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PODCAST Lyrics (English Translation) by Akapellah is Spanish song which is presented here. Podcast song lyrics are penned down by Akapellah while its tune is made by Akapellah.

“PODCAST (English Translation)” by Akapellah is a conversation between the artist and a host, touching on various topics. Akapellah shares his journey from his beginnings as El Goldo Funky to his evolution as a rapper. He reflects on his upbringing, the perception of rappers, and the essence of true rap. The song delves into authenticity, legacy, and the enduring presence of rap music. Akapellah emphasizes the importance of staying true to oneself and the culture of hip-hop.

PODCAST (English Translation) Lyrics by Akapellah

Welcome back everyone
To a spot where the artist connects with people
Not without first thanking our sponsor from here in front
And remind them to ring the bell and comment

Today I have the honor of being next to
From a magnificent guest, a consecrated artist
Known and respected inside and outside the state
With you: Akapellah, El Goldo Funky, the heaviest

Good afternoon, how are you? What a bless
Damn thanks, I was flattered by the introduction
And nothing, a little nervous, well, because of the conversation
But happy to be here, thanks for the invitation
Mmm, Fat Funky, where did you invent that from?
Did they put it on you? Or did you take it out yourself?
And now what is it? Skinny Funky after you lost weight?
And how did you downgrade? Did you train or have surgery?

Pedro Elías Aquino is my first name
And my first AKA in hip-hop was Masta Killah
One day I came up with Akapella rapping on a patch
And as time went by I later gave it the H

And I had to lose weight because he was very obese.
And now I train every day and when I eat there are no excesses
I’m still El Goldo Funky and I’m never going to change that
Because the weight of my name is not in me, but in my verses

Mmm, in a square those were your beginnings
A boy of values, a chubby boy of a building
Peaceful, polite, familiar without any vices
An atypical rapper who lives his life with judgment

Normal like any kid when he is little
Peaceful, polite, and yes, the other more or less
Toddy, malt and tequeño fanatic
Like any local from any small town, yeah
Oh no, Akapellah, how boring, brother
You look like a Mormon, we’re going to have to give you a Nobel Prize
We want to see action, get you excited, get high
What’s more, I’m going to keep the iPhone before it steals me’

Don’t worry, not all rappers are choro
Just as not all influencers are stupid
I do not sell drügs nor am I in fashion because of some robbery
But being a rapper is freestyling and I rhyme everything

My bad if at 14 while you were fu*king’
I was on my own and at 21 I was living it
My passport looks like a Panini album (why?)
Because it’s full of stamps and stickers, yeah

That’s true, I see it in your publications.’
I am happy with the contract and I also nominated them.’
It’s brutal how you give people feelings
I confess that I am a big fan of all your songs.

That’s a lie, you’re not a fan of mine
“You’re saying that in front of the camera ‘by lucio’
You are faithful fans of gossip
And they wouldn’t have invited me if the mess hadn’t broken out.

That was put together months ago, but brutal, the plan was that
They took the worm on the hook like a fish
And now that I have your attention, it turns out and happens
I came to rap instead of talking so much nonsense, okay? (Come here)

Speaking of which, it’s great that you mentioned it.
What really happened? We want you to tell us
Did they resolve it or was there something left pending?
Was the shooting strategic or conscious?

You were wrong, man, with all due respect
That wasn’t a dump, that’s called a ‘quiet tate’
Zapatero to his shoes, I don’t get into any other waters
And if they get into mine, whoever it is, I hide it

But, finally, is he or is he not a rapper?
What do you think of those lists that some media made?
What do you think about these lists including you?
And what would be your top three best rappers?

Look, except Marlon, Edgar and Aldo Roberto
Almost all my favorite rappers are dead’ (Alright)
Don’t keep asking me, I’m not an expert
I’m just a good student who is honoring his teachers

Okay, since we’re talking about wild rap
The so-and-so legacy you speak of, what is it about?
Because I feel that the beta is fine, but it is missing
What does a good rapper need to break it?

