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MIONCA Lyrics (English Translation) by Maluma is Spanish song which is presented here. Mionca song lyrics are penned down by Maluma while its tune is made by Maluma.

“MIONCA” by Maluma is a rhythmic ode to spontaneous moments and fleeting passion. The lyrics reflect a carefree night filled with indulgence, from admiring intimate photos to reveling in exclusive luxuries. Amidst the pulsating beats, Maluma recounts encounters in a truck, embracing the thrill of the moment. The song exudes an unapologetic energy, celebrating desire and recklessness. With playful references to drinks, nightlife, and flirtatious exchanges, “MIONCA” captures the exhilarating essence of living in the moment.

MIONCA (English Translation) Lyrics by Maluma

Hey motherfu*ker, this is MadMusick
Once again-gain-gain-gain-gain
Ha, Maluma, ba-ba-baby

Today almost almost, yeah
I crashed the mionca, I got distracted looking at the photos of your pu*sy, hey
I like how he snores
Designer clothes, everything exclusive, ah

How cool are the voice notes when she says: What else, baby?
Let’s go have a vodka, this is until dawn
A tour of the city, but you know it ends in the neighborhood (You and me in Colonia)
She’s not my official cat, but she knows I break her every day (420)
Your body is hard work, but it got bigger (Rico)
And he has the habit of patching himself in Sabaneta
She had a boss, but she got bored very quickly
He hijacked her truck

She just wants to be single, twerking and making money
We are not asses, but we are hesitating
You me drinking, me burning; I lying down, you jumping
No one shares it like me, that’s why they’re calling

Give us a rating when you feel crazy
I’m going to take off your clothes, do it to you in the truck
I know that you like it, and that it provokes me (Oh, holy God)
Kiss on the mouth under the influence of coc*ine

And we do it in the truck, we wake up in the truck
We ride in the truck, wherever we enter in the truck
And you have me crazy, crazy, I have you crazy
And at 4:20 with Maluma I sunk him in the truck

How cool are the voice notes when he says: What else, baby?
Let’s go have a vodka, this is until dawn
A trip around the city, but he knows it ends in the neighborhood
She’s not my official cat, but she knows I break her every day (Dirty Boy)
Today I leave the house oily (Fresh)
On the way with the chip, freaked out
With glasses because I’m used to it (Baby)
Paparazzi, the flashes have me blinded

I got a load, come on, m*mmy, hesitate
How cool is the mezcal, what the hell is the tequila
If we are going to burn, let it be of the finest
And if this ends, let it be in your belly

If tonight we don’t run out of condoms (I’m sorry, baby)
Today we made a bad decision
If we have a son, I have no cojone (No, lie, lie, my love, lie), haha

How cool are the voice notes when he says: What else, baby?
Let’s go have a vodka, this is until dawn
A tour of the city, but you know it ends in the neighborhood
She’s not my official cat, but she knows I break her every day.

Ha ha
Hehehe, hey
420, Maluma
Oh my goodness, love
leave, come up

Cali Poster
Dear God, I’m going to have a rub on the truck
I’m going to remove the driver
From Cali to Medallo and from Medallo to Cali, see

MIONCA (English Translation) Lyrics Explained

The song “MIONCA” by Maluma begins with an introduction, setting the tone for a lively and energetic track. The repetition of “Once again-gain-gain-gain-gain” emphasizes the recurrence of excitement and anticipation, while the playful interjection “Ha, Maluma, ba-ba-baby” introduces the artist’s persona into the narrative.

In the first verse, Maluma describes a moment of distraction while driving, symbolized by crashing the “mionca.” This metaphorical crash represents being overwhelmed by desire, as he admits to being distracted by intimate photos. The mention of liking how someone snores juxtaposes the intimacy of the moment with a sense of comfort and familiarity. Additionally, references to designer clothes suggest a lifestyle of luxury and exclusivity.

The following lines delve into the spontaneity and thrill of the moment, where Maluma relishes in the excitement of receiving voice notes from a romantic interest. The invitation to drink vodka until dawn and explore the city together signifies a carefree attitude towards life and relationships. Despite acknowledging that the encounter may not lead to a serious commitment, Maluma revels in the thrill of breaking norms and expectations.

As the song progresses, Maluma explores themes of passion and indulgence, often intertwined with references to intoxication and desire. The repetition of “420” hints at recreational drug use, adding a rebellious edge to the narrative. Amidst the hedonism, there’s a sense of liberation in embracing desires and rejecting societal norms.

The verse discussing leaving the house “oily” suggests a readiness for adventure, accompanied by a feeling of exhilaration and nervousness. References to paparazzi and being blinded by flashes hint at the spotlight and scrutiny that come with fame, adding layers to Maluma’s portrayal of a glamorous yet tumultuous lifestyle.

Throughout the song, Maluma oscillates between moments of recklessness and introspection, acknowledging the consequences of his actions while reveling in the excitement of the present. References to condoms and potential parenthood inject a sense of realism into the narrative, highlighting the complexities of modern relationships and the consequences of impulsive decisions.

In the closing lines, Maluma reflects on the journey ahead, expressing a desire for spontaneity and adventure. The mention of traveling from Cali to Medellín and back again symbolizes a journey of self-discovery and exploration, where the destination is less important than the experiences along the way. Overall, “MIONCA” encapsulates a whirlwind of emotions and experiences, celebrating the joys and pitfalls of living life to the fullest.

FAQs & Trivia

Who has sung “MIONCA (English Translation)” song?
Maluma has sung “MIONCA (English Translation)” song.

Who wrote the lyrics of “MIONCA (English Translation)” song?
Maluma has written the lyrics of “MIONCA (English Translation)” song.

Who has given the music of “MIONCA (English Translation)” song?
Maluma has given the music of “MIONCA (English Translation)” song.


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