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Sweet Thang Lyrics by Childish Gambino is a brand new English song which is presented here. Sweet Thang song lyrics are penned down by Childish Gambino while its tune is made by Childish Gambino.

“Sweet Thang” by Childish Gambino portrays a bittersweet tale of love and self-reflection. The narrator expresses admiration for their partner’s sweetness and gestures of affection, despite feeling unworthy at times. The song oscillates between gratitude and self-doubt, with the narrator acknowledging their flaws while being grateful for the love they receive. It captures the complexities of relationships, blending heartfelt appreciation with moments of introspection and vulnerability. Ultimately, it’s a tender acknowledgment of love’s transformative power and the beauty found in imperfection.

Sweet Thang Lyrics by Childish Gambino

[Chorus: Childish Gambino]
Sweet thing
You moved to Southern California, sweet thing
You do just what your daddy told you, sweet thing
You’re watching Parks and Rec alone, sweet thing
You sweet thing
Sweet thing
You’ll end up being someone better, sweet thing
But I can only be myself, sweet thing
You’ll still believe in fairytales, sweet thing
You sweet thing

[Verse: Childish Gambino]
You take me to the fair
But I don’t really care
You wouldn’t change a hair
Sometimes I wonder why you love me
But you love me
I always make you cry
No matter how I try
Sometimes I wonder why
Why would you ever want to love me?
Must you love me? Oh

[Chorus: Childish Gambino]
Sweet thing
You made me chicken, rice, and beans, sweet thing
You’re just as sweet as you can be, sweet thing (Oh, yeah)
If you wanna be happy, don’t look at my phone, sweet thing
My sweet thing (Sweet thing)
Sweet thing
Your friend is always acting stank, sweet thing
You wanna hold me, but you can’t, sweet thing
You always eating off my food, sweet thing
My sweet thing

[Bridge: Childish Gambino & Summer Walker]
Ain’t got no pictures on my feed
Gucci jacket smell like weed, ooh
Rubbing my head while we’re both sleeping
Feel like I’m cheating on myself
But it feels so good
I wanna tell you something
Something I’ve never said before
I just wanna say

[Outro: Childish Gambino, Summer Walker, Childish Gambino & Summer Walker]
Thank you (Oh, yeah)
‘Cause I love you, mmh, mmh (Love)
I wanna say thank you
Yeah, I can’t, yeah
‘Cause I love you, ooh, yeah (Love, love, love, love, love)
Yeah, yeah (You)
I said thank you
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
‘Cause I really love you, yeah (Thank you), ah (I really love you baby)
I said thank you
Thank you for showing me what love can be (If I only, if I love)
Thank you
Your love is a mountain
I admire
I admire, I admire
Oh, I said thank you
And I love you, yes, I do
And I love you, yes, I do
I said thank you (Woo)
Thank you for children
Thank you for your love
I said thank you
I admire, I admire
I just wanna say it, I had mine sad (Thank you)
I cannot find, I cannot find, losing my mind
Losing my mind
Oh, oh no no
Oh oh oh
Ooh ooh ooh
Ahh, ahh
Oh oh oh
Ooh ooh ooh
Ahh, ahh
Oh oh oh
Ooh ooh ooh
Ahh, ahh
Oh oh oh
Ooh ooh ooh
Ahh, ahh

Sweet Thang Lyrics Explained

The chorus depicts a sense of endearment and observation towards the subject, referred to as “sweet thing.” The repetition of “sweet thing” emphasizes affection and familiarity. It reflects on the subject’s actions, such as relocating to Southern California, following parental advice, and indulging in solitary activities like watching “Parks and Rec.” Despite potential for growth and belief in fairytales, there’s an acknowledgment of personal limitations in the narrator’s ability to reciprocate or change, creating a contrast between the subject’s optimism and the narrator’s self-awareness.

In this verse, the narrator acknowledges the efforts of their partner, who takes them to the fair and remains unchanged despite the narrator’s indifference. There’s a sense of perplexity about why their partner loves them despite their tendency to cause tears and emotional distress. The questions posed reflect the narrator’s insecurity and disbelief in their own worthiness of love, contrasting with their partner’s steadfast affection.

Continuing the theme of endearment, this chorus highlights various aspects of the relationship, from culinary gestures to affectionate behaviors. Despite minor irritations like friends’ behavior and physical barriers to intimacy, the narrator still affectionately refers to their partner as “sweet thing.” It portrays a blend of appreciation for the partner’s sweetness and frustration with certain aspects of the relationship, yet underlying affection remains evident.

The bridge introduces a moment of vulnerability and conflict within the relationship. The absence of social media validation (“Ain’t got no pictures on my feed”) and the juxtaposition of luxury (“Gucci jacket smell like weed”) with intimacy (“Rubbing my head while we’re both sleeping”) hint at internal struggles. The narrator feels conflicted, as indulging in intimacy feels like betraying oneself, yet it’s also deeply satisfying, prompting a desire for honesty and revelation.

The outro serves as a culmination of gratitude and affection. “Thank you” is repeatedly expressed, signifying appreciation for the love received. Despite uncertainties and personal struggles, the narrator affirms their love and admiration. There’s acknowledgment of the transformative power of love, expressed metaphorically as a mountain to be admired. The outro encapsulates a heartfelt acknowledgment of the partner’s influence, the value of love, and a sense of wonderment amidst personal challenges, ultimately reaffirming the depth of affection and gratitude.

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Who has sung “Sweet Thang” song?
Childish Gambino has sung “Sweet Thang” song.

Who wrote the lyrics of “Sweet Thang” song?
Childish Gambino has written the lyrics of “Sweet Thang” song.

Who has given the music of “Sweet Thang” song?
Childish Gambino has given the music of “Sweet Thang” song.


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