La Carie Lyrics – Dillom

La Carie Lyrics by Dillom, Lali is Spanish song which is presented here. La Carie song lyrics are penned down by Dillom, Lali, FERMIN, Luis Tomás La Madrid, Juan Lopez while its tune is made by FERMIN, Luis Tomás La Madrid, Juan Lopez.

“La Carie” by Dillom and Lali delves into the internal struggle of the protagonist, torn between societal expectations of success and their desire to embrace darkness. The lyrics speak to a disillusionment with striving for perfection and instead yearning for the freedom to embrace imperfection and indulge in negativity. The imagery of being the “decay in your tooth” symbolizes a desire to disrupt the status quo and reject societal norms. The song oscillates between moments of resignation and defiance, highlighting the complexities of navigating personal identity and societal pressures. Ultimately, it reflects on the paradox of seeking peace while being constantly haunted by inner demons.

La Carie Lyrics by Dillom

[Refrán: Lali]
Dios mío, dame mi sueño de paz
Y no de pastillas (Y no de pastillas)
El diablo que nunca duerme
Penando me despabila-a-a-a

[Puente: Dillom]
Oh (Uh)
Ja (Oh)
Jajajajaja (Ah)

[Verso: Dillom]
Le prometí a mi papá que iba a ser el mejor, pero
Ya no quiero ser mejor, quiero ser el peor
Entendí que hacer el mal era la única opción
Hasta el día que se corte mi respiración
To’ lo veo artificial, como un pulmotor
Y los días se me esfuman, se hacen de vapor
Para todo siempre encuentro un pero
Estoy cansado de empezar desde cero
Entonces pienso, ¿cuál es el problema?
Si un poco me calienta la desgracia ajena
Si colaboro con la fuente de las penas
Quiero sentir que soy la carie de tu muela

[Refrán: Lali]
Dios mío, dame mi sueño de paz
Y no de pastillas (Y no de pastillas)
El diablo que nunca duerme
Penando me despabila

La Carie Lyrics Explained

The refrain sung by Lali expresses a plea to God for a peaceful dream state, free from reliance on pills. It highlights the constant presence of the devil, who disturbs the speaker’s peace, perhaps metaphorically representing inner turmoil and anxiety.

The bridge performed by Dillom consists mainly of vocalizations like “Oh,” “Uh,” and laughter. These sounds add a layer of emotion and intensity to the song, potentially representing a release of pent-up frustration or a moment of catharsis.

In the verse, Dillom reflects on a promise made to his father to be the best, but he now desires to embrace being the worst. This shift signifies a rejection of conventional success and a desire to explore darker aspects of life. He acknowledges the allure of wrongdoing and the feeling of artificiality in his surroundings. Dillom expresses exhaustion from constantly starting over and questions the morality of finding satisfaction in others’ misfortune, ultimately desiring to embody the decay that disrupts the established order.

Lali’s refrain repeats the plea for a peaceful dream state, emphasizing the disruptive influence of the ever-present devil. This repetition reinforces the theme of seeking tranquility amidst inner turmoil, despite the persistent disturbances.

FAQs & Trivia

Who has sung “La Carie” song?
Dillom, Lali have sung “La Carie” song.

Who wrote the lyrics of “La Carie” song?
Dillom, Lali, FERMIN, Luis Tomás La Madrid, Juan Lopez have written the lyrics of “La Carie” song.

Who has given the music of “La Carie” song?
Dillom, Lali have given the music of “La Carie” song.


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