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La Murga Lyrics (English Translation) by El Virtual is Spanish song which is presented here. La Murga song lyrics are penned down by El Virtual while its tune is made by El Virtual.

The song “La Murga” by El Virtual expresses a mix of emotions and experiences through its lyrics. It touches on themes of escapism, self-awareness, and resilience amidst struggles. The narrator finds solace in smoking and drinking, seeking temporary relief from life’s challenges. They reflect on their past actions and choices, acknowledging their flaws while also expressing love and understanding towards others. The song blends introspection with a sense of defiance, ultimately advocating for finding peace amidst chaos.

La Murga (English Translation) Lyrics by El Virtual

Flying (Wow)
Flying, woah

Letting out smoke, taking flight
Drinking juice, this is tropical
I only know how to go down to the bread, ojú, what a pechá’
Looks like I ate two diazepam
Artist’s work, look at me, mom
Bah, it would be better if he stayed dreaming
You recommended the nail, thought grumbles
My soul in poison, they are the 1st one
And things to lose now none
It hurts me to remember, that’s why it disappears
I just need a bubble bath
And another glass that takes me to the Moon
I understand it and I am partly to blame
Now I have love for people even though they insult me
This is how my parents taught me from the cradle
Now my sanity is in a catapult
Uh, ah, I got a fine for joints
I think I’m like El Yerman in G*ndam mode
Energy like this is not abundant
My head has become weak
The sadness does not go away, it is deep
I don’t even know what I like anymore
It frustrates me, Fus Ro Dah, pushes it
You have to roll to get out of this grave
This is The Virtual like *** and the ***
This is El Virtual again giving the murga
What do you bu—? I’m smoking ***
Bomb, today I’m not like yesterday
Swear, this is shameless
I bought a TV, fifty tall
I don’t want to be on any mural
Just be calm listening to the ‘wave’

La Murga (English Translation) Lyrics Explained

The introductory lines, “wow, Flying (Wow), Flying, woah, Boo,” serve to set the tone for the song. The repetition of “Flying” could suggest a feeling of exhilaration or freedom, while “Boo” might introduce an element of surprise or contrast. Overall, these brief phrases create a sense of anticipation and excitement, inviting the listener into the song’s atmosphere.

The verse begins with imagery of smoking and drinking, which could symbolize escapism or temporary relief from life’s struggles. The reference to “tropical juice” evokes a sense of indulgence or pleasure. The phrase “go down to the bread” suggests a struggle to meet basic needs, possibly due to financial or personal challenges. Mentioning “ate two diazepam” implies reliance on medication for anxiety or stress relief. Despite creating art, the narrator questions its value and yearns for a simpler, dreamlike existence. They grapple with self-blame and emotional pain while seeking comfort in familiar rituals like bubble baths and alcohol. The narrator acknowledges their upbringing and struggles with mental health, yet remains resilient in the face of insults and societal expectations. References to pop culture, like “El Yerman in G*ndam mode,” add layers of meaning, possibly hinting at feeling disconnected or overwhelmed. The narrator expresses a sense of emotional exhaustion and confusion, unsure of their own desires and preferences. They resolve to push through their challenges, drawing on inner strength and a rebellious spirit. The mention of buying a TV and avoiding fame suggests a desire for simplicity and anonymity. Ultimately, the narrator finds solace in music, encouraging listeners to find peace amidst life’s chaos.

FAQs & Trivia

Who has sung “La Murga (English Translation)” song?
El Virtual has sung “La Murga (English Translation)” song.

Who wrote the lyrics of “La Murga (English Translation)” song?
El Virtual has written the lyrics of “La Murga (English Translation)” song.

Who has given the music of “La Murga (English Translation)” song?
El Virtual has given the music of “La Murga (English Translation)” song.


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