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Kali Hoodie Lyrics by Bohemia is a brand new Punjabi song which is presented here. Kali Hoodie song lyrics are penned down by Bohemia while its tune is made by Bohemia.

“Kali Hoodie” by Bohemia is a rap anthem showcasing his resilience and street cred. With his black hoodie and beanie, he faces legal battles like a seasoned Scarface. Despite challenges, he remains undeterred, conquering the rap game with his unique style. The song celebrates his success, love from fans, and unyielding spirit against adversaries. Bohemia’s lyrics reflect his journey as a rap star, standing tall and proud in the face of opposition.

Kali Hoodie Lyrics by Bohemia

Lo paali mein
Kali hoodie te kali beanie
Park kitti main
Kaale rang di Lamboghini
Muke case main reloaded jive scar face
Hunn pata laggu
Mere vairiya ch himmat kinni

Bai maine munde kutte jaali
Te kali hoodie phir paa li main
Court case che phaseya
NOC kadhali
Hunn main free
Sadan munde hor
Ki karan munde
Naal jehde khade mere
Rab to daran munde
Phir meri baari
Main phir illuminati
Main phir kaali dunali
Mera kaarobaar jaari
Phir roll kitti w**d
Phir likhan laga geet
Phir jadon raja kare rap maidan khali

420 yaani charon passe bande 20
Lod mainu kihdi ve main kalla aape industry
Kali hoodie kali beanie
Kale boot paye
Naale kali gadiyan ch munde naal jivein military
Ek din fans mainu kehnde raje sadda tera
Old skool rap phir sunan da kare jee
Ek tera pyaar wali kaddi phir main taal te
Paisa nasha pyaar waali beat vichon kaddi feel

Lo paali mein
Kali hoodie te kali beanie
Park kitti main
Kaale rang di Lamboghini
Muke case main reloaded jive scar face
Hunn pata laggu
Mere vairiya ch himmat kinni

Hunn saara meri rawan dekho
Fans di duawan dekho
Vairi mere daane khaake
Udde wang kawan dekho

Par main sher jivein
Kalla baitha chawan dekho
Tad’de roz main
Balenciaga paawan dekho
Nave boot mere ship hale hoye ni
Vairi hoge hip par equipped hale hoye ni
Champagne piya jadon shop karaan chade mainu
Hathan vichon dulle hunn sip methon hoye ni

Todan challe kinne
Naale appa kinna lade
Par uche ped ohi jehde
Jadan naal jude
Kinne jung de maidan
Vich kalla chad mude khade
Bande naal ohi jehde
Paliyan to tore
Appan kar ke vaikhata
Ve vairiyan ne khwaban ch
Ummeed jehdi kitti umar saari

Lo paali main
Kali hoodie te harry o ne
Chain jedi ditti
Mainu death throw wali


Lo paali mein
Kali hoodie te kali beanie
Park kitti main
Kaale rang di Lamboghini
Muke case main reloaded jive scar face
Hunn pata laggu
Mere vairiya ch himmat kinni

Rap star reloaded

Kali Hoodie Lyrics Explained

In the first paragraph, Bohemia describes his attire and his ride. He wears a black hoodie and beanie, portraying a sense of style and street credibility. He mentions parking his Lamborghini, emphasizing his status and luxury.

The second paragraph delves into Bohemia’s encounters with legal issues, likening himself to Scarface, a notorious figure known for his resilience in the face of adversity. Despite facing legal troubles, he asserts his courage and determination to overcome challenges.

Moving to the third paragraph, Bohemia reflects on his journey in the music industry. He mentions overcoming obstacles and obtaining the necessary permissions, indicating that he is now free from legal constraints. Despite facing opposition from rivals, he asserts his dominance and success, comparing himself to the illuminati and declaring his reign.

In the fourth paragraph, Bohemia shifts his focus to his fans and adversaries. He acknowledges the support of his fans, contrasting it with the envy and schemes of his enemies. Despite the challenges, he asserts his dominance and compares himself to a lion, symbolizing strength and fearlessness.

The fifth paragraph continues Bohemia’s reflection on his success and status. He describes his lavish lifestyle, including wearing designer brands like Balenciaga and indulging in champagne. Despite his adversaries’ attempts to undermine him, he remains equipped and poised for success.

In the final paragraph, Bohemia concludes the song by reaffirming his attire and lifestyle, emphasizing his resilience and status as a rap star. He asserts his dominance and ends with a shoutout to his Westside roots, signifying his allegiance to his origins.

Overall, “Kali Hoodie” is a song that encapsulates Bohemia’s journey, resilience, and triumph in the face of adversity, portraying him as a dominant force in the rap industry.

FAQs & Trivia

Who has sung “Kali Hoodie” song?
Bohemia has sung “Kali Hoodie” song.

Who wrote the lyrics of “Kali Hoodie” song?
Bohemia has written the lyrics of “Kali Hoodie” song.

Who has given the music of “Kali Hoodie” song?
Bohemia has given the music of “Kali Hoodie” song.


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