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Ronald Lyrics by Falling in Reverse is a brand new English song which is presented here. Ronald song lyrics are penned down by Falling in Reverse while its tune is made by Falling in Reverse.

“Ronald” by Falling in Reverse delves into the disillusionment of adulthood, contrasting the safety of youth with the harsh realities of life. The lyrics explore themes of mortality, inner turmoil, and societal decay, set against a backdrop of personal struggles and societal critiques. It expresses defiance and resilience in the face of adversity, with vivid imagery and raw emotion. The song’s intense and chaotic energy mirrors its dark lyrical content, ultimately challenging conformity and embracing individuality in a world filled with chaos and uncertainty.

Ronald Lyrics by Falling in Reverse

[Verse 1: Ronnie Radke]
Once upon a time, everything was alright
I used to feel safe, not a worry in sight
Then I grew up, quickly realized
The world is a fu*ked up place sometimes
Death is at your door
Reaching in from the other side
It’s time to cut the cord
Hanging on like a parasite, go (Ah)
Hanging on like a parasite
Hanging on like a parasite

[Pre-Chorus: Ronnie Radke]
Don’t hesitate, you’re hanging on for your life
Don’t hesitate, you’re reaching out from the light
Walking on a razor’s edge
My blood runs black, I’m not your friend

[Chorus: Ronnie Radke]
Pull from the depths of the thirty-six chambers, ah
Ah, pull the trigger, give a bullet to a stranger, nice
Ah, pull from the depths of the thirty-six chambers (Hahahaha)
Pull the trigger, give a bullet to a stranger

[Post-Chorus: Ronnie Radke]
I don’t wanna die (Die), but I’m not gonna live
In a place so cold, in a world like this (This)
Crucify me (Me), it’s a blasphemy (-my)
Throw me in the fire, let me burn for eternity (Go, go, go)
Burn for eternity (-y, -y, -y), eternity
I’ll never be the one that’ll ever back down
Never turn around and run
Never, never, never back down

[Verse 2: Ronnie Radke & Tech N9ne]
Deep into the trench of a place unknown
Lies a dead man clutched to the bottom of a throne
At the bottom of a hole that nobody wants to go
It’s the devil that you know that’s gotta hold up on your wicked soul (Damn)
When there summing your mind
And you’re thinking the devil is making the crime
And the people are evil
And never no demon designing the opposite of a divine? No
Yes, the hell is in front of you, side and behind
I can feel every sign of a human decline
I’m believing the time is upon us when all of our people are blind
Yo, red rain, saw it falling from a tower’s dead plane
Head bang, Mandalay Bay Hotel on a lead cane
S*x change could get you caught up in death’s reign
She played sane but really imitating Ed Gein
How did we get this way? Negative s*it to say when we get this way
Having a fit today so they wanna make a b!tch decay
My son’s mom went gone, I was really wrong, I thought I was gone
I vomit so shame for my son but I didn’t go John Muhammad
So the devil’s right here on this level wide tier
That’s ’cause when rebels ready to pop the heavy metal I fear, yeah
Abomination, babing faking, consecration hating, wasting education
Got the killer, wanna kill ’em, gotta chase ’em, go

[Breakdown: Ronnie Radke, Alex Terrible & Both]
Spiraling out of control and deeper down the rabbit hole
Never gonna let them get the most of what they’ll have to write
You’re sick to death, better take me down
I don’t give a fu*k, this is *** (No)
Yeah (Ah)
Never gonna let them get the most of what they’ll have to write
So I don’t give a fu*k, this is ***

Ronald Lyrics Explained

[Verse 1]
In this verse, Ronnie Radke reflects on a time of innocence and security, contrasting it with the harsh realization of adulthood. The imagery of feeling safe and worry-free gives way to the understanding that the world can be cruel and unpredictable. Death is personified as a constant presence, a reminder of life’s fragility. The metaphor of hanging on like a parasite suggests clinging to life despite its challenges and uncertainties.

The pre-chorus emphasizes the urgency of survival and the struggle to find meaning and purpose in a chaotic world. It speaks to the precariousness of life, walking on a razor’s edge between existence and oblivion. Radke expresses a sense of alienation and detachment, symbolized by his blackened blood, rejecting conventional notions of friendship and connection.

The chorus invokes themes of aggression and violence, drawing on imagery of weaponry and confrontation. “Thirty-six chambers” may refer to the Shaolin Temple’s thirty-six stratagems, suggesting strategic action in adversity. The act of pulling the trigger and giving a bullet to a stranger symbolizes a willingness to confront danger and adversity head-on, even at the expense of others.

This section explores existential despair and defiance in the face of suffering. Radke expresses a desire to escape the coldness and harshness of life, even if it means facing eternal damnation. The repetition of “never back down” underscores a refusal to surrender or compromise despite overwhelming odds.

[Verse 2]
Radke and Tech N9ne delve deeper into themes of existential dread and societal decay. Imagery of a dead man at the bottom of a trench symbolizes the depths of despair and moral decay. They confront the darkness within humanity, questioning the nature of evil and the decline of moral values. The verse touches on personal struggles, societal issues, and the pervasiveness of violence and corruption.

The breakdown intensifies the sense of spiraling chaos and defiance against societal norms. Radke and Alex Terrible assert their refusal to conform or be silenced by societal expectations. The repetition of “I don’t give a fu*k” reinforces a sense of rebellion and empowerment in the face of adversity, embracing their authenticity and refusing to be silenced or controlled by external forces.

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