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Martes 13 Lyrics (English Translation) by Luis R Conriquez is Spanish song which is presented here. Martes 13 song lyrics are penned down by Luis R Conriquez while its tune is made by Luis R Conriquez.

“Martes 13 (English Translation)” by Luis R Conriquez is an anthem of triumph and resilience. The song celebrates the artist’s Mexican roots and his journey to success, overcoming obstacles and surpassing goals. With pride in his heritage, he declares himself king and embraces the challenges that come his way. Using vivid imagery, he likens himself to an eagle, symbolizing power and dominance, and asserts his ability to conquer adversity. Rejecting the notion of luck, he credits hard work and determination for his achievements. The song also pays homage to fellow Mexican icon Canelo Álvarez, highlighting solidarity and unity within the community. Ultimately, “Martes 13” is a bold declaration of self-confidence and perseverance, inspiring listeners to embrace their own journeys and rise above challenges.

Martes 13 (English Translation) Lyrics by Luis R Conriquez

[Vеrѕe 1]
І аm frоm GDL, Мeхісo is mу land
For my flag I go with everything until dеath
I surpassed my own gоаlѕ, іt burns them that now I am the king
Нungry to be somеone in life, I reallу tоugh it out
Рut on your fіreworks, thе nоise ѕounds
Аnd the even bеaring јust аrrives and rolls up itѕ sleeves
Patеk Тіffany is my watch, todаy І’m in war mode
Abоve a Вugatti that roаrs like a lіon on the road

For thе cons I am on Tuesdaу the 13th
I аm terror, I am yоur bad luck
Like thе eagle with the snake
This iѕ how I еаt them hot
Whether peoplе speak goоd or bad about me
І contіnue genеrating bаles of greens

And up the Mexiсan flag, friend Canelо

[Vеrѕe 2]
Luck is for the medіocre
And in thе world there are plenty
I had to wоrk to improvе myself
I’m always on mode, nоthing hаs been givеn awaу
I thank my frіend Eddy and the entire tеаm І have formed.

For the cons I am оn Tuesday thе 13th
I am terror, I аm your bad luсk
Like the eaglе with the snake
Тhis іѕ how I eat them hot
Whеther peоple speаk good or bad about mе
Canelо Álvarez for аll his people

Martes 13 (English Translation) Lyrics Explained

[Verse 1]
In the opening verse, the artist proudly declares his origin from Guadalajara, Mexico, affirming his deep connection to his homeland. He emphasizes his unwavering commitment to his country, symbolized by the flag, which he pledges to support wholeheartedly until death. The artist reflects on his personal growth and achievements, triumphantly surpassing his own goals and emerging as a dominant figure, likened to a king. Despite facing challenges, he remains resolute and determined, showcasing his relentless drive to succeed. The mention of “fireworks” suggests a celebratory atmosphere, accompanied by the assertive declaration of readiness for battle, symbolized by his expensive watch and powerful vehicle, portraying a sense of strength and confidence as he navigates through life’s challenges.

The chorus embodies a defiant stance against adversity, with the artist embracing the notion of being associated with bad luck, symbolized by “Tuesday the 13th.” He asserts his intimidating presence, likening himself to a formidable predator like the eagle with a snake, ready to confront and conquer obstacles head-on. Regardless of others’ opinions, whether positive or negative, he remains undeterred, continuing to thrive and achieve success, symbolized by the metaphorical “bales of greens” representing wealth and prosperity.

The interlude briefly acknowledges the Mexican flag and references Canelo Álvarez, a renowned Mexican boxer, possibly symbolizing national pride and solidarity within the community.

[Verse 2]
In the second verse, the artist dismisses the notion of luck as a factor in success, attributing achievement to hard work and dedication. He contrasts himself with the “mediocre” who rely on luck, emphasizing his proactive approach to self-improvement. Expressing gratitude towards his friend Eddy and his team, he acknowledges the support and collaboration that have contributed to his journey towards success.

Similar to the earlier chorus, this section reinforces the artist’s embrace of his intimidating persona and his ability to thrive despite being associated with bad luck. He reaffirms his strength and resilience, symbolized by the comparison to the eagle and his unwavering determination to succeed, not only for himself but also for his community, represented by the mention of Canelo Álvarez.

Some Notable Phrases in Lyrics

1. “I am from GDL, Mexico is my land”
This line establishes the artist’s identity and pride in his Mexican heritage, specifically hailing from Guadalajara (GDL). By stating “Mexico is my land,” he affirms his deep connection to his homeland, setting the tone for the song’s themes of cultural pride and resilience.

2. “For my flag I go with everything until death”
The artist expresses unwavering loyalty and dedication to his country, symbolized by the flag. He pledges to support and defend his nation with his life, highlighting a sense of patriotism and commitment that runs deep within him.

3. “I surpassed my own goals, it burns them that now I am the king”
This line reflects the artist’s journey of personal growth and success. By surpassing his own goals, he asserts his dominance and authority, metaphorically claiming the title of “king.” The mention of envy (“it burns them”) suggests that his achievements may be viewed with jealousy by others.

4. “Hungry to be someone in life, I really tough it out”
Here, the artist conveys his relentless ambition and determination to succeed. Despite facing challenges, he perseveres with grit and resilience, driven by a strong desire to make a mark and achieve significance in life.

5. “Put on your fireworks, the noise sounds”
This line evokes a sense of celebration and triumph. “Fireworks” symbolize joyous occasions or victories, while “the noise sounds” implies a lively and spirited atmosphere, possibly signaling the artist’s readiness to celebrate his successes and make his presence known.

6. “Patek Tiffany is my watch, today I’m in war mode”
By referencing luxury brands like Patek Philippe and Tiffany, the artist showcases his wealth and status. “War mode” suggests a readiness for battle or competition, indicating his preparedness to face challenges head-on with a determined and assertive attitude.

7. “Above a Bugatti that roars like a lion on the road”
This imagery conveys a sense of power and dominance. A Bugatti, known for its speed and luxury, symbolizes the artist’s success and status. The comparison to a roaring lion suggests strength and authority, reinforcing the artist’s formidable presence.

8. “And up the Mexican flag, friend Canelo Tracas!”
Here, the artist pays homage to the Mexican flag and references Canelo Álvarez, a famous Mexican boxer. This could symbolize solidarity and unity within the Mexican community, as well as admiration for a fellow Mexican icon. “Tracas” may be an expression of excitement or support.

FAQs & Trivia

Who has sung “Martes 13 (English Translation)” song?
Luis R Conriquez has sung “Martes 13 (English Translation)” song.

Who wrote the lyrics of “Martes 13 (English Translation)” song?
Luis R Conriquez has written the lyrics of “Martes 13 (English Translation)” song.

Who has given the music of “Martes 13 (English Translation)” song?
Luis R Conriquez has given the music of “Martes 13 (English Translation)” song.


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