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Perdóname Madre Lyrics (English Translation) by Muñecazo is Spanish song which is presented here. Perdóname Madre song lyrics are penned down by Muñecazo while its tune is made by Muñecazo.

“Perdóname Madre” by Muñecazo is a heartfelt tribute to all mothers who sacrificed for their families but were unappreciated. The song expresses remorse from an ungrateful son who failed to recognize his mother’s efforts. It narrates the pain she endured, her sacrifices, and the neglect she faced. The lyrics beg for forgiveness and vow to make amends by dedicating achievements to her. It celebrates the realization of her importance and the desire to see her happy. Ultimately, it honors the unwavering love and resilience of mothers everywhere.

Perdóname Madre (English Translation) Lyrics by Muñecazo

For all mothers
who gave everything for their family
And they were not valued
This song is for you

And this is the feeling, of an ungrateful son
Who didn’t know how to value his mother

For everything you went through
Today you are worthy of admiration

A story that we had to live

My mother cried one day
My father wouldn’t understand
The sacrifice he made
Only for his little children

He lived among abuse
Between blows of life
And apart we abandon her
Oh how ungrateful we were

Forgive me my mother
Well I also made you suffer
Forgive me my mother
Well I made you cry too
But I grew up I realize
May I not value the love you give me

Forgive me, mother, because so many times
I made you suffer and cry

You have already suffered a lot mommy
Now I just want to see you happy
And may you never leave my side

Thank God I realized
I only have one mother
I owe my life to her
Because of her I am what I am

Now I want my mother
Just seeing you smile
It’s just that you suffered enough
My achievements are for you

Forgive me my mother
Well I also made you suffer
Forgive me my mother
Well I made you cry too
As long as you live I will love you
And my achievements I will dedicate to you

And with my mother’s blessing
Mrs. Empera
From the Páramo to the world

John Valverde
The Doll

Perdóname Madre (English Translation) Lyrics Explained

The song “Perdóname Madre” by Muñecazo begins with a dedication to all mothers who selflessly devoted themselves to their families, yet were unappreciated. It acknowledges their sacrifices and the lack of recognition they received. The song aims to serve as a tribute to these overlooked mothers, expressing gratitude and empathy for their struggles.

The following lines delve into the perspective of an ungrateful son who reflects on his failure to appreciate his mother’s love and sacrifices. It conveys the remorse and regret felt by someone who realizes the depth of their ingratitude and the pain it caused their mother.

The lyrics then shift to affirm the mother’s worthiness of admiration for enduring the hardships she faced. It acknowledges the challenges she navigated and the strength she demonstrated in overcoming them, highlighting her resilience and determination.

The song narrates the story of the mother’s suffering and sacrifice, depicting a scene where she cried while the father failed to understand her plight. It paints a picture of abandonment and neglect, illustrating the profound impact of the mother’s sacrifices on her children’s lives.

The son seeks forgiveness from his mother, acknowledging the pain he caused her and expressing a newfound understanding of her love. He expresses a desire to make amends and vows to dedicate his achievements to her, recognizing her pivotal role in shaping his life.

The song concludes with a declaration of love and gratitude towards the mother, expressing a commitment to cherish her always. It ends with a symbolic gesture of extending blessings from the local community (“Páramo”) to the world, signifying the universal significance of maternal love and sacrifice.

FAQs & Trivia

Who has sung “Perdóname Madre (English Translation)” song?
Muñecazo has sung “Perdóname Madre (English Translation)” song.

Who wrote the lyrics of “Perdóname Madre (English Translation)” song?
Muñecazo has written the lyrics of “Perdóname Madre (English Translation)” song.

Who has given the music of “Perdóname Madre (English Translation)” song?
Muñecazo has given the music of “Perdóname Madre (English Translation)” song.


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