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Roses (Remix) Lyrics by SZA is a brand new English song which is presented here. Roses (Remix) song lyrics are penned down by SZA, Noname while its tune is made by SZA.

The song “Roses” explores themes of love, commitment, and self-worth through introspective lyrics. It describes a relationship where one person resembles someone from the past, but the dynamic is complicated by uncertainty and a lack of commitment. The singer reflects on the fleeting nature of romance and the importance of holding onto one’s identity and self-respect. There’s a sense of longing and introspection throughout the song, as the singer grapples with their feelings and desires. The refrain emphasizes the need to cherish one’s own worth and not give it away too freely, echoing the sentiment of preserving one’s “roses” – a metaphor for personal value and integrity.

Roses (Remix) Lyrics by SZA

Ah-ah-ah-ah ah

Ooh you look like him when the lights is dark
Little funny man cunning with a knife a heart
All the sudden you want to ask it
Running the plate was hot
We in the city where the angels rot
More for me and more lawfully
Adore empty holiness wash away the core
Symptomatic love pettiness galore
All in all I think I love you
All the while you chasing b!tches
Gotta let you fly fly
Gotta catch a flight flight
Spend the night night
I get money now over ice ice
All in all it’s me and Henny
I skinny-dip the Molly too
Do-do-do-do do-do-do
Ooh I look like me when the lights is on
Stay awake fall asleep what the highs is on
Cautionary tale of a flirty lady
Never get confused come on baby baby
Make my n!gga happy I’ve been gone a lot
And he don’t want to be committed
And I don’t want to be offensive
But I don’t want to be committed
This was just ‘posed to last a minute

Hold on tight to your roses baby
They’re not for everyone
Can’t keep giving out roses baby
That makes you everyone
Things I wish my granny said (Ah-ah-ah-ah ah)
(Hold on tight to your roses)
Things I wish my mother said (Ooh-wee-ooh)
(Hold on tight to your roses babe)
Things I wish my sister would’ve said (Ah-ah-ah-ah ah)
(Hold on tight to your roses)
Things I wish somebody would’ve said
To me to me to me to me to me

FAQs & Trivia

Who has sung “Roses (Remix)” song?
SZA has sung “Roses (Remix)” song.

Who wrote the lyrics of “Roses (Remix)” song?
SZA, Noname have written the lyrics of “Roses (Remix)” song.

Who has given the music of “Roses (Remix)” song?
SZA has given the music of “Roses (Remix)” song.


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