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Scoom Da City Lyrics by Lil Scoom, MAF Teeski is a brand new English song which is presented here. Scoom Da City song lyrics are penned down by Lil Scoom, MAF Teeski while its tune is made by Lil Scoom, MAF Teeski.

“Scoom Da City” by Lil Scoom and MAF Teeski is a gritty depiction of urban life, filled with vivid imagery of fast rides, firearms, and street confrontations. The lyrics boast of riding fast, equipped with heavy artillery, and navigating through dangerous situations. Themes of loyalty to one’s crew and seeking revenge on enemies permeate the song, alongside references to material wealth and the adrenaline rush of street life. The relentless energy and raw intensity of the track encapsulate the realities of life in the city for these artists.

Scoom Da City Lyrics by Lil Scoom

[Intro: Lil Scoom]
Grr, come here
(Yo, Fox, why you so godly, cuz?)

[Verse 1: Lil Scoom]
I’m out in traffic riding fast, big-ass nickel on me
This b!tch a thot, fu*k with the opps, can’t let her get up on me
Straight-eight, we hit the gas, we riding too fast, pray to God we don’t kiss the curve
Thick b!tch, she looking bad, she with her friends tryna see what’s to my homies
Me and Slick jumped out with Drac’ and switch, brr, hit his s*it
Yeah, he died, they caught him by surprise, he should’ve never dropped a diss
Get his b!tch, she looking at me hard, I think she want some d!ck
Fresh up on them hits, jump out in Rick, gon’ shoot ’til this b!tch click
[Verse 2: MAF Teeski]
Yeah, you can’t pop out with the gang, your g*n hold less than fifty
Any time I popped out on a drill, you know my g*n got emptied
Thirty on wrist and in my mouth, that’s a cool sixty
Shake the haters off, they only mad just ’cause I’m rich and litty
Yeah, the new 392, nah, this ain’t no Hemi
Pull up dumping Draco rounds, three got hit, but the rest got itchy
Paid his own man just to backdoor his ass, this s*it got sticky
Know we all as one, me plus lil’ bro equal Scoom the city

[Verse 3: Lil Scoom]
Yeah, Scoom the city
They jumped out on him, they did his ass like Ricky
Draco on my lap, Slick call my phone, hold on, I’m in the bity
Brand new Glock, this b!tch came with a box, might as well just stuff a titty
Bronem get on point, tryna slime something out ’cause lil’ bro acting iffy
Jump out blowing, Slick get on my side, okay, we finna get him
Belt to ass, he thought he was Swazz, this switchy bound to get him
Lil’ bro drench him, we got up and blitzed him, hot s*it in his system
I ain’t gon’ say no names, talking ’bout, “Last laugh,” I catch him, I’m gon’ kill him

[Verse 4: MAF Teeski]
Send my dogs to get him, if we catch an opp, then kill him
We’ll pull up jumping out the Veno or dumping out the rental
Chase him in the dark just like boogie man, I’m tryna get him
Ten-ninety a pair, my whole closet filled with Amiri denim
Book me for a show, watch me walk in that b!tch with all my members
If we into with you, I’m tryna knock you off and all your n!ggas
We was blowing a ten, fin and chop, he don’t know what hit him
My big brother on his way to a bag, I told him, “I’m coming with you”

[Verse 5: Lil Scoom]
Bro got lo’ on an opp, want me to chill, but, s*it, I’m coming with him
Lying to all these bops like he be sliding, lil’ boy, he’s not a killer
Blowing triggers, everybody clutching a pipe, ayy, bro, get on them n!ggas
He got a Glock, but I got a button on my mine, stop playing, this b!tch shoot quicker
Bad hoes, I like ’em Kandi type, but mostly short and thick
New Glock, I don’t want the standard kit, big bro, throw me the stick
Swap the switch, man, Slick want 5.56s, some s*it that leave you drenched
Bend right out of the car, we gotta get close, make sure that we don’t miss

Scoom Da City Lyrics Explained

[Intro: Lil Scoom]

The introductory lines of “Scoom Da City” by Lil Scoom set the stage for the intense narrative that follows. With a guttural exclamation, Lil Scoom demands attention, suggesting urgency and imminent action. The inclusion of a rhetorical question directed at someone named Fox adds a layer of intrigue, hinting at the dynamic relationships and power dynamics within their social circle. This brief yet impactful introduction primes the listener for the gritty depiction of urban life and street culture that unfolds throughout the song.

[Verse 1: Lil Scoom]

In the first verse, Lil Scoom dives headfirst into a vivid portrayal of the dangers and adrenaline-fueled experiences of life on the streets. He describes navigating through traffic at breakneck speeds, armed and vigilant against potential threats. The mention of a “big-ass nickel” alludes to carrying a large-caliber handg*n, a symbol of both protection and aggression in the context of the song’s narrative. Lil Scoom’s reference to a female acquaintance as a “thot” and his wariness of her affiliations with rival groups underscore the complex interpersonal dynamics and trust issues prevalent in his environment. The verse culminates in a chilling recounting of a violent altercation, showcasing Lil Scoom’s readiness to defend himself and his crew at any cost.

[Verse 2: MAF Teeski]

MAF Teeski takes the spotlight in the second verse, boasting of his firepower and material wealth while asserting dominance over his rivals. He flaunts his extravagant lifestyle, emphasizing the envy and resentment it incites in others. Teeski’s casual reference to engaging in violent confrontations underscores the normalization of conflict and aggression in his world. Despite the danger and potential consequences, he remains unapologetic and steadfast in his loyalty to his crew, highlighting the warped sense of honor and loyalty that governs his actions.

[Verse 3: Lil Scoom]

Lil Scoom returns with another gripping narrative in the third verse, further cementing his reputation as a formidable figure in the city’s underworld. He recounts a harrowing encounter where he and his crew faced off against adversaries, displaying tactical prowess and lethal efficiency. The mention of specific weapons and tactics adds authenticity to the storytelling, immersing the listener in the gritty reality of street warfare. Lil Scoom’s unwavering commitment to his crew and their collective identity as guardians of their territory shines through, reinforcing the themes of loyalty and camaraderie prevalent throughout the song.

[Verse 4: MAF Teeski]

In the fourth verse, MAF Teeski continues to glorify violence and aggression as means of asserting dominance and securing his status within the hierarchy of the streets. He proudly boasts of his crew’s readiness to eliminate any threats to their power and territory, showcasing a chilling disregard for human life in pursuit of their goals. Teeski’s swaggering confidence and braggadocious demeanor serve as a stark reminder of the harsh realities and moral ambiguity inherent in their world.

[Verse 5: Lil Scoom]

The final verse sees Lil Scoom reaffirming his loyalty to his brother and his crew, emphasizing their unbreakable bond and shared commitment to their collective goals. He paints himself as a fearless and relentless force, unafraid to confront danger head-on and willing to do whatever it takes to protect his own. The mention of specific weapons and tactics adds a sense of urgency and intensity to the narrative, further immersing the listener in the gritty world depicted in the song. Lil Scoom’s unapologetic embrace of violence and aggression serves as a sobering reminder of the harsh realities and moral complexities of life in the streets.

FAQs & Trivia

Who has sung “Scoom Da City” song?
Lil Scoom, MAF Teeski have sung “Scoom Da City” song.

Who wrote the lyrics of “Scoom Da City” song?
Lil Scoom, MAF Teeski have written the lyrics of “Scoom Da City” song.

Who has given the music of “Scoom Da City” song?
Lil Scoom, MAF Teeski have given the music of “Scoom Da City” song.


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