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No More Questions Lyrics by A Boogie Wit da Hoodie is a brand new English song which is presented here. No More Questions song lyrics are penned down by A Boogie Wit da Hoodie while its tune is made by A Boogie Wit da Hoodie.

In “No More Questions” by A Boogie Wit da Hoodie, the artist reflects on his experiences with love, betrayal, and fame. He reminisces about his past struggles and the people who doubted him. Despite his success, he still feels the weight of past relationships and the constant scrutiny from others. The song delves into themes of trust, loyalty, and the challenges of maintaining personal relationships in the face of fame and fortune. A Boogie expresses frustration with intrusive questions and asserts his independence and resilience. Ultimately, he asserts his right to privacy and freedom from interrogation in his personal life.

No More Questions Lyrics by A Boogie Wit da Hoodie

It was good if you asked me
Thinking about what I’m feeling say
Now we been going through this every day
Now what’s good with you
I still remember being in the hood with you
Money got these b!tches on my jaws they so badly
They tried to spin me in Cali got bumpy like that
I got a lot but I want much more
You sent
I wanted more than I deserved
I picked you up and dropped you off like a curveside
You showed me the best of you with your third eye
Never out loud
You made the hands on my body
Look up like I was out far for d t b
These b!tches ain’t know you can not bounce for
You wasn’t with me when I slept on the couch

Now in my city they treat me like Kelly and Philly
If I give you game it’s gonna be worth like a Billy
Keep it b!tch in my heart
She let it go on a river it’s a whole another story
This aint bobby and Whitney
I got a whole lot of money you could spend
Smack the soul out a n!gga

You think it’s funny ain’t s*it
I’m not a role model n!gga I got killers with me
Holes in your body but you could never be 50
And I got bruised once for loving a girl confused
Thinking b!tch ass n!ggas was so dirt
Wagon juices up in the block was only selling weed
I’d rather see that n!gga in the box

Before he telling me
I done all the altercations with the hell on me
They never follow me
And I was conversations with the aks
Bought investments
Baby that I stutter
All these Eminem’s got n!ggas acting shady
I miss butter

When they killed my friend
I felt like blasting something
Whoa she was all good if you ask me
Till you started asking about Tiffany and Ashley
I look through your phone
I ain’t gonna lie you did me badly
You looked in my phone what you expect to say I’m nasty
Don’t ask me

Don’t hit me up about no bulls*it
Especially when you interrupted me while I’m working
I pick you up you said bring the car with the curtains
Girls that I deserve
Know that I don’t deserve them
Will you be with me when it all falls down
Look at the richie baby time will tell
If I get the best of you

You then I have to show you the best of me
But can’t stop asking me questions
About who I’m texting
Girl I’m good if you ask another dead
Tipping in your ass we just ask them
Baby if I got it you got it and I got mad funds
It’s okay to treat me like an arcade
You can have fun these rap n!ggas my sons

And if they breathe 1 got grandson
These things that she wanna know about me
You keep on asking me questions
About who I’m texting and about who I’m searching
I can’t take it no no
You keep it a rock in my flexing
Who you think you checking
Girl you can go get to step back cause I can’t take it

No no no more yeah
Questions no no more
Questions no more
Questions no no cause I

No More Questions Lyrics Explained

In the first paragraph, the artist reflects on past experiences and relationships, acknowledging that things were good at some point. However, he now finds himself constantly pondering his feelings and dealing with daily struggles. He reminisces about his past life in the hood and how money and fame have attracted unwanted attention from women who are only interested in his wealth. Despite having achieved success, he still feels a sense of longing for more.

Moving on to the second paragraph, the artist contrasts his current status with his past life, where he is now treated with respect and admiration in his city, akin to celebrities like R. Kelly and Meek Mill in Philadelphia. He acknowledges the value of the wisdom he can impart to others, likening it to being worth a billion dollars. However, he also acknowledges the pain and complexities of past relationships, referencing famous troubled couples like Bobby Brown and Whitney Houston.

In the third paragraph, the artist delves into themes of violence and betrayal, reflecting on past conflicts and the presence of dangerous individuals around him. He acknowledges being hurt by a girl he loved, who he now sees as confused and petty. He mentions his past involvement in illicit activities like selling drügs but expresses a desire for those involved to face consequences rather than betray him.

The fourth paragraph touches on themes of loss and grief, as the artist reflects on the death of a friend and the desire for retribution. He expresses frustration with a partner who questions him about other women, highlighting a lack of trust in the relationship. He asserts his independence and expresses a desire to be left alone, especially when he is working.

In the final paragraph, the artist concludes by asserting his autonomy and rejecting intrusive questioning from his partner. He refuses to engage in petty arguments and expresses a desire for mutual respect and understanding. He emphasizes that he has nothing to hide but wants to be trusted and left alone. The repetition of “no more questions” serves as a firm assertion of his boundaries and independence.

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Who has sung “No More Questions” song?
A Boogie Wit da Hoodie has sung “No More Questions” song.

Who wrote the lyrics of “No More Questions” song?
A Boogie Wit da Hoodie has written the lyrics of “No More Questions” song.

Who has given the music of “No More Questions” song?
A Boogie Wit da Hoodie has given the music of “No More Questions” song.


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