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Mike Voice Lyrics by Rio Da Yung OG is a brand new English song which is presented here. Mike Voice song lyrics are penned down by Rio Da Yung OG while its tune is made by Rio Da Yung OG.

“Mike Voice” by Rio Da Yung OG is a gritty portrayal of street life, boasting about drug use and criminal activities. Rio flaunts his lifestyle as a Percocet user and Morton Grove sipper while bragging about his firepower. The lyrics delve into violence, drug dealing, and confrontations with rivals, all delivered with Rio’s distinctive flow. The song also touches on personal experiences, including family relationships and struggles with addiction. With its raw lyrics and heavy beats, “Mike Voice” captures the essence of Rio’s unapologetic and confrontational style.

Mike Voice Lyrics by Rio Da Yung OG

[Intro: Rio da Yung Og]
(Ooh, SAV killed it)
What up, Mike? Alright
Imma Percocet popper
N!gga, you know what the fu*k I do
30’s, 15’s, 20’s, 10’s, 75’s, n!gga
And we drinking real Wock

[Verse 1: Rio Da Yung Og, RMC Mike]
Imma Percocet popper, Morton Grove sipper
Ten thou’ in ones, I’m a titty bar tipper
How you gon’ rob us and we got six AR’s with us
We got a .308, call this b!tch a car flipper
Glock giving out shots, I call that b!tch a bartender
Made a lot of dumb decisions, really I’m a smart n!gga
Lying in your rap, put cap on it, you should go to a bar-mitzvah
N!gga playing with his life, I left him at the park with it
Me and Mike brothers, he light skinned, but imma dark n!gga
Dootda la doo doot doo doot, he thought Baby Shark hit him
He took of running’, hit him with the ‘K, now the n!gga cart wheeling
Pop him with some slacks on, imma sharp killer
Shoot him in the ass with Glock, it look like a shark bit him
I was selling dope, you was in the yard cart flipping
Big tons, when I go re-up, I bring a grocery cart with me
Riding with seven different Glocks, now I don’t need AR with me

[Verse 2: RMC Mike]
In the booth drinking Wockesha out of Barney’s cup
Fu*k that Lamb’, I really want me a Ferrari truck
I don’t fu*k with Matt, but fu*k it, hit Jeff Hardy up
Ri’ a laid back ass n!gga, he don’t party much

[Verse 3: Rio da Yung Og, RMC Mike]
A MSR, two fake ID’s, I fu*ked Target up
I wear so much VLONE, somebody hit A Bari up
Slapped the fu*k out this one n!gga, fu*ked his Carti’s up
What you mean? Like you broke a n!gga glasses?
The Devil in me n!gga, I’ll rope a pastor
I was in this b!tch–, off the– yeah

[Verse 4: RMC Mike]
Now I’m in this b!tch going off the Addy’s
B!tch pulled up BM-Dub with no panties
I used to drink real Act, ask granny
I was gon’ pop him, imma just back hand him
Left the game for a min now a n!gga back handy
Eating Licorice, getting my d!ck sucked that’s black candy
Ion do the s*it, but yes, imma crack baby
I ain’t even wanna hit yo’ b!tch, the Act made me
Ran up three hundred thousand off of up rap that’s crazy
Cut into my b!tch momma, “How you doing fat baby?”
Scoob slim as hell, shooting s*it up, that’s shady
Weed game fell off for a minute, it’s back gravy
Rio, pull up in that matte black cat and act crazy
Went to A1 and spent a hunnid onna a fat eighty

[Verse 5: Rio da Yung Og]
I’ll punch the s*it out yo’ b!tch, and I slap babies
This is not a foreign car, this a ‘Lac baby
Drunk my first pint with my momma, I’m an Act’ baby
That is not real dog food, that’s Similac, crazy
I ain’t never ran from s*it, I’m a rack chaser
Me and Mike trying to see who touch a hunnid first, call that Rack racing
Pop percs and fu*k hard her back break, she need a back brace
Lil D chasing BB-Dubs, that’s a fat chaser

[Outro: Rio Da Yung Og, RMC Mike]
All yellow gold forty one with the black face
Me and Rio dropped forty-one’s with the fat face
You a bum, I bet yo momma know how the crack taste
My head hurt, I drunk a four of Wock now I’m back straight
Hold on, it’s my last day

Mike Voice Lyrics Explained

In the introductory segment of “Mike Voice,” Rio Da Yung OG immediately sets the tone for the track with an acknowledgment of the producer, SAV, before initiating a dialogue with someone named Mike. The “Ahhh” and subsequent greeting to Mike set the scene for a conversation or monologue that is characteristic of Rio’s confrontational and boastful style. He wastes no time in asserting his identity within the context of drug culture, proudly declaring himself a “Percocet popper.” This statement serves not only as an introduction to his persona but also as a declaration of his familiarity and comfort with the consumption of narcotics. By listing off various pill dosages and mentioning the consumption of “real Wock” (a slang term for promethazine with codeine cough syrup), Rio establishes himself as someone deeply embedded in the drug scene, unapologetically flaunting his habits and connections.

