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SORRY 가사 Lyrics by BE’O is Korean song which is presented here. Sorry 가사 song lyrics are penned down by BE’O while its tune is made by BE’O.

“SORRY 가사” by BE’O reflects on remorse and longing in the aftermath of a relationship’s demise. The narrator acknowledges their mistakes and the damage caused, yet pleads for understanding and a chance to express themselves further. Despite the breakup being inevitable, they still hold onto love and desire to reconcile, even if temporarily. The lyrics convey a struggle with lingering feelings, resentment, and a desire for forgiveness, highlighting the complexity of emotions involved in letting go. The repeated plea for another chance and promises to do better underscore the internal conflict between regret and hope. Ultimately, the song captures the rawness and sincerity of post-breakup emotions.

SORRY 가사 Lyrics by BE’O

I know my mistake
우리의 관계를
내가 다 망쳐놨으니
근데 잠시만
멈춰봐 아직 할 말이 많아

Hey baby
You love me
아직 사랑하긴 하잖아
맞아 헤어짐이
원래는 맞겠지
근데 우린 조금 다르니까
하루만 만나볼래 더
괜찮아지진 않지만
내가 웃겨줄게 my love
가끔 떠오르겠지만
뻔뻔히 잡아볼게 더
미친놈 같긴 하지만
너 아니면 안 돼 my love
이건 거짓말 아니야

잊어도 잊어도 난
계속 남아있겠지 미련
넌 그런 내가 또 미워져도
나를 안 떠날 거지? 그치?
죽이고 싶지만 사랑하잖아
꺼지라며 계속 바라보잖아
나는 너를 알아 아마
나는 나쁜 놈이 맞아
때리고 욕을 해
화내고 부수고 다 해도 되니까
날 보며 울지만 말아
다른 건 아파서 참아도
그 아픔은 나를 계속 죽이게 해
죽게 해
울게 해
숨게 해

내가 더 잘할게 말고
안 아프게 할게란 약속이
너를 더 아프게 만들지만
일단은 닦자 너 손에 피 나
지나고 보면 다
잊혀질 것 같은데
그건 내 생각인가
My love

하루만 만나볼래 더
괜찮아지진 않지만
내가 웃겨줄게 my love
가끔 떠오르겠지만
뻔뻔히 잡아볼게 더
미친놈 같긴 하지만
너 아니면 안 돼 my love
이건 거짓말 아니야

SORRY 가사 Lyrics Explained

The first paragraph expresses the speaker’s awareness of their own mistakes in damaging the relationship. They acknowledge responsibility and express a willingness to understand the consequences, but also request a moment to articulate their thoughts further.

In the second paragraph, the speaker addresses their partner, affirming that despite the breakup, there are remnants of love between them. They acknowledge the inevitability of parting ways but imply that their relationship had unique nuances that make it different from others.

Moving on to the third paragraph, the speaker requests another chance to meet, admitting that things may not immediately improve but promises to bring laughter and joy into the relationship once again. Despite acknowledging their own craziness, they assert that without their partner, love is impossible, emphasizing the sincerity of their feelings.

The fourth paragraph delves into the speaker’s internal turmoil. Despite their desire to move on, they admit to clinging onto lingering feelings and resentments. They express a mix of conflicting emotions, including love, anger, and a sense of inevitability about their continued attachment.

In the final paragraph, the speaker offers a paradoxical promise to their partner: to try not to hurt them further while acknowledging that this very promise might inflict more pain. They express a desire to heal and move forward, hoping that time will eventually ease the pain and allow them to forget, even though they question whether that’s truly possible.

FAQs & Trivia

Who has sung “SORRY 가사” song?
BE’O has sung “SORRY 가사” song.

Who wrote the lyrics of “SORRY 가사” song?
BE’O has written the lyrics of “SORRY 가사” song.

Who has given the music of “SORRY 가사” song?
BE’O has given the music of “SORRY 가사” song.


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