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Hunter Got High Lyrics by Afroman is a brand new English song which is presented here. Hunter Got High song lyrics are penned down by Afroman while its tune is made by Afroman.

“Hunter Got High” by Afroman humorously narrates the misadventures of Hunter Biden, son of Joe Biden. It satirizes various controversies surrounding him, from his laptop scandals to dealings with foreign countries like Ukraine and China. The song suggests that Hunter’s decisions are often influenced by being under the influence, leading to legal troubles and questionable actions. Despite his privileged status, the song implies that without his wealth and whiteness, his outcomes might have been drastically different. The catchy refrain highlights the absurdity of the situations he finds himself in, while also poking fun at the consequences of his actions.

Hunter Got High Lyrics by Afroman

Shout out to Baste Records (Hey, yeah, la-da-da)
Hey, Hunter (La-da-da-da)
Roll another one of those congressional blunts, brotha (La-da-da-da)

[Verse 1]
He was gonna get his laptop fixed, but Hunter got high (Ooh)
He wasn’t gonna show all them d!ck pics, but hunter got high (La-da-da-da)
He shoulda let Hillary bleach the whole hard drive
But Hunter got high (Hey), Hunter got high, Hunter got high

[Verse 2]
He wasn’t gonna mess with the hoes, but Hunter got high (Oh)
He was gonna take ’em all out on a boat, but Hunter got high
He’s the smartest man Joe’s ever knew in his life
Till Hunter got high, Hunter got high, Hunter got high (La-da-da-da)

[Verse 3]
He was gonna go visit his dad, but Hunter got high (Ooh)
He thought he had a secret stash, but Hunter got high (La-da-da-da)
The White House got shut down, we all know why (Come on, man, yeah)
Hunter got High, Hunter got High, Hunter got High

[Verse 4]
He never could paint worth a fu*k, Hunter got high (Ooh)
Now he gets a half a mill and up, “Damn, that’s high” (That’s higher ***)
Biden never use to start with B-U-Y
Till Hunter got high, Hunter got high, Hunter got high

[Verse 5]
Ukraine wasn’t part of the plan, till Hunter got high (Ooh)
China wasn’t that big of a fan, till Hunter got high (La-da-da-da)
He wasn’t gonna split it all, with the old big guy (Come on, man, yeah)
‘But Hunter got high, Hunter got high, Hunter got high

[Verse 6]
He wasn’t gonna go to court, but hunter got high (Ooh)
He’d never been indicted before, but Hunter got high (La-da-da-da)
His attorney’s out smoking a bowl, and we all know why (Why, man? Yeah)
‘Cause Hunter got high (Hey), Hunter got high, yeah, Hunter got high

[Verse 7]
He was making 80 G’s a month (Ooh), but Hunter got high (Ooh, whoa, ooh)
On a job brotha ain’t never done, Hunter got high (La-da-da-da)
He got more LLC’s than John Gotti’s ex-wife, yeah
‘Cause Hunter got high (***), Hunter got high, Hunter got high (***)

[Verse 8]
His cousin never was a pimp, till Hunter got high
He had the best friends money could rent, but Hunter got high (La-da-da-da)
Just imagine if he wasn’t rich, and so damn white, yeah
The cops would raid his house, eat his lemon pound cake
Disconnect his cameras and steal his money

Ooh, hey, yeah

Hunter Got High Lyrics Explained

The coughing at the beginning suggests a casual, relaxed atmosphere, setting the tone for the song. The shoutouts and the mention of rolling a blunt indicate a laid-back, recreational mood, while specifically addressing “Hunter” hints at the song’s focus on Hunter Biden.

[Verse 1]
This verse touches upon the infamous laptop scandal involving Hunter Biden. It suggests that Hunter’s intention was to repair his laptop, but due to being high, he made the mistake of not only leaving sensitive material on it but also not allowing for its contents to be erased.

[Verse 2]
Here, it’s implied that Hunter had plans to avoid certain activities involving women (referred to as “hoes”), possibly to maintain a more respectable image. However, due to being high, he ended up engaging in those activities instead, contradicting the image he intended to portray.

[Verse 3]
This verse hints at Hunter’s strained relationship with his father, Joe Biden. Despite intending to visit him, Hunter’s drug use or other distractions prevented him from doing so. The mention of a secret stash and the closure of the White House suggest potential scandals or controversies.

[Verse 4]
Hunter’s lack of artistic talent is juxtaposed with his newfound success and wealth, possibly due to his connections and opportunities provided by his family name. The mention of “Biden” suggests that Hunter’s elevated status and opportunities are largely due to his family ties.

[Verse 5]
This verse references Hunter’s involvement with Ukraine and China, implying that his connections to these countries were not part of his initial plans but were influenced by his drug use or other reckless behavior. It suggests that he didn’t intend to share the benefits with others, possibly alluding to corruption.

[Verse 6]
Hunter’s legal troubles are highlighted here, with references to court appearances and indictments. Despite his previous avoidance of legal issues, his drug use led him into legal trouble, as indicated by his attorney being preoccupied with smoking mar!juana rather than addressing his legal matters.

[Verse 7]
Hunter’s financial success, despite his lack of qualifications or experience, is emphasized here. The mention of numerous LLCs and a high income suggests that his success is not entirely legitimate and may be a result of exploiting his connections and influence.

[Verse 8]
This verse reflects on the consequences Hunter’s actions might have if he didn’t have his family’s wealth and privilege to protect him. It suggests that without his wealth and whiteness, he would face harsher consequences for his actions, such as police raids and theft.

The outro likely serves as a humorous conclusion to the song, maintaining the lighthearted tone established throughout. The repetition of “la-da-da-da” reinforces the casual, carefree vibe.
The coughing sound interspersed throughout the song adds to the casual, informal atmosphere, possibly suggesting that the events described are being recounted in a relaxed, conversational manner. It enhances the song’s laid-back, humorous tone.

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