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RIVER FLOWS IN YOU Lyrics by Bladee is a brand new English song which is presented here. River Flows In You song lyrics are penned down by Bladee while its tune is made by F1LTHY, Lucian, mochila.

“River Flows in You” by Bladee encapsulates themes of death, loss, and resilience amidst turmoil. The lyrics delve into a sense of coldness and panic, as the narrator grapples with the loss of everything they once had. Despite the hardships, they strive to find solace and purpose, envisioning themselves in imagined places and scenarios. The song explores the struggle to cope with modernity and the fleeting nature of fame, juxtaposed with a longing for connection and recognition. Through introspection and acceptance, the narrator seeks to transcend suffering and embrace fluidity, akin to a river’s constant flow.

RIVER FLOWS IN YOU Lyrics by Bladee

Its cold
I’m operating under panic and I’m trying to master plan it
I lost everything I’m trying to be glad I had it
Im not tryna be sad about it
Took advantage
S*it been getting hard to manage
But I’ma be stuck in glory like rush hour traffic
Burning out rapid like matches
Each piece of clothing matches
In these places I imagined
In the darkness beyond sadness
In a purple coloured mansion
In a ring we spin like saturn
Phantom tryna catch the dragon
I’m the king of nothing matters
In this castle that’s abandoned
Body rotten
It’s the price of being modern
Who said what bout me go call em
GTB we way more awesome
I know they’re gone but not forgotten
One day gracefully departing
One day when I’m just a body
They will act like we were buddies
Suffering more in imagination trying to switch the concentration
Just let go be like water
Im the most famous ex model
Im the boy that sends the bottles
I’m controlling all the markets
I control and I conquer
Do you think of me I wonder?
I’m the one, the one hit wonder
Light awaits outside this tunnel
Towards light through this
River flows in you
Suffering more in imagination

RIVER FLOWS IN YOU Lyrics Explained

The first paragraph reflects on the cold reality of death, perhaps symbolizing a feeling of emptiness or detachment. The narrator describes operating under panic, struggling to come to terms with their circumstances and attempting to devise a plan to navigate through it. Despite having lost everything, they aim to find solace in the memories of what they once had, striving not to dwell in sadness.

In the second paragraph, the narrator reflects on the challenges they face in managing their life, likening their struggles to the chaos of rush hour traffic. They acknowledge the transience of existence, comparing their fleeting moments to matches burning out rapidly. Amidst this turmoil, they find refuge in their imagination, envisioning themselves in surreal places and scenarios.

The third paragraph delves into themes of isolation and detachment. The narrator portrays themselves as a king ruling over a kingdom of insignificance, residing in a deserted castle. They grapple with the consequences of modernity, symbolized by a decaying body, and contemplate their legacy and impact on others.

The final paragraph touches on themes of identity and longing for recognition. The narrator reflects on their past fame, expressing a sense of nostalgia and questioning if they are remembered. They contemplate their place in the world and the possibility of finding light amidst darkness, symbolized by the metaphorical river flowing within them.

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Who has sung “RIVER FLOWS IN YOU” song?
Bladee has sung “RIVER FLOWS IN YOU” song.

Who wrote the lyrics of “RIVER FLOWS IN YOU” song?
Bladee has written the lyrics of “RIVER FLOWS IN YOU” song.

Who has given the music of “RIVER FLOWS IN YOU” song?
Bladee have given the music of “RIVER FLOWS IN YOU” song.


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