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SAD MEAL Lyrics by Bladee is a brand new English song which is presented here. Sad Meal song lyrics are penned down by Bladee while its tune is made by F1LTHY, 100yrd, Brak3.

“Sad Meal” by Bladee delves into the emotional turmoil of existence, painting a picture of perpetual darkness and struggle. The lyrics convey a sense of aimlessness and detachment, with references to loss, change, and the relentless pursuit of fame. Bladee explores themes of numbness and addiction to status, juxtaposed with a longing for deeper connection and meaning. Despite the grim imagery, there’s a hint of resilience as the artist navigates through life’s challenges, finding solace in the familiarity of routine and the embrace of his own flaws. The song captures a complex blend of melancholy and defiance, echoing the chaotic nature of modern existence.

SAD MEAL Lyrics by Bladee

(Wake up, F1LTHY)
Hah, hah, hah (Cold Visions)

[Verse 1]
Feelings that I can’t explain (One)
In an endless dark terrain
Through a tunnel under rain (Bladee)
There’s a way that’s not in vain
Through the sink and down the drain, purple hat and purple cane
Doing magic, David Blaine
Changing faces, changing name
Through the sadness and the pain, hit the gas, accelerate (Skrrt!)
Get the journalist to sign an NDA about our process
Loss and gain and I have gained a lot of losses, like a hill covered in crosses
Tommy Hilfiger the boxers
Lacoste on us, s*it don’t cost us
#Ad, shouts out the sponsors
Brand-new face, shoutout my doctor
Fame has turned us into monsters
I went broke from doing concerts
Out of ten what is the chances? Can I still wear my Balenci’?
SG standing on Delancey
Dirty world, nothing is fancy
Leave you stranded out and canceled
Have you asking for an Advil
Have you signed up for a bad deal?
At McDonald’s, get the Sad Meal

[Verse 2]
Can’t you see I face the challenge? (What?)
Zilli shoes, these not New Balance
D&GS don’t get saddened
Out of you all, I’m the baddest
I’m addicted to my status
Let me tell you what the deal is; honestly, I have no feelings
Life don’t hit so this the remix
Everyone know I’m the realest
Every day is just another Monday morning, every day’s the same
I wake up with my blinds down, golden light of day slipping away
I wake up wanting to go back to sleep but can’t because the rain
Heavy rain falling forever on an everlasting flame
Heavy two-headed axe in a dirty duffel bag
Heavy hammers in the right hand can turn castles into sand
In the rain world, money system seeing how to scam the scam
On the stage going crazy, we’re the new X Japan
I can’t lose, only win, I’m so used to doing bad (Hah)
Please stop talking like you know me, bro, somebody get your mans
All the s*it that I had been through, man, all I could say was “Damn” (Drain Gang)
‘Course I’m running through the city, I do it because I can
Used to be so dirty, drug gang, I did it to collapse
Used to wanna be so up but now you talk to the hand
Used to wanna be so up but now you talk to the hand

SAD MEAL Lyrics Explained

The intro sets the tone with a wake-up call followed by laughter, suggesting a transition from sleep to a state of awareness amid “Cold Visions.”

[Verse 1]
Bladee reflects on a journey through emotional darkness, expressing the inability to articulate feelings in a desolate landscape. Imagery of a tunnel under rain symbolizes perseverance through adversity. The reference to “purple hat and purple cane” suggests a surreal, perhaps magical, journey. Amidst sadness and pain, the desire to accelerate away from negativity is evident. The mention of signing an NDA hints at protecting the creative process, while the references to brands and sponsors underscore the commodification of identity. Despite fame, there’s a sense of alienation and loss, exemplified by financial struggles and questioning one’s chances. The mention of McDonald’s and the “Sad Meal” signifies a metaphorical descent into despair amidst mundane existence.

[Verse 2]
Bladee confronts challenges and asserts dominance, juxtaposing luxury brands with emotional detachment. He confesses to a lack of genuine feelings, suggesting a disconnect from reality. The repetition of mundane days underscores a sense of monotony, exacerbated by the metaphor of rain falling perpetually on an “everlasting flame.” The imagery of heavy weapons and scams reflects a harsh reality where power and deceit reign. Despite this, Bladee embraces chaos, likening himself to the band X Japan, known for their intense performances. He asserts resilience, refusing to be defined by past struggles and embracing a newfound sense of agency. The verse concludes with a rejection of past desires for success, signaling a shift towards self-acceptance and empowerment.

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Who has sung “SAD MEAL” song?
Bladee has sung “SAD MEAL” song.

Who wrote the lyrics of “SAD MEAL” song?
Bladee has written the lyrics of “SAD MEAL” song.

Who has given the music of “SAD MEAL” song?
Bladee have given the music of “SAD MEAL” song.


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