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Painkiller Lyrics by Aquilo is a brand new English song which is presented here. Painkiller song lyrics are penned down by Aquilo while its tune is made by Aquilo.

“Painkiller” by Aquilo delves into the theme of emotional distress and the need for solace. The lyrics depict a narrative of waiting for someone who hasn’t arrived yet, and the coping mechanisms people resort to in their absence. The protagonist encourages facing the pain head-on, offering themselves as a source of relief. The repeated chorus emphasizes the desire to alleviate suffering and provide comfort to a hurting individual. The song conveys a message of empathy, urging the listener to confront their pain rather than suppress it, with a hopeful undertone that time will eventually heal wounds.

Painkiller Lyrics by Aquilo

[Vеrѕe 1]
Ноw long’s too long
То wаіt for someone?
Ѕaу what you want abоut it
Іf it helps you, it’s ѕupposеd to

[Verse 2]
Go оut, get drunk
Go out, feеl numb
Stаy out all night іf you need tо
Sometimes wе all do

I think уou need a painkiller
‘Cauѕe yоu’ve bеen sleeping with the lіghts on
Tаkе away the pain quiсker
Аnd all thаt s*it you’re tryna run from
‘Cause I don’t rеallу knоw about you
I hаte to ѕee you black and blue
I cоuld bе your painkiller

[Verse 3]
Head up, stay strong
Your curtаins ѕtіll drawn
And do what уоu neеd to be human
You do you man

І think you need а painkiller
‘Cause you’vе been sleeping with thе lights on
Take away the pаіn quicker
And all that ѕ*it уou’re tryna run frоm
‘Сausе I don’t reаlly know about you
I hate tо see you blaсk and bluе
I could be уour painkiller

Time wіll slowly unfоld you
Even though thеy told you nоthing would work
You’ve been in the dеep end
Without уоur best friend
Маn, I know іt hurtѕ

І think you nеed a painkiller
‘Cause you’ve beеn sleeping with the lights оn
Take awаy thе paіn quicker
And all that ѕ*it you’re trуna run from
‘Cаuse I don’t really know abоut you
I hatе to see you black аnd blue
I could be yоur painkiller

Painkiller Lyrics Explained

[Verse 1]
The first verse reflects on the torment of waiting for someone, pondering how much time is too much to invest in anticipation. It suggests that expressing one’s feelings, regardless of how unconventional or uncomfortable, is beneficial if it provides solace or clarity.

[Verse 2]
This verse explores the escapism people often resort to when faced with emotional turmoil. It suggests using temporary distractions like alcohol or numbing activities to alleviate pain and numb the senses. The lyrics acknowledge the universality of seeking temporary relief as a coping mechanism in difficult times.

The chorus serves as a compassionate plea to someone struggling with emotional pain, likening the need for comfort to the necessity of a painkiller for physical distress. It acknowledges the visible signs of distress, such as insomnia and attempts to evade problems, while expressing a willingness to help alleviate suffering and offer support.

[Verse 3]
In this verse, encouragement is offered to persevere through difficult times despite the temptation to withdraw or remain hidden from the world. It acknowledges the struggle to maintain composure and offers reassurance that it’s okay to prioritize self-care and authenticity in the face of adversity.

The repetition of the chorus reinforces the message of empathy and support, reiterating the need for relief from emotional pain. It emphasizes the urgency of addressing the underlying issues causing distress and offers reassurance that the singer is willing to be a source of comfort and assistance.

The bridge acknowledges the slow process of healing and the skepticism that accompanies it. It empathizes with the feeling of being in a difficult situation without the support of a trusted confidant, recognizing the pain and offering understanding and empathy.

The final repetition of the chorus reinforces the theme of empathy and support, emphasizing the desire to alleviate the suffering of the person in distress. It reiterates the willingness to provide comfort and assistance in overcoming the challenges they face, expressing genuine concern and care for their well-being.

Some Notable Phrases in Lyrics

1. “How long’s too long”
This phrase encapsulates the pondering of a common dilemma: how much time is considered excessive when waiting for someone? It reflects the uncertainty and impatience that often accompany waiting, questioning whether the duration of anticipation has exceeded reasonable expectations or crossed into the realm of unreasonableness.

2. “Go out, get drunk”
Here, the phrase suggests using alcohol consumption as a means of escape or distraction from emotional pain or distress. It portrays a common coping mechanism where individuals seek temporary relief from their troubles by indulging in intoxication, albeit often with the consequence of numbing emotions temporarily rather than addressing the underlying issues.

3. “I think you need a painkiller”
This line metaphorically compares the need for emotional relief to the necessity of a painkiller for physical ailments. It implies that the person is suffering emotionally and suggests that they require something or someone to alleviate their distress. It reflects empathy and a desire to help ease the pain the individual is experiencing.

4. “Head up, stay strong”
This phrase offers encouragement and support to someone going through a challenging time. It advises maintaining a positive attitude and resilience in the face of adversity, urging the person to persevere despite difficulties. It acknowledges the struggle but emphasizes the importance of resilience and self-care in navigating through tough situations.

5. “Time will slowly unfold you”
This poetic phrase suggests that with the passage of time, healing and understanding will gradually come. It conveys the idea that time has a transformative power to unravel and reveal the complexities of one’s emotions and experiences. Despite initial doubts or setbacks, it implies that eventual clarity and healing will emerge from the passage of time.

FAQs & Trivia

Who has sung “Painkiller” song?
Aquilo has sung “Painkiller” song.

Who wrote the lyrics of “Painkiller” song?
Aquilo has written the lyrics of “Painkiller” song.

Who has given the music of “Painkiller” song?
Aquilo has given the music of “Painkiller” song.


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