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Luna, Luna Lyrics by Andra is a brand new Romanian song which is presented here. Luna, Luna song lyrics are penned down by Andra while its tune is made by Andra.

“Luna, Luna” by Andra is a poetic ode to the moon, expressing deep emotions and connections. The lyrics speak of yearning and admiration for both the moon and a beloved. Through vivid imagery, the song portrays the moon as a silent witness to love, understanding its depth without words. It describes the moon’s presence during storms and its calming influence. The repetition of “Luna, Luna” emphasizes its importance as a symbol of comfort and solace. Ultimately, the song conveys a sense of reassurance, suggesting that even amidst life’s challenges, the moon remains a constant source of guidance and tranquility.

Luna, Luna Lyrics by Andra

[Strofa 1: Pindu]
Cum īi vrearea mea
Așiți iasti ea
Cum sunt ochii a ei
Ahāt multu u voi
Steali, steali, steali
Dzāțeț la Dumnidzale
Cā multu u voi
S-u aducā nāpoi

Lună, lună, lună
Galbină cārună
Niori s-adună
Tradzi a furtună
Lună lună lună
S-da nā ploai mari
Niori si tucheasca
Mșeata mea sivdaie

[Strofa 2: Andra]
Cum e iubirea mea
Știe doar luna
Cāt de mult īl iubesc
Doar cu luna vorbesc
Suntem amāndoi
Și luna-i peste noi
Ne privește-n noapte
Iubindu-ne īn șoapte

Lună, lună bună
Cu albă cunună
Cānd norii s-adună
Iar este furtună
Lună, lună, lună
Ploaia o să vină
Norii or să plece
Tu n-ai nicio vină

Luna, Luna Lyrics Explained

[Strofa 1: Pindu]
This stanza reflects on the speaker’s longing for their beloved, comparing their desires to the characteristics of the person they love, such as the brightness of their eyes. The repetition of “steali” may emphasize the yearning or longing, while mentioning returning to a specific place suggests a desire to reunite.

The chorus praises the moon, depicting it as a wise and comforting presence. It acknowledges the gathering of clouds, symbolizing difficulties or storms in life, but assures that rain will come, eventually leading to clarity and resolution. Despite the storms, the moon is blameless, symbolizing constancy and reassurance.

[Strofa 2: Andra]
In this stanza, the singer expresses that only the moon truly understands the depth of their love. They communicate their feelings to the moon, symbolizing a sense of privacy and intimacy. The presence of both the lovers and the moon in the night sky suggests a shared moment of affection observed by the moon.

Similar to the previous chorus, this repetition of the chorus praises the moon, referring to it as “good” with a “white crown.” The mention of clouds gathering again signifies impending storms, but this time, it reassures that rain will come, allowing the clouds to depart. The moon is absolved of any fault, reinforcing its role as a steadfast and calming presence.

FAQs & Trivia

Who has sung “Luna, Luna” song?
Andra has sung “Luna, Luna” song.

Who wrote the lyrics of “Luna, Luna” song?
Andra has written the lyrics of “Luna, Luna” song.

Who has given the music of “Luna, Luna” song?
Andra has given the music of “Luna, Luna” song.


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