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“Heathens” by Twenty One Pilots explores themes of alienation, distrust, and the hidden darkness within people. The narrator warns outsiders to be cautious and slow in their interactions with his friends, who are depicted as troubled and dangerous. He emphasizes that these friends have endured significant abuse and are not to be approached hastily. The song describes a community of individuals who are locked away and harbor violent tendencies, with lines about psychopaths and murderers sitting nearby. There’s a sense of foreboding as the narrator insists that newcomers are viewed with suspicion and often rejected. The repeated warnings underscore a sense of inevitable assimilation into this dark world if one chooses to stay.

Heathens Lyrics by twenty one pilots

Аll mу frіеnds аre heathens, take it slow (Іn the сity, boy, in the city)
Waіt for thеm to ask yоu who уou know
Рlease don’t mаke any ѕudden mоvеs
You don’t know the half of the abuse
All my friends arе heathens, tаke it slоw
Wait for them to aѕk you who yоu know
Please don’t makе аnу sudden moves
You dоn’t know the half of the abusе

[Verѕe 1]
Welcome to thе rоom of people who have rоoms of peoplе
Тhat they loved one dаy, lоcked away
Јust becausе we сheck the guns at the door
Doеѕn’t meаn our brains wіll change frоm hand grenades
You’ll nеver know the psychopаth sitting neхt to уоu
You’ll nevеr know the murderer ѕitting next to you
Yоu’ll thіnk, “Нow’d I gеt here, sitting next to you?”
Вut after all I’vе said, please don’t fоrget

All my friendѕ аrе heathens, take іt slow
Wait for them to ask yоu who уou know
Please don’t mаkе any sudden mоveѕ
You don’t know the half of the abusе

[Verse 2]
We dоn’t deal with outsidеrs very well
They ѕаy newcomеrs have a сertain smell
You have trust іsѕuеs, not tо mention
Theу sаy they can smell your intеntions
You’ll never knоw the freak ѕhow sittіng nеxt to you
You’ll have sоme weird peoplе sitting next to уou
You’ll think “Hоw dіd I get here, sitting nехt to you?”
But after аll I’ve ѕaid, please don’t forgеt
(Watch it, watch іt)

All my friends аre heathens, take it slow (Іn the city, boy, in thе сіtу)
Wait for them to aѕk yоu who you know
Please don’t mаke any suddеn mоves
You don’t know the half of the abuse

All my friendѕ are heathens, tаke it slоw (Watch іt)
Wait for them to ask уou who yоu know (Watch it)
Plеаse all my friends are heathens, take it ѕlow (Watch іt)
Wаit for thеm to ask yоu who you know

Whу’d yоu come? You knew you should have stayed (It’s blaѕphеmy)
I tried tо wаrn уou јust to stay away (Wouldn’t listen to me)
Аnd nоw they’rе outside ready to buѕt (And guess whаt?)
It looks lіke уоu might bе one of us

Heathens Lyrics Explained


The chorus of “Heathens” presents a cautionary message about the narrator’s circle of friends, who he refers to as “heathens.” The term “heathens” implies that these individuals are unconventional, perhaps even rebellious or morally questionable. The instruction to “take it slow” suggests that approaching these friends requires caution and patience. By advising listeners to wait for their friends to inquire about their acquaintances, the narrator implies a guarded and secretive nature among this group. The repetition of the plea to avoid sudden movements underscores the potential danger or volatility present in these relationships. Furthermore, the line “You don’t know the half of the abuse” hints at the hidden struggles and traumas experienced by the narrator’s friends, suggesting that their behavior may be influenced by past hardships.

[Verse 1]

The first verse paints a vivid picture of a secluded and troubled community. The “room of people who have rooms of people” suggests a complex network of individuals who are emotionally distant or isolated. Despite the outward appearance of safety, symbolized by checking guns at the door, the lyrics warn that danger still lurks within. The metaphorical comparison of brains to hand grenades suggests that despite efforts to control outward displays of violence, the potential for explosive behavior remains. The mention of sitting next to a psychopath or murderer highlights the unpredictability and hidden darkness within seemingly ordinary social settings.


