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Huh Lyrics by Tink is a brand new English song which is presented here. Huh song lyrics are penned down by Tink while its tune is made by Tink.

In “Huh” by Tink, frustration and betrayal take center stage as the protagonist confronts a partner’s deceit. Repeated “huhs” punctuate the disbelief and exasperation felt. The lyrics reveal a pattern of lies and evasion, with the protagonist demanding honesty and accountability. Tired of being deceived, she vows to leave if the truth isn’t revealed. The song showcases resilience in the face of manipulation, asserting self-worth and refusing to be fooled any longer.

Huh Lyrics by Tink


[Verse 1]
Why every time that I ask you what’s up with us, you always coming with, “Huh”
I know that you lying, I’m sick of this n!gga replying with, “Huh”
Pack your bags, take your ass out of here tonight
Asked a simple question, but you still won’t tell me why
I’m pulling all the receipts
Open your phone ’cause I wanna know, who is she?
I seen you post and you delete
All them excuses is weak, don’t make me tweet
First, you tell me there’s no other b!tch (Huh)
Then you backtrack on some other s*it (Huh)
Boy, you don’t know who you fu*king with
Tell me, like how did you fumble this? (Huh?)

You ain’t been keeping it real, n!gga, just say that s*it
Leave me alone, if that’s what you want, then n!gga, just say that s*it
Baby, I ain’t stupid, tired of this confusion
Tryna run game on me, but I don’t play that s*it (Ooh)

[Verse 2]
‘Cause one day, you with me and one day, you gone (Gone)
It’s five in the morning, you steady ignoring when I’m on your phone (Phone)
The b!tches you love can’t even keep up with a girl like me
Fu*k all them feelings ’cause you ain’t been giving no loyalty
I’m tired and I’m fed up (Fed up), don’t cry me no river (River)
Can’t never compare me ’cause I do this s*it that these b!tches could never
First, you tell me we inseparable (Huh)
Then you go creep with your other hoes (Huh)
Found all the proof in your other phone (Huh)
Nothing you saying is credible, no, no

You ain’t been keeping it real, n!gga, just say that s*it
Leave me alone, if that’s what you want, then n!gga, just say that s*it
Baby, I ain’t stupid (Oh), tired of this confusion (I’m so tired)
Tryna run game on me, but I don’t play that s*it (I don’t play that s*it, boy)

Huh Lyrics Explained

The repetition of “Huh?” sets the tone of frustration and disbelief. Each “Huh” represents the protagonist’s growing exasperation with their partner’s evasive responses and lies.

[Verse 1]
In this verse, the protagonist confronts their partner’s habitual dishonesty and avoidance. They’re tired of receiving vague responses like “Huh” whenever they inquire about the state of their relationship. The protagonist demands clarity and honesty, threatening to end the relationship if the truth isn’t revealed. They’re actively seeking evidence, such as checking their partner’s phone, to uncover the truth behind the lies and excuses.

The chorus emphasizes the protagonist’s desire for honesty and transparency in the relationship. They’re tired of being deceived and manipulated, urging their partner to admit if they’re not committed. Despite the confusion and mind games, the protagonist asserts their self-awareness and refusal to be fooled any longer.

[Verse 2]
This verse delves deeper into the protagonist’s frustration with their partner’s inconsistent behavior. They highlight the emotional toll of being with someone who fluctuates between affection and neglect. Despite their loyalty and efforts, the protagonist feels unappreciated and disrespected, especially when confronted with evidence of infidelity. They assert their worth and independence, refusing to tolerate further deception.

The final chorus echoes the sentiments of the earlier one, emphasizing the protagonist’s exhaustion with the relationship’s dishonesty and manipulation. They reiterate their refusal to be played with and assert their agency in demanding honesty and respect.

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Who has sung “Huh” song?
Tink has sung “Huh” song.

Who wrote the lyrics of “Huh” song?
Tink has written the lyrics of “Huh” song.

Who has given the music of “Huh” song?
Tink has given the music of “Huh” song.


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