ONLY GOD IS MADE PERFECT Lyrics by Bladee is a brand new English song which is presented here. Only God Is Made Perfect song lyrics are penned down by Bladee, F1LTHY while its tune is made by F1LTHY, AM (Producer), Warpstr, roxie.

“Only God Is Made Perfect” by Bladee explores themes of self-acceptance, spirituality, and the pursuit of personal identity. In the song, Bladee reflects on his experiences, embracing imperfections while rejecting societal norms and expectations. He contrasts materialism with a deeper spiritual understanding, suggesting that true perfection lies beyond human reach. The lyrics delve into feelings of isolation and detachment, yet amidst the chaos, there’s a sense of empowerment and liberation. Bladee’s verses are introspective, touching on existentialism and the complexities of human relationships. With its ethereal production and introspective lyrics, the song invites listeners into Bladee’s enigmatic world, where vulnerability coexists with strength and resilience.


Wake up—
Let me speak
C-C-Cold Visions
Drain Gang (Let’s go)
Off top, uhh

Tell me a funny story, all that other s*it so boring
All that seriousness bore me
In Emporio Armani
And it’s seven in the morning, EA7 in the morning
Stepping out like a warrior, this s*it can go so horrible
These horrors I endure, man, this rain is on me pouring
White Havaianas and some shorts, man, I’m over Prada Sport
Man, I’m stepping on the court
Man, you’re watching YouTube Shorts
I’m very far from regular, you could call me irregular
I used to— (Cold Visions)
That s*it was not acceptable
I don’t want your friendship, don’t even wanna be next to you
I’m fried doing rituals, I used to be intellectual
The way you think that you’re high then you’re on the wrong flight
We having good nights
Man, we sleep tight
Only God over me, man, so you got no right
I’m Mr. WorldWide
You wish, boy by
irl, you’re beautiful but only God is made perfect
Drop-top coupe, it is made purple
Shirt is SOAP08, it’s purple
SG Drain follow code
Keep it silent in the circle
I’m Messiah in this sermon
Coming down clean like a virgin
All these clowns man I truly am The Joker
Triple cross you out of nowhere
This not that, this not that
You still think that I’m slow but I think I could be slower
In a field that’s filled with flowers
And this diesel very sour
You might think that you know
But I’ll truly show you power
I’ll come see you in an hour
I’ll come falling off the tower
Falling down

Freestyle off the top of my head
This is just some things that I said (Cold)
This s*it, uh— (Welcome to)
Just some— (Cold Visions)


The introduction sets the stage for Bladee’s expression, urging attention with the command to wake up and listen. “Cold Visions” is referenced, indicating a thematic direction for the song, while invoking the identity of the “Drain Gang.”

Bladee starts by dismissing seriousness, seeking amusement in a mundane world. Despite the early hour, he emerges confidently, ready to face potential adversity. The imagery of rain symbolizes life’s struggles. He rejects societal norms, preferring comfort over luxury brands like Emporio Armani. Bladee’s past intellectual pursuits are juxtaposed with his current ritualistic behaviors, hinting at personal evolution. He asserts his individuality, distancing himself from conformity and asserting his independence. The mention of being “Mr. Worldwide” juxtaposes personal and global perspectives. Despite acknowledging beauty, Bladee emphasizes the imperfection of humans compared to divine perfection. The color purple symbolizes royalty and spirituality. He hints at secrecy within his circle and asserts his authority and purity amidst chaos. Bladee portrays himself as a misunderstood figure, likening himself to The Joker. He challenges perceptions of his speed and reveals a hidden strength. The imagery of a field of flowers contrasts with the sour diesel, symbolizing beauty and bitterness. Bladee promises to demonstrate his true power and presence, even in moments of vulnerability or downfall.

The outro suggests spontaneity in Bladee’s expression, reinforcing the notion that his words are unscripted and raw. The repeated references to “Cold Visions” reinforce the thematic focus of the song.

FAQs & Trivia

Who has sung “ONLY GOD IS MADE PERFECT” song?
Bladee has sung “ONLY GOD IS MADE PERFECT” song.

Who wrote the lyrics of “ONLY GOD IS MADE PERFECT” song?
Bladee, F1LTHY have written the lyrics of “ONLY GOD IS MADE PERFECT” song.

Who has given the music of “ONLY GOD IS MADE PERFECT” song?
Bladee have given the music of “ONLY GOD IS MADE PERFECT” song.


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