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Manhunt Lyrics by Jay Hound, SweepersENT is a brand new English song which is presented here. Manhunt song lyrics are penned down by Jay Hound while its tune is made by EliWTF.

“Manhunt” by Jay Hound and SweepersENT is a gritty narrative of street life and the pursuit of rivals. The track opens with urgent ad-libs, setting the tone for a tale of vigilance and aggression. Jay Hound’s verses detail his experiences on the streets, from solo missions to coordinated attacks with his twin. The red beam of a weapon serves as a chilling motif throughout the song, emphasizing the tension and danger of their environment. Amidst the chaos, Jay Hound references basketball star Steph Curry and the constant threat of police presence. The chorus echoes the title, emphasizing the relentless pursuit of their targets. With its raw lyrics and menacing atmosphere, “Manhunt” offers a glimpse into the intensity of urban survival.

Manhunt Lyrics by Jay Hound

Grrah, grrah, boom (Ayo, Eli, what the fu*k?)
Like, tryna spin, but the—, like

[Verse 1]
Started spinning on the mission, I was doley (I was—)
Call up twin, if I throw, then he throwing (I throw, then he throwing)
The color was red on the beam, no emotion (Like)
I be seeing all the red when I’m toting (Word to bro)
On court, I’m like Steph when he open (Like)
Ain’t nobody outside, this s*it bogus
If I’m in that field, I go dumb like a soldier (Like)
Red and blue lights, I keep thinking it’s over (I keep thinking it’s over)
Ain’t no violence to promote, they ain’t mad enough
We ain’t spinning in a V, we in a Challenger
12 watching, they tryna add it up
Brodie bugging, he move like a savage
Too many n!ggas be worried ’bout clout (Like)
They do not know how I get when in traffic (They don’t know how I get)
Lil’ bro on that block, causing havoc
Manhunt, tryna see if we can catch him (Tryna see if we can—)

Catch him (Like)
Manhunt, tryna see if we can catch him (Tryna see if we can catch him)
Catch him
Manhunt, tryna see if we can catch him (Like, word to bro)

[Verse 2]
Better get up out the way, I ain’t friendly (I ain’t friendly)
Knock him out and he tryna get with him (He tryna get—)
All black on that block, they start thinking I’m Venom (Like)
I’m a shadow at night when I’m spinning (Grrah, grrah, boom)
Like, word to bro we put belt right to ass (Like)
And the opps doing bad
Why bro do one-fifty to dash? (One-fifty to dash)
Bro in his car, think he feeling like Walker
All I know is that he better not crash (TTGz do—)
Tryna throw it out light, but the beam too attached (TTGz do—)
If he running from the G, bro, I bet we gon’ (TTGz do hits)

Catch him
Manhunt, tryna see if we can catch him (Tryna see if we can catch him)
Catch him
Manhunt, tryna see if we can catch him (He running too fast)
Catch him
Manhunt, tryna see if we can catch him (He ain’t going nowhere)
Catch him
Manhunt, tryna see if we can catch him (Like, word to bro)

Manhunt Lyrics Explained

The intro sets a tense atmosphere with repeated aggressive ad-libs and a brief exchange between individuals named Eli and Ayo. The phrase “tryna spin” suggests an attempt to navigate a precarious situation or evade danger.

[Verse 1]
In this verse, the narrator describes embarking on a mission alone (“doley”) before reaching out to their twin for backup if needed. The mention of a red beam without emotion reflects the detached and calculated nature of their actions. Despite the potential danger, the narrator compares their skill to that of basketball player Steph Curry, emphasizing confidence in their abilities. References to police lights and the absence of violence to provoke them underline the constant threat of law enforcement. The verse concludes with a determination to hunt down their targets relentlessly.

The chorus succinctly encapsulates the theme of pursuit and capture. It reinforces the urgency and determination of the narrator and their associates in their quest to apprehend their target, using colloquial language to convey a sense of camaraderie and resolve.

[Verse 2]
The second verse intensifies the narrative, with the narrator asserting their lack of friendliness and willingness to resort to violence if provoked. They describe their attire as all black, likening themselves to the fictional character Venom, evoking a menacing aura. References to specific actions and individuals, such as using a belt as a weapon and the reckless driving of someone named Walker, add detail to their environment and conflicts. The verse ends with a declaration of confidence in their ability to confront and overcome challenges.

Similar to the previous chorus, this repetition emphasizes the ongoing pursuit and the determination to catch their target. The urgency is heightened by the mention of the target running too fast and the narrator’s insistence that they won’t escape. The phrase “word to bro” reinforces the loyalty and solidarity among the group.

FAQs & Trivia

Who has sung “Manhunt” song?
Jay Hound, SweepersENT have sung “Manhunt” song.

Who wrote the lyrics of “Manhunt” song?
Jay Hound has written the lyrics of “Manhunt” song.

Who has given the music of “Manhunt” song?
Jay Hound, SweepersENT has given the music of “Manhunt” song.


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