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T10 Lyrics (English Translation) by Silent Bob is Italian song which is presented here. T10 song lyrics are penned down by Silent Bob while its tune is made by Silent Bob.

“T10” by Silent Bob explores the artist’s journey and reflections on life’s complexities. Silent Bob reflects on his past struggles and contrasts them with his current success, illustrating themes of resilience and growth. He delves into societal pressures, materialism, and the betrayals he’s experienced. Despite the challenges, he asserts his determination to succeed and the importance of staying true to oneself. The song blends personal anecdotes with social commentary, underscored by a candid delivery and introspective lyrics.

T10 (English Translation) Lyrics by Silent Bob


[Verse 1: Silent Bob]
Never been in the Top 10, never been in a band
The major hopes that at least this year I will follow the trends
But I have a belly and I rap, I ride in a Benz
I feel like Jake the Fury in 2003 (Ah)
I was shooting whoppers for six hundred a month and by the way
And to think that now in August I fall asleep inside a cottage
The first thing you look at in a man is his wallet
I don’t love it, I don’t trust it, I put on the Durex, I take off the Rolex
I divide the cake into equal parts among each of my peers
My friend gets fat with me, lives on the edge
DrÞgs claim victims, it’s horrible that they walk along these very cold streets
Death is the most accessible business
Insensitive to money, it’s the only one that gives me that thrill
My nose is infallible because it has a double base purpose
First I trained the physique
Then I converted the pain into a physical format
It can also give you a bruise

[Chorus: Silent Bob & Jake the Fury]
I keep my mouth shut, eyes talk (Oh)
How many have used me, I don’t count them anymore (Oh)
I will not forgive you, time passes and I do not forget
They find behind my back and the eyes speak (Oh)
At the table a Judas, in bed a Mona Lisa
They left me with crumbs, I made it halfway
Whoever eats alone chokes (Ah, Jake)

[Verse 2: Jake The Fury]
Pallets of material as big as [kettles?], yeah
Silicone in the titties, done on a Serie 7 (Ah)
Under a speed camera (Seh), it seems they take photos of Vettel
G, but for real, I make the euros, hasta la muerte (Ah)
Bro, to write two lines (Seh) I have to write two lines
Take caps and bulletproof, I won’t kill you with two rhymes (Ahah)
With seven of these girls, yeah
And a white mountain like in seven years in Tibet (Ah)
Down seven grams and that’s it
Bro, when I was little people got punctured in the street
The signs had holes in them and my mother didn’t educate me
And on TV there was Drive In (Seh)
On my head I only had a Kings hat (Ah) and the Medellín sign
This music made me steal from the rich to give to me
Money turns me into devil like Devilman
I speed up the race (Ah), I have the iron in the bag (Seh)
Because life is short (Ah), because life costs (Uh)

[Chorus: Silent Bob]
I keep my mouth shut, eyes talk (Oh)
How many have used me, I don’t count them anymore (Oh)
I will not forgive you, time passes and I do not forget
They find behind my back and the eyes speak (Oh)
At the table a Judas, in bed a Mona Lisa
They left me with crumbs, I made it halfway
Anyone who eats alone chokes

T10 (English Translation) Lyrics Explained

In the first verse, Silent Bob reflects on his journey, expressing his experience of never quite reaching the “Top 10” or being part of a successful band. He juxtaposes societal expectations with his reality, acknowledging his physique and passion for rap, symbolized by his reference to riding in a Benz. The mention of “Jake the Fury in 2003” likely alludes to a personal or cultural reference, evoking a sense of nostalgia or comparison to a past figure or moment in time.

He contrasts his past struggles, such as working low-paying jobs (“shooting whoppers for six hundred a month”) with his current situation of being able to afford a comfortable lifestyle, as indicated by falling asleep in a cottage. Silent Bob critiques society’s emphasis on materialism, suggesting that people judge others primarily by their wealth (“The first thing you look at in a man is his wallet”). Despite his success, he remains wary of superficiality, symbolized by putting on a condom (“Durex”) and taking off a luxury watch (“Rolex”).

Silent Bob emphasizes his commitment to fairness and loyalty by metaphorically dividing the “cake” (representing success or wealth) equally among his peers. He acknowledges the dangers of drug use (“DrÞgs claim victims”) and the harsh realities of life, where death is portrayed as a common and accessible business. Despite these challenges, he finds purpose and strength in transforming pain into art, using his experiences to create meaningful music.

The chorus, featuring Silent Bob and Jake the Fury, highlights themes of betrayal and resilience. Silent Bob stresses the importance of observing actions rather than words, implying that past betrayals have made him more guarded and perceptive. He refuses to forget the pain caused by betrayal, suggesting a sense of caution and self-preservation. The reference to Judas and Mona Lisa symbolizes deception and hidden motives, reinforcing the idea of being cautious of those who may betray trust.

In Jake the Fury’s verse, he continues the theme of materialism, referencing large amounts of wealth and cosmetic surgery (“Silicone in the titties”). He juxtaposes this with memories of a simpler upbringing, where signs had holes and education was lacking. Despite his success, he reflects on the influence of music in shaping his values and identity, suggesting a desire to give back and rebel against societal norms. The verse also touches on the fleeting nature of life and the cost of success, emphasizing the importance of seizing opportunities and confronting challenges head-on.

Overall, the song “T10” by Silent Bob delves into themes of personal growth, resilience, and the complexities of navigating societal expectations and betrayal. Through candid storytelling and introspective lyrics, the artists explore their journeys, acknowledging past struggles while asserting their determination to succeed on their own terms.

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Who has sung “T10 (English Translation)” song?
Silent Bob has sung “T10 (English Translation)” song.

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Silent Bob has written the lyrics of “T10 (English Translation)” song.

Who has given the music of “T10 (English Translation)” song?
Silent Bob has given the music of “T10 (English Translation)” song.


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