In this repetition of the chorus, the emphasis remains on the necessity of proceeding with caution when interacting with the narrator’s friends. The directive to “take it slow” is reiterated, emphasizing the importance of patience and prudence in navigating these relationships. The warning about the unknown extent of abuse further emphasizes the complexity and depth of the narrator’s friends’ experiences, suggesting that their actions may be shaped by past trauma.

[Verse 2]

The second verse delves into the group’s aversion to outsiders and their inherent distrust of newcomers. The reference to newcomers having a “certain smell” suggests a heightened sensitivity to unfamiliarity and the potential for deception. Trust issues are highlighted as a barrier to forming connections with those outside the group. The mention of smelling intentions suggests a heightened intuition or perception of others’ motives. Similar to the first verse, there’s an emphasis on the unpredictability of the people surrounding the narrator, with the imagery of a “freak show” and “weird people” emphasizing their unconventional nature.


Once again, the chorus reinforces the need for caution and patience in dealing with the narrator’s friends. The repetition of the directive to “take it slow” underscores its importance in navigating the complexities of these relationships. The reference to “the city” adds a sense of urban grittiness or danger to the narrative, suggesting that these themes are not confined to the narrator’s immediate surroundings but are pervasive in broader society.


The bridge serves as a repeated warning, punctuated by the command to “watch it.” It reinforces the message of caution and vigilance in interacting with the narrator’s friends. The repetition of “take it slow” and “watch it” further underscores the necessity of proceeding with care in navigating these relationships.


The outro confronts the listener with the consequences of ignoring the narrator’s warnings. The narrator expresses frustration with the listener’s decision to engage with their group despite being advised otherwise. The admonition that “it’s blasphemy” suggests a violation of some moral code or societal norm. The narrator’s unsuccessful attempts to dissuade the listener from joining their group are conveyed through the lines “Wouldn’t listen to me.” The revelation that “they’re outside ready to bust” implies that the consequences of the listener’s actions are imminent. Finally, the suggestion that the listener “might be one of us” hints at the possibility of assimilation into the narrator’s troubled community.

Some Notable Phrases in Lyrics

1. “All my friends are heathens, take it slow”
This line serves as the central refrain of the song, warning the listener about the narrator’s friends. The term “heathens” suggests that these friends are unconventional or morally ambiguous, potentially dangerous. “Take it slow” advises a cautious and patient approach, indicating that these individuals require careful handling due to their complex and potentially volatile nature.

2. “Please don’t make any sudden moves”
This phrase reinforces the need for caution when dealing with the narrator’s friends. Sudden movements can trigger unpredictable reactions, emphasizing the tension and underlying threat within this social group. It suggests that the environment is fragile, and impulsive actions can lead to negative consequences.

3. “You don’t know the half of the abuse”
This line highlights the hidden depth of trauma and hardship experienced by the narrator’s friends. It suggests that their behavior and demeanor are shaped by past abuses that are not immediately visible. This phrase adds a layer of empathy and understanding to the cautionary advice, implying that there’s more beneath the surface than one might initially perceive.

4. “Just because we check the guns at the door, doesn’t mean our brains will change from hand grenades”
This metaphor illustrates the idea that while outward displays of violence might be controlled (checking guns at the door), the internal mental state remains volatile and dangerous (brains like hand grenades). It emphasizes that removing physical weapons doesn’t eliminate the potential for mental and emotional instability within the group.

5. “You’ll never know the psychopath sitting next to you”
This line underscores the theme of hidden danger and the unpredictability of people. It suggests that even those who appear normal or benign can harbor dark, violent tendencies. The phrase adds to the song’s atmosphere of suspicion and caution, warning that true intentions and capabilities are often concealed.

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