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Little Drummer Boy Lyrics by Christmas Carols is a brand new English song which is presented here. Little Drummer Boy song lyrics are penned down by Henry Onorati, Harry Simeone, Katherine Kennicott Davis while its tune is made by Katherine Kennicott Davis.

“Little Drummer Boy” recounts the story of a young boy visiting the newborn Jesus. Lacking material wealth, he offers to play his drum as a gift. The song emphasizes the sincerity of the boy’s humble offering, highlighting the idea that the value of a gift lies in the spirit with which it is given rather than its monetary worth. Mary and the animals around them appreciate the music, and in a moment of grace, the infant Jesus smiles at the boy and his simple drumming, symbolizing the acceptance of his heartfelt tribute.

Little Drummer Boy Lyrics by Christmas Carols

[Vеrѕe 1]
Соme thу told me
Ра rum pum pum-pum
А newborn Кіng to sеe
Pa rum pum pum-pum
Our finest gifts we bring
Pa rum pum pum-pum
Тo lay befоrе the king
Pa rum pum pum-pum
Rum pum pum-pum
Rum pum pum-pum
Ѕo to honor Ніm
Pа rum pum pum-pum
When we соme
[Vеrse 2]
Little baby
Рa rum pum pum-pum
І am a poor boy too
Pа rum pum pum-pum
I have nо gift to bring
Pa rum pum pum-pum
That’ѕ fit to give our Kіng
Pa rum pum pum-pum
Rum pum pum-pum
Rum pum pum-pum
Shаll I play for yоu
Pa rum pum pum-pum
On mу drum

[Versе 3]
Мary nodded
Рa rum pum pum-pum
The oх аnd lamb kept time
Pa rum pum pum-pum
I playеd my drum for Him
Pa rum pum pum-pum
I plаyed mу best for Him
Pa rum pum pum-pum
Rum pum pum-pum
Rum pum pum-pum
Then He smilеd at me
Pa rum pum pum-pum
Me and my drum

Little Drummer Boy Lyrics Explained

[Verse 1]
This verse sets the scene of the song, depicting the journey of individuals who have been informed of the birth of a newborn King. They are compelled to pay homage to this significant event by bringing their finest gifts to offer before the King. The repetition of “Pa rum pum pum-pum” serves as a rhythmic motif throughout the song, perhaps symbolizing the anticipation and excitement surrounding the visitation. It underscores the solemnity of the occasion, emphasizing the reverence and honor intended for the newborn King upon their arrival.

[Verse 2]
In this verse, the focus shifts to a particular individual, a poor boy who feels inadequate in the presence of the newborn King. Despite lacking material wealth, he expresses his desire to pay tribute in the only way he knows how – through music. His humility is evident as he acknowledges his own poverty and the absence of a suitable gift for the King. Yet, he offers what he does have – his talent and his drum – as a heartfelt gesture of reverence and adoration.

[Verse 3]
The final verse brings a resolution to the story, illustrating the boy’s encounter with the infant Jesus and his subsequent performance. Mary, the mother of Jesus, acknowledges the boy’s presence with a nod, while the animals surrounding them seem to respond to the rhythm of his drumming. The boy plays his drum with all his skill and devotion, offering his best performance as a tribute to the King. In a moment of profound significance, the infant Jesus smiles at the boy, acknowledging and accepting his sincere offering, thus validating the worthiness of his humble gift and affirming the message that true worship transcends material wealth.

Some Notable Phrases in Lyrics

1. “Come thy told me”
This phrase conveys the initial call to action, indicating that someone has informed the speaker of a significant event. It sets the narrative in motion, suggesting that there is a purpose or invitation that the speaker must respond to.

2. “A newborn King to see”
Here, the focus shifts to the reason behind the call to action – the birth of a newborn King. This phrase emphasizes the importance of this event, suggesting that it is worthy of attention and reverence.

3. “Our finest gifts we bring”
This line reflects the traditional notion of bringing offerings or gifts to honor someone of importance, particularly a royal figure like the newborn King. It underscores the idea of giving one’s best or most valuable possessions as a sign of respect and admiration.

4. “Little baby”
This phrase highlights the humility and innocence of the newborn King, depicting him not as a mighty ruler but as a vulnerable and precious infant. It serves to humanize the divine figure and evoke a sense of tenderness and compassion.

5. “I played my best for Him”
In this concluding phrase, the speaker expresses their earnest effort to honor the newborn King. By playing their drum to the best of their ability, they demonstrate their sincerity and devotion, seeking to offer a gift that is meaningful and heartfelt. It encapsulates the central theme of the song – the idea that one’s true worth lies in the sincerity of their offering rather than its material value.

FAQs & Trivia

Who has sung “Little Drummer Boy” song?
Christmas Carols has sung “Little Drummer Boy” song.

Who wrote the lyrics of “Little Drummer Boy” song?
Henry Onorati, Harry Simeone, Katherine Kennicott Davis have written the lyrics of “Little Drummer Boy” song.

Who has given the music of “Little Drummer Boy” song?
Christmas Carols has given the music of “Little Drummer Boy” song.


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