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The Greatest Lyrics by Key Glock is a brand new English song which is presented here. The Greatest song lyrics are penned down by Key Glock while its tune is made by Key Glock.

“The Greatest” by Key Glock is a boastful anthem where he proudly claims his status as the best, embracing his success and wealth. He flaunts his riches, likening himself to Kobe Bryant and boasting about his expensive lifestyle. Glock reflects on his journey to the top, acknowledging those who doubted him. With references to his roots and connections, he celebrates his achievements while staying true to his gritty, street-oriented style. The song exudes confidence and resilience, embodying Glock’s rise to prominence.

The Greatest Lyrics by Key Glock

South Memphis finest

Yuh, they call me Glock and the G stand for “Greatest” (Yuh)
Married to money, told her, that I’m taken (Yuh)
Cutthroat the Gang, better yet, we the Navy (Yuh, yuh, yuh, yeah)
And B!tch, Im that N!gga, “Let the BandPlay”
It ain’t no debating (YEAH!)
Fu*k it, I might bulletproof the Mercedes (Fu*k it)
Yeah, I’m playing with this paper (Yuh, yuh)
I’m balling like Kobe, these n!ggas can’t hoe me, (Hoe me)
Yeah, I might put up 81
Everybody know me, it’s M.O.B (Yuh)
Yeah, until im eighty-one
Yeah, b!tch, I’m that n!gga a made one
Black diamonds on my Jacob, Akon (Yeah!)
Bring it to your door like avron
High as hell, might hit you with a Wraith gun (Fire, fire)
Where I’m from, you ain’t got it, then take some
Yeah, smoking on Za, no fake runtz (Fake runtz)
Where I’m from, you ain’t got it, then take some (Yup)
Im smoking on Za, no dead opps (No dead opps)
I ran that money up, no elevator or no stairs (Phew, phew, phew)
Got a bad b!tch to my left (My left)
I can do bad by myself (Myself)
Nine letters, you know what I rep, (I rep)
Cutthroat, front team, we stealth, (We stealth)
Cutthroat, Golden State, Im Steph (I’m Steph)
Nah, better yet, I’m Steve Kerr (Steve Kerr)
Glizock, that n!gga, yessir (Yessir)
Run up on me, double dare (I dare you)
Heart cold as a polar bear (Phew, phew)
And I’m hotter than a fu*king desert (Hot, hot)
I spend twenty thousand on some fur (Fur)
Then spend thirty thousand on some leather, yeah
Say they bulls*it for the birks, (Brrt)
B!tch, I’m on a whole ‘nother level, yeah
Say they bulls*it for the birks, (Brrt)
B!tch, I’m in a whole ‘nother lane (Skrrt, fire) (Band)
Got rich, s*it start to change (Change)
Got rich, s*it went levels (Went levels, yeah)
And before you get a M, what?
You know, you gotta’ take a L (Yuh)
These n!ggas pu*sy, that’ what I smell, (Smell)
These n!ggas pu*sy, these n!ggas hoes (Hoes)
I be hanging with some n!ggas
They cut throats and wipe nose, (Nose, yeh, woah, woah)
Ey, they call me Glock and the G stand for “Greatest” (Fa, fa)
Look at your son, yeah, mama we made it (We made it, yuh)
They didn’t believed in me, just like the Lakers
Related to Dolph, plugged in with the flavors (Flavors)
Big Rocks in my ears, that s*it look like craters (Yuh)
Young n!gga blessed, shout ot my Creator
I broke thru’ the Chart, she calling me Satan (On God)

Yuh, nah, for real I mean, five real yeh, yeh

The Greatest Lyrics Explained

The introductory lines, “Band South Memphis finest,” encapsulate Key Glock’s affiliation with the Cutthroat Gang, a prominent group representing the pinnacle of talent from South Memphis. “Band” could be a colloquial term for “family” or “crew,” indicating a tight-knit group of individuals united in their pursuit of success. This line sets the tone for the rest of the song, establishing Key Glock’s roots and the community from which he hails. South Memphis has a reputation for producing influential figures in hip-hop, and by aligning himself with its finest, Key Glock positions himself within this legacy, suggesting that he is among the elite artists to emerge from the area.

Key Glock’s verse brims with confidence and bravado, as he asserts his dominance in the rap game and celebrates his success. The opening line, “Yuh, they call me Glock and the G stand for ‘Greatest’,” immediately establishes his self-assuredness, playing on his stage name to declare himself the best. He compares his relationship with money to a marriage, emphasizing his dedication to accumulating wealth and financial success. By referencing “Cutthroat the Gang,” he not only reinforces his allegiance to his crew but also hints at their reputation for ruthlessness and determination. The line “And B!tch, Im that N!gga, ‘Let the BandPlay'” further solidifies his confidence, with “Band” likely referring to his crew and their ability to back him up. He dismisses any doubters with the emphatic declaration, “It ain’t no debating (YEAH!),” leaving no room for discussion about his status.

Key Glock continues to flex his wealth and status throughout the verse, contemplating bulletproofing his Mercedes and boasting about his lavish lifestyle. References to Kobe Bryant’s 81-point game and expensive jewelry underscore his success and opulence. Despite his newfound wealth, he remains grounded, acknowledging his roots and the tough environment he came from. The lines “Where I’m from, you ain’t got it, then take some” speak to the hustle and survival mentality ingrained in him from his upbringing. He also showcases his loyalty