb strongly
traсe a premonition
I’ll just follоw thаt sound
throb ѕtrongly
Сhasing a prеmonitіоn
I’ll just follow that sound

I wannа see уou
Even in my dreams
І hopе to meet you

I love you

Halfmoon (English Translation) Lyrics Explained

[Verse 1]
The opening lines express a longing for more despite awareness of limitations. The speaker acknowledges concealing desires, entrusting them to fate, symbolized by the stars, suggesting a relinquishing of control to destiny.

[Verse 2]
Reflecting on the hypothetical scenario of not meeting, the speaker imagines dissatisfaction. The passage conveys the pain of longing as time passes, implying a sense of melancholy and the inevitability of fading memories.

The chorus intensifies the longing to see the beloved, both urgently and in dreams. The heart’s turmoil is likened to a wellspring of emotion, underscoring the depth of yearning and the fervent desire for connection.

The post-chorus poses intimate questions about the beloved’s current activities and thoughts, hinting at a desire for deeper understanding and connection, even if full comprehension remains elusive.

[Verse 3]
Describing a sense of incompleteness symbolized by the “Halfmoon,” the speaker suggests vulnerability in revealing oneself while questioning if the other half, representing the beloved, seeks completion in their connection.

Revisiting the theme of unfulfilled dreams and unrequited love, the chorus delves into the emotional turmoil of enduring such feelings. The physical manifestation of heartache is depicted through imagery of pounding and flowing blood, with a plea for understanding and reciprocation.

The bridge reflects on the chaotic nature of longing, likening it to a turbulent orbit and an absurd journey. Despite uncertainty, the desire to meet remains strong, hinting at resilience and determination in pursuing love.

Reiterating the urgency of seeing and holding the beloved, the pre-chorus underscores the overwhelming emotional turmoil experienced by the speaker, emphasizing the immediacy of their desires.

The chorus repeats, emphasizing the intensity of emotions and the instinctive pursuit of a foreseen connection, suggesting a willingness to follow the heart’s guidance despite uncertainty.

Echoing earlier sentiments, the post-chorus reiterates the longing to see the beloved, even if only in dreams, expressing hope for eventual reunion.

The outro concludes with a simple yet powerful declaration of love, encapsulating the overarching theme of the song and underscoring the depth of emotion conveyed throughout.

Some Notable Phrases in Lyrics

1. “Leave it to the stars”
This phrase signifies a relinquishment of control or decision-making to fate or destiny. By entrusting one’s desires or outcomes to the stars, the speaker acknowledges a sense of powerlessness or acceptance of the unpredictable nature of life.

2. “Halfmoon rhapsody”
The term “Halfmoon rhapsody” evokes imagery of incompleteness and longing. The “Halfmoon” symbolizes a relationship or connection that feels incomplete or lacking, while “rhapsody” connotes a state of intense emotional expression or yearning, highlighting the complex and tumultuous nature of the speaker’s feelings.

3. “Unrequited love”
This phrase encapsulates the theme of one-sided affection or longing that is not reciprocated by the object of desire. It conveys the pain, longing, and emotional turmoil experienced by the speaker when their love remains unreturned, despite their earnest efforts and feelings.

4. “I love you”
A straightforward declaration of affection and emotional attachment, “I love you” serves as a powerful conclusion to the song, reaffirming the depth of the speaker’s feelings and their desire for connection with the beloved. This phrase encapsulates the overarching theme of love and longing explored throughout the lyrics.

FAQs & Trivia

Who has sung “Halfmoon (English Translation)” song?
King, Prince have sung “Halfmoon (English Translation)” song.

Who wrote the lyrics of “Halfmoon (English Translation)” song?
King, Prince have written the lyrics of “Halfmoon (English Translation)” song.

Who has given the music of “Halfmoon (English Translation)” song?
King, Prince have given the music of “Halfmoon (English Translation)” song.


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