In the first verse, Rio Da Yung OG, along with RMC Mike, delves into a lyrical exploration of their involvement in drug dealing and violence. The opening lines further reinforce Rio’s drug use, specifically highlighting his preference for Percocet and Morton Grove, a brand of cough syrup containing codeine. The mention of tipping large sums of money at strip clubs underscores their perceived wealth and status within their community. However, this verse is not merely about flaunting riches; it also serves as a warning to potential adversaries. Rio and Mike boast about their access to firearms, including multiple AR-15 rifles, suggesting that they are well-prepared for any confrontations. The verse ends with a display of confidence and bravado, with Rio asserting his intelligence despite engaging in risky behavior and challenging anyone who doubts his authenticity.

The second verse, performed solely by RMC Mike, shifts the focus slightly to his personal desires and preferences. He expresses a longing for material possessions, particularly a Ferrari truck, dismissing the appeal of Lamborghinis in the process. The mention of drinking “Wockesha” out of a Barney’s cup continues the theme of drug consumption while adding a touch of humor and absurdity to the narrative. References to popular culture figures like Matt and Jeff Hardy add a layer of relatability to Mike’s verses, showcasing his ability to blend streetwise bravado with pop culture references.

Verse three, delivered once again by Rio Da Yung OG alongside RMC Mike, continues to explore themes of violence and materialism. References to clothing brands like VLONE and interactions with figures like A Bari serve to solidify their status within the streetwear and hip-hop scenes. The verse takes a darker turn with mentions of physical assault and property damage, painting a picture of individuals who are unafraid to resort to violence to assert their dominance. Rio’s mention of “the Devil in me” and willingness to “rope a pastor” further emphasizes the morally ambiguous nature of their actions, suggesting a complex interplay between personal ethics and the demands of their environment.

Moving to the fourth verse, RMC Mike takes center stage once again, delving into personal experiences with drug use and criminal activity. References to consuming Adderall (“Addy’s”) and engaging in s*xual encounters add depth to Mike’s character, showcasing the highs and lows of life in the fast lane. The verse also touches on themes of loyalty and camaraderie, with mentions of friends like Scoob and their shared involvement in illicit activities. Despite moments of introspection, the verse ultimately reinforces the hedonistic and reckless lifestyle embraced by Rio and Mike, with references to drug sales and extravagant spending serving as markers of their status within their community.

Rio Da Yung OG returns for the fifth verse, delivering a final flurry of boastful rhymes and provocative statements. He revels in his reputation as a tough and unapologetic individual, proudly declaring his involvement in criminal activities and his disdain for societal norms. References to assaulting women and infants, while shocking, serve to further cement Rio’s reputation as a controversial figure within the rap world. The verse also touches on themes of ambition and competition, with Rio and Mike vying to be the first to achieve financial success, or “touch a hunnid” (presumably referring to one hundred thousand dollars). Despite the bleak subject matter, there is a sense of determination and resilience in Rio’s words, suggesting that he is undeterred by the challenges he faces.

In the concluding segment of “Mike Voice,” Rio and RMC Mike return for a final exchange, boasting about their wealth and drug consumption. References to expensive jewelry and the consumption of “Wock” serve as a reminder of their status within their community, while mocking those who may be less fortunate. The mention of a “last day” adds a sense of urgency to the proceedings, suggesting that Rio and Mike are living on borrowed time and are determined to make the most of their lives, consequences be damned. Overall, the outro serves as a fitting conclusion to the track, encapsulating the themes of hedonism, violence, and ambition that run throughout the song.

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Who has sung “Mike Voice” song?
Rio Da Yung OG has sung “Mike Voice” song.

Who wrote the lyrics of “Mike Voice” song?
Rio Da Yung OG has written the lyrics of “Mike Voice” song.

Who has given the music of “Mike Voice” song?
Rio Da Yung OG has given the music of “Mike Voice” song.


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