Portable Door Lyrics – Deep Purple

Portable Door Lyrics by Deep Purple is a brand new English song which is presented here. Portable Door song lyrics are penned down by Deep Purple while its tune is made by Deep Purple.

“Portable Door” by Deep Purple humorously narrates a tale of escaping mundane conversations and undesirable situations through a metaphorical “portable door.” The protagonist, feeling trapped between tedious discussions and family dynamics, finds solace in slipping away unnoticed. Despite attempts to engage or assert themselves, they ultimately resort to fleeing into the welcoming embrace of a pub or any available escape. The song juxtaposes the absurdity of social obligations with the comfort of retreat, emphasizing the desire for autonomy and freedom from societal pressures. Through witty lyrics and lively rhythm, Deep Purple captures the universal urge to evade discomfort and seek refuge elsewhere.

Portable Door Lyrics by Deep Purple

[Verse 1]
When it came to me one day in Jerksville
Man, I was right on the edge
That jacket’s too small for a man of your size
And those socks are too big for your head

My eyes glaze at whatever you say
But I’m listening, do tell me more
It goes under the bridge, right over my head
And out through my portable door

[Verse 2]
I was trapped in a dire situation
Between reason and someone-in-law
The winner takes all and runs off with the ball
Nothing could pleasure me more

Times were, I’d have spoken my piece
For a minute or two held the floor
But I can’t get a word in so here I am hurtling
Right out through my portable door

The jabbering’s hurting my brain cell so bad
For once in my life I am bored
The public house beckons, I follow the call
And slip in through my portable door

[Verse 3]
The unlikely event came upon me
I wasn’t prepared for the shock
Once round my neck and twice round the deck
And the rest disappeared up the block

So here we are and everything’s changed
Faster than ever before
You gotta be joking, man what are you smoking
Blow it out through my portable door

Portable Door Lyrics Explained

[Verse 1]
The protagonist reflects on a moment in “Jerksville,” a figurative place representing an unpleasant or uncomfortable environment. Feeling on edge, they observe someone wearing ill-fitting clothes—a too-small jacket and socks that are too big—which could symbolize the discord or incongruity they perceive in their surroundings. This verse sets the tone of discomfort and dissatisfaction.

The protagonist describes a disconnect between their outward appearance of attentiveness and their internal disengagement. They humorously express their lack of genuine interest in the conversation, likening it to a stream flowing under a bridge and over their head, signifying their inability to fully comprehend or engage with the discourse. The mention of the “portable door” emphasizes their desire to mentally escape from the situation.

[Verse 2]
Here, the protagonist narrates being caught in a challenging or unpleasant situation, possibly involving familial or legal conflicts. They feel trapped between opposing forces, represented by “reason” and “someone-in-law,” suggesting a struggle between logic and familial obligations. Despite the difficulties, the protagonist finds irony in the chaos, suggesting that nothing brings them more satisfaction than navigating through such adversities.

The protagonist reminisces about a time when they could assert themselves and command attention in conversations. However, they now find themselves unable to participate actively, feeling overshadowed by others’ verbosity. The verse humorously describes the mental strain caused by the incessant chatter, prompting the protagonist to seek refuge in a pub, using the “portable door” as a metaphor for escape.

[Verse 3]
Unexpectedly confronted with a bizarre event, the protagonist describes being taken by surprise and feeling unprepared. The imagery of something winding around their neck and disappearing up the block suggests a sudden and disorienting experience, leaving the protagonist bewildered and unsettled.

Reflecting on the rapid changes occurring around them, the protagonist expresses incredulity and amusement at the absurdity of the situation. They question the legitimacy of the events unfolding, humorously suggesting that whatever is causing the change should be exhaled through their “portable door,” emphasizing their inclination to use escapism as a coping mechanism.

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Who has sung “Portable Door” song?
Deep Purple has sung “Portable Door” song.

Who wrote the lyrics of “Portable Door” song?
Deep Purple has written the lyrics of “Portable Door” song.

Who has given the music of “Portable Door” song?
Deep Purple has given the music of “Portable Door” song.


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