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Hands Up High Lyrics by Childish Gambino is a brand new English song which is presented here. Hands Up High song lyrics are penned down by Childish Gambino while its tune is made by Childish Gambino.

“Hands Up High” by Childish Gambino reflects on themes of personal growth, success, and self-assurance. Gambino delves into his journey, from struggles with authenticity and relationships to finding peace and contentment. He acknowledges past challenges, including familial loss and societal pressures, while asserting his resilience and independence. The lyrics touch on introspection, societal commentary, and celebrating personal achievements. Through a blend of introspective verses and an uplifting chorus, Gambino invites listeners to raise their hands in solidarity, signaling a collective embrace of triumph over adversity and a declaration of personal freedom.

Hands Up High Lyrics by Childish Gambino

*** smiles just ask ***
This n!gga rich I know he ain’t really that weird
Real life my life wasn’t never real
My wife with seven kids
Consisting you at the top
But oops you never did
The roof was closed in
The coupe got seven gears
You ride through hella tears
The sun also out that mix with ***
The colors are not the same
The rain no effect
The child hear my name
That’s- Oh so upset
I bounce we was still alone at timeout
I bought a g*n
They can fu*k around and find out he found out
He on the spectrum like rainbow ***
The devil is a angel
Brother you tried to make the new world
I couldn’t change the other
I took a bite of a peach from my yard
It made me wanna thank my mother for dealing with a
Hyperactive awkward not attractive honest writer actor artist
Who hasn’t made a piece since his dad passed
You never know when you’ll be hearing that last laugh
That last *** that last fight that last- What?
Tip the Uber Eats driver that last buck
Two spicy chickens with fries
Outside a mansion with no art in it
Off of I-85
Driver asked for a pic uploaded it
They unloaded on the boy we call it a “Insta snitch”
A “Different rich”
Move to mountains and buy a farm
A white boy took his daughter to prom
That s*it haram right?
The hate his mom type
You should be having that christ it’s hard
Headline touching his ears dressing like Steve Harvey
Going to ***
Drinking ***
I’m a classic man
Different colored rings calling everybody king
Put a hole through the glass
My father couldn’t show me how to get old
Maybe they pay you
Don’t go free all of the clothes
Maybe the road shop at the stor
ive fu*ks less and listen more
Put up thirty-three in a fourth and kiss the floor
Put a table ’round that peace treat
Cream from your cow like half a cup
Pull three peaches to cut ’em up
A little vanilla but not too much
Try to tell me that ain’t fresh as fu*k?
Bought a M3 told your son “Try not to mess it up”
I can’t sneak if it’s all over my shoes
I find the happiness the older I get
I bought my mom’s spot with no deposit
I watch ’em run for themselves that s*it is serious
I’m a man who provides you can’t embarrass us
You shaking hands with these mans because you obligated
You said we friends when really we only compensated
Music’s predatory still here can’t ignore me
Not everyone’s happy for me that’s life
My baby mama’s my wife
And when you do something right
It’s not a hater in sight
They tried to say he peaked with his damn past
I need life not the lifestyle
I grow the loud my neighbor asked me to “pipe down”
3 Stacks saying “That ain’t s*it to write down”
I did that colonoscopy verse
I piss on all of you haters and leave the seat up
Don’t trust the mother of the child need a prenup
A billion streams but can’t sell an arena?
Nah I couldn’t be y’all
The stadium lights my name in bright neon (Oh)
Fu*king up these hoes on my ***
Fake chat I’ma make them late from this cash flow
If you ain’t really wanna know the truth what you ask for?
Gassed up we gon’ fu*k em up like I’m Tay Keith (Oh)
Keith Lee y’all ain’t got no taste y’all should eat free kids plate
It’s a different day I’m a different beast ‘nough said
You done made your bed we got different sheets
I don’t been straight y’all seem nappy though (Oh)
Big house big bank but is you happy though?
Yeah is you happy though?
I might be on one
I just bought some acres off of fruit funds
Throwing k’s
Momma thought that I would holding coupons
Erewhon water in my see through
If I bring my n!gga to the table he gon’ eat too, yeah
N!ggas tight like it’s me too
And I just got my switch back
Activate my core like a six pack
N!ggas laid out over a Big Mac
Buzzer beater like a free throw, yeah
Got my shorts but my knees old, yeah
N!ggas capping like a keystroke
Yeah everybody go

La la la la
Put your hands up high
La la la la
In the sky for me
La la la la
Put your hands up high
La la la la
In the sky for me
You don’t gotta worry ’bout me no more
You don’t gotta worry ’bout me no more

Hands Up High Lyrics Explained

“Hands Up High” by Childish Gambino is a multifaceted exploration of personal growth, societal pressures, and triumph over adversity. The song delves into various themes and experiences, each contributing to a rich tapestry of meaning.

The opening lines, “This n!gga rich I know he ain’t really that weird / Real life my life wasn’t never real,” set the tone for introspection and self-awareness. Gambino reflects on his own success and the surreal nature of fame, juxtaposing it with the complexities of his personal life. The mention of his wife and seven children suggests a deep sense of responsibility and commitment amidst the challenges of navigating fame and fortune.

As the lyrics progress, Gambino touches on themes of authenticity and societal expectations. He acknowledges the pressure to conform and the struggle to maintain individuality in the face of societal norms. The line “I bounce we was still alone at timeout” hints at moments of isolation and introspection amid the chaos of life in the spotlight.

Throughout the song, Gambino grapples with the dichotomy of success and authenticity. He addresses the perception of wealth and the reality of personal struggles, highlighting the disconnect between material wealth and emotional fulfillment. The mention of buying a g*n and confronting adversity underscores the harsh realities of life, even in the midst of success.

The lyrics also touch on themes of family and legacy. Gambino reflects on the influence of his upbringing, particularly the loss of his father, and the impact it has had on his own journey. He expresses gratitude towards his mother for her unwavering support, despite the challenges they faced together.

As the song progresses, Gambino confronts societal expectations and challenges conventional notions of success. He critiques the superficiality of fame and the pressure to conform to societal standards, advocating for authenticity and self-expression.

The chorus, with its repeated refrain of “La la la la, Put your hands up high, In the sky for me,” serves as a rallying cry for self-empowerment and defiance against societal constraints. It encourages listeners to embrace their individuality and celebrate their achievements, regardless of external judgments.

In the latter half of the song, Gambino delves into themes of resilience and perseverance. He celebrates his accomplishments and asserts his independence, refusing to be defined by others’ perceptions or limitations. The mention of buying land and investing in personal growth reflects a sense of empowerment and agency over his own destiny.

Overall, “Hands Up High” is a deeply introspective and introspective piece that explores the complexities of fame, success, and personal identity. Through its poignant lyrics and evocative imagery, the song invites listeners to reflect on their own journeys and embrace the power of authenticity and self-expression.

FAQs & Trivia

Who has sung “Hands Up High” song?
Childish Gambino has sung “Hands Up High” song.

Who wrote the lyrics of “Hands Up High” song?
Childish Gambino has written the lyrics of “Hands Up High” song.

Who has given the music of “Hands Up High” song?
Childish Gambino has given the music of “Hands Up High” song.


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