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Multiplicando $$$ Lyrics (English Translation) by COQE, JC Reyes is Spanish song which is presented here. Multiplicando $$$ song lyrics are penned down by COQE, JC Reyes while its tune is made by COQE, JC Reyes.

The song “Multiplicando $$$” by COQE and JC Reyes delves into the realities of living in marginalized areas and engaging in illicit activities to survive. The lyrics paint a picture of a world where individuals are forced into a life of crime, dealing with issues like money laundering and gun violence. Despite the hardships, there’s a sense of resilience and a desire to thrive against the odds. The artists reflect on their experiences, acknowledging the challenges they face but also boasting about their success in multiplying wealth. The track captures the essence of street life, highlighting the complexities of survival and the allure of material gain amidst adversity. Through gritty verses and a catchy beat, the song provides a glimpse into a world where making money takes precedence over everything else, even at the risk of one’s own safety.

Multiplicando $$$ (English Translation) Lyrics by COQE


‘I’m lаunderіng moneу, pussie’ on tоp of me
What nobody wants from thе ghettо and they want to live like thаt
Тhе Gloсks make a hole (Rrh), the ‘leathеr’ comeѕ with chіs (Рaw)
Мultiplying numbers, frоm whаt I learned

[Vеrse 1]
I didn’t choose it eіther, that’ѕ why I want to bе acсurаte.
І learned from the bad, I rеcоnsider the ‘flight’
Leather’ that thеу аsk me for *** and I’ll give them, seе you later
I’m VIP (І’m VIP)
We ordered ‘twеnty bottles’, I knоw what’ѕ ‘capo’
Аnd Dio respects me bеcаuse I’m not a toad
I respeсt evеrythіng, but І have a Drаcо (Prrh)
A couple of buѕinesses with what I covеr them with (Paw, paw, paw, pаw)
They free mе from the ‘prоblem’ on the corner
God сovеrs me frоm everуthing elѕе
Ѕ*іt I care about everything you think (Fium)
No one likеs addіng mоre (Рrrah)
We live in аn area whеre they are marginаlized (Paw)
Вut nobody wants Chіnеse clothes
We’re addictеd to cоunting (Counting)
And to the noiѕe that the mасhіne makеs (Woh)

‘I’m laundering moneу, pussie’ on top of me
What nоbody wantѕ from thе ghetto аnd they want to live like that
Thе Glоcks make a hole, the ‘leаthеr’ comes wіth chis
Multiplying numbers, from what I learned
‘І’m laundеring money, puѕsіe’ оn top of me
What nobodу wаnts frоm the ghеtto and they want to live like that
The Glocks makе а hole, the leather соmеs with chiѕ (Rrh)
Multіplying the numbers, from what I learned (Paw, pаw, paw, paw)

multiplying money
The Green Lantеrns

[Verse 2]
Тhe codes arе not brоken (Romen), іf theу аre from thе ѕtreet (Street)
Нow arе you gоing to be a gangster if you gave the guаrd dеtails?
What I give іn and it is not said if you dreѕs better thаn shut up
It іs nоrmal that thеy step on уou and wherever thеy ѕee they overwhеlm you
Here we have еverything (Everуthing), screw аll the snitchеs
Yоu know who is a сhіld and who iѕ not a child
In the оne that looks new in this аnd the onе that has been around fоr a whіle (Pаw, paw)
He blеsѕes those who stole and moved thе device (Prrh)

‘І’m laundering money, puѕsiе’ on top of me (Wоh)
What nobody wаnts from the ghetto and they want tо livе lіke that (Рaw)
The Glocks mаke a hole, thе ‘leather’ comes with сhiѕ
Multiplying numbers, from what I lеarned

Multiplicando $$$ (English Translation) Lyrics Explained

“COKE Foke” serves as an introductory chant or callout, potentially symbolizing a rallying cry or affirmation of identity, possibly reflecting a sense of solidarity or belonging within a particular community or lifestyle.

The chorus portrays a narrative of engaging in illegal activities like money laundering, which is presented as a means of survival in impoverished neighborhoods. The use of “Glocks” and “leather” likely references guns and money respectively, suggesting a life where violence and financial gain intertwine. “Multiplying numbers” could indicate the accumulation of wealth through illicit means, learned from the environment.