Yeah, yeah, maybe you don’t know the faithful trajectory of my pen
Because I don’t have any songs with Ozuna
But without so much budget, I might still be in a
Without having to resort to fallacy and funa

At the end of serious people who join
Who were born with rap from the cradle, like baseball with Acuña
That they continue to maintain it, working with their nails
And they defend what they think when they hold their pencil

Ten years ago I told you in As Always
Sow, so that you may reap in the next
Fashions pass, but rap will always be present
Because the beat is not only danced, it is also felt (Amen)

The day I’m gone, the songs I made (Amen)
They will remain alive as long as the kids improvise (Amen)
There are many years emerging to the surface
But we have to keep going so they don’t get wasted (Let’s go)

And suck a d!ck, don’t ask me to improvise (Fu*k it)
I have nothing to say, I already said what I wanted (That’s it)
Now give the interview a sensational title
Let no one resist it so that it goes viral, mamagüevos

It’s Akapellah
O.B. g

PODCAST (English Translation) Lyrics Explained

The song “PODCAST (English Translation)” by Akapellah serves as a dialogue between the artist and a host, symbolizing a platform where artists connect with their audience. The opening lines welcome the listeners to this space and express gratitude towards the sponsor, highlighting the interactive nature of modern media through references to ringing the bell and commenting.

The conversation then transitions to introducing the guest, Akapellah, known by his stage name “El Goldo Funky.” This introduction emphasizes his status as a respected and established artist both locally and beyond. The exchange between the host and Akapellah sets a casual and friendly tone, with the artist expressing gratitude for the invitation and acknowledging the flattering introduction.

The dialogue then delves into Akapellah’s personal journey, including his stage name evolution from “Fat Funky” to “Akapellah.” He shares the origin of his name and reflects on his decision to lose weight, emphasizing that his identity as a rapper is not defined by his physical appearance but rather by his lyrical content and artistry.

Akapellah reminisces about his humble beginnings, describing himself as a boy from a neighborhood with strong values and a polite demeanor. Despite his atypical image as a rapper, he emphasizes living a life of integrity and judgment, challenging stereotypes within the hip-hop community.

The conversation touches on societal expectations of rappers and influencers, with Akapellah asserting his authenticity as a rapper who focuses on his craft rather than indulging in controversy or sensationalism. He reflects on his unique experiences and the contrast between his life and those who may have led more conventional teenage years.

As the dialogue progresses, Akapellah addresses rumors and misconceptions about himself, asserting his commitment to his craft and dismissing gossip. He reveals the strategic nature of his appearance on the podcast, using the platform to redirect the conversation back to his music and artistic integrity.

The conversation turns to discussions about the rap industry and Akapellah’s views on fame and recognition. He shares his perspective on media rankings of rappers, emphasizing the importance of honoring the legacy of those who came before him rather than seeking personal accolades.

Akapellah reflects on the essence of true rap and the qualities needed for a rapper to succeed, emphasizing the importance of authenticity, integrity, and dedication to the craft. He rejects the notion of conforming to mainstream trends and emphasizes the enduring presence of rap music despite changing fashions.

The song concludes with a bold declaration from Akapellah, asserting his independence as an artist and his refusal to conform to expectations. He emphasizes the power of his words and the enduring legacy of his music, concluding with a defiant call to action to embrace his message and spread it virally.

In essence, “PODCAST (English Translation)” by Akapellah is a reflection on the artist’s journey, values, and perspective on the rap industry. It serves as a declaration of independence and authenticity, challenging stereotypes and emphasizing the enduring power of rap music to inspire and connect with audiences.

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Who has sung “PODCAST (English Translation)” song?
Akapellah has sung “PODCAST (English Translation)” song.

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Akapellah has written the lyrics of “PODCAST (English Translation)” song.

Who has given the music of “PODCAST (English Translation)” song?
Akapellah has given the music of “PODCAST (English Translation)” song.


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