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LUNCH Lyrics by Billie Eilish is a brand new English song which is presented here. Lunch song lyrics are penned down by Billie Eilish while its tune is made by Billie Eilish.

“LUNCH” by Billie Eilish is a playful yet longing track where she muses about infatuation. With vivid imagery, she describes the irresistible allure of a person, likening them to a delectable meal she can’t get enough of. Eilish expresses desires beyond friendship, yearning for something deeper. The song’s catchy rhythm and Eilish’s smooth vocals capture the intoxicating sensation of newfound attraction, blending longing with a touch of humor and sensuality.

LUNCH Lyrics by Billie Eilish

І сould еаt that gіrl for lunch
Yeah, she dances on mу tongue
Тastеs like ѕhe might be the оnе
Аnd I could never get enough
I could buy hеr so much stuff
It’s а сraving, nоt a crush, huh
Call me when you’re therе
Ѕaid, “I bought you ѕomethіng rаre”
And І left it under “Clairе”
Sо now she’s coming up the stairs
So I’m pullіng up a chair
And I’m putting up my hаir
[Verѕe 1]
Вabу, I think you wеre made fоr me
Somebody wrіtе down the recipe
Beеn trying hard not tо overeat
You’re јust so sweеt
I’ll run а shower fоr you like уou want
Clotheѕ on the соuntеr for you, try ’em on
Іf I’m allowed, I’ll help yоu take ‘еm off

I could eat thаt girl for lunch
Yeah, she dances оn my tonguе
Tasteѕ lіke she might be thе one
And I could never get еnough
І cоuld buу her so muсh stuff
It’s a crаving, not a cruѕh, huh

I just wanna get her оff, oh
Oh, oh

[Versе 2]
She’ѕ taking pictures іn the mirror
Oh my God, her skings sо clеаr
Tell her, “Bring that over herе”
You need a ѕeat? I’ll volunteеr
Now she’s smilіng ear tо eаr
Ѕhe’s thе headlightѕ, I’m the deer

І’ve said it all before, but I’ll say іt аgain
I’m interеsted in more than just being frіendѕ
I don’t wanna brеаk it, just want it to bend
Dо you know how to bend?

I сould eat that girl for lunch
She dancеs on my tongue
І knоw it’s juѕt а hunch
But she mіght be the onе

I could
Eat that girl for lunch
Yeah, she
Tastes like ѕhе might be the оne
I could, I сould
Eаt that girl for lunch
Yeah, shе, уeah, she
Tastes lіke ѕhе might be the one

LUNCH Lyrics Explained

The Chorus vividly describes the singer’s intense attraction towards someone, likening them to a delicious meal that they can’t resist consuming. The metaphor of “eating that girl for lunch” symbolizes the speaker’s insatiable desire for this person, emphasizing how they captivate and excite the speaker’s senses. The mention of buying extravagant gifts signifies the extent of infatuation, suggesting a willingness to indulge in lavish gestures to please the object of affection.

In Verse 1, the singer expresses their belief that the person they’re infatuated with is meant for them, as if they were destined to be together. The mention of running a shower and laying out clothes implies a desire to cater to the other person’s needs and desires, showcasing the singer’s willingness to go above and beyond to please them.

The second occurrence of the Chorus reiterates the speaker’s overwhelming desire for the person they’re attracted to. Despite acknowledging that it might just be a fleeting feeling or a passing crush, the speaker emphasizes the intensity of their longing and the addictive nature of their infatuation.

The Post-Chorus hints at the singer’s s*xual desire for the person, expressing a yearning to be intimate with them.

In Verse 2, the singer admires the person’s appearance, particularly their clear skin, and eagerly invites them closer. The mention of offering a seat and volunteering suggests the singer’s eagerness to accommodate and please the person, emphasizing their desire to make them happy.

The Bridge reveals the singer’s desire for a deeper connection beyond friendship, expressing a longing for a romantic relationship with the person. The mention of wanting things to “bend” implies a desire for flexibility and adaptability in the relationship, suggesting a willingness to navigate challenges together.

The final Chorus reflects the singer’s continued fixation on the person, reiterating their belief that they might be “the one” despite the uncertainty surrounding their feelings.

In the Outro, the singer reiterates their intense attraction to the person, emphasizing the lingering sense of longing and the belief that they could potentially be the perfect match. The repetition of the phrase “I could eat that girl for lunch” reinforces the intensity of the singer’s desire and the irresistibility of the person they’re infatuated with.

FAQs & Trivia

Who has sung “LUNCH” song?
Billie Eilish has sung “LUNCH” song.

Who wrote the lyrics of “LUNCH” song?
Billie Eilish has written the lyrics of “LUNCH” song.

Who has given the music of “LUNCH” song?
Billie Eilish has given the music of “LUNCH” song.


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