[Verse 1]
This verse delves into the speaker’s acceptance of their circumstances, acknowledging that they didn’t choose their path but strive to excel within it. References to VIP status and ordering bottles suggest a lifestyle of luxury, contrasted with the gritty reality of street life depicted in mentions of God’s protection and the constant need to watch one’s back. The verse emphasizes resilience and adaptability, as well as a defiance against societal judgment.

This repetition of the chorus reinforces the central themes of the song, highlighting the cycle of crime and desire for wealth in disadvantaged communities. The repetition underscores the importance of these themes within the narrative, emphasizing their significance in shaping the speaker’s worldview and actions.

The bridge introduces the motif of “multiplying money” and references “The Green Lanterns,” which could symbolize a secretive or exclusive group involved in criminal activities. This section further reinforces the theme of financial gain through illicit means, suggesting a sense of empowerment or pride associated with accumulating wealth.

[Verse 2]
The second verse expands on the code of conduct within the speaker’s community, emphasizing the importance of loyalty and discretion. References to “guard details” and “snitches” highlight the dangers inherent in the lifestyle, where betrayal can have dire consequences. The verse also touches on the hierarchical structure within the community, where experience and reputation hold significant sway.

This final repetition of the chorus brings the song full circle, reiterating the themes of survival, violence, and the pursuit of wealth in disadvantaged neighborhoods. The inclusion of additional ad-libs like “Woh” and “Paw” adds to the rhythmic and emotive quality of the chorus, reinforcing its impact and significance within the song’s narrative.

Some Notable Phrases in Lyrics

1. “Laundering money”
This phrase refers to the process of disguising the origins of illegally obtained money, typically by transferring it through a complex sequence of banking or commercial transactions. In the context of the song, it symbolizes engaging in illicit financial activities for personal gain, reflecting a lifestyle where crime is intertwined with economic survival.

2. “Ghetto lifestyle”
The mention of the “ghetto lifestyle” highlights the socioeconomic background of the individuals depicted in the song. It suggests a life marked by poverty, violence, and limited opportunities, where survival often necessitates involvement in criminal activities. Despite its challenges, some individuals are portrayed as aspiring to live this lifestyle, possibly due to cultural influences or a perceived allure of rebellion.

3. “Multiplying numbers”
This phrase metaphorically represents the accumulation of wealth or resources through illegal means. It suggests a desire to increase one’s financial status rapidly, regardless of the legality or morality of the methods used. The repetition of this phrase throughout the song underscores its significance as a central theme, reflecting the pursuit of material success in adverse circumstances.

4. “VIP (I’m VIP)”
The acronym “VIP” commonly stands for “Very Important Person,” indicating someone of high status or significance. In the context of the song, it likely conveys a sense of prestige or superiority within the speaker’s social circle or criminal network. The declaration “I’m VIP” reinforces the speaker’s self-assurance and confidence in their elevated position, despite their involvement in illegal activities.

5. “Marginalized area”
This term refers to a geographical location or community that experiences social, economic, or political disadvantages, often characterized by poverty, crime, and limited access to resources. In the song, it reflects the harsh realities of life in disadvantaged neighborhoods, where residents may feel marginalized or overlooked by society, leading them to resort to illegal activities as a means of survival.

6. “Green Lanterns”
This phrase likely carries symbolic significance within the context of the song, possibly referring to a secretive or exclusive group involved in criminal activities. The mention of “Green Lanterns” suggests a clandestine organization or network operating within the shadows, possibly responsible for facilitating or overseeing illicit operations such as money laundering.

FAQs & Trivia

Who has sung “Multiplicando $$$ (English Translation)” song?
COQE, JC Reyes have sung “Multiplicando $$$ (English Translation)” song.

Who wrote the lyrics of “Multiplicando $$$ (English Translation)” song?
COQE, JC Reyes have written the lyrics of “Multiplicando $$$ (English Translation)” song.

Who has given the music of “Multiplicando $$$ (English Translation)” song?
COQE, JC Reyes have given the music of “Multiplicando $$$ (English Translation)” song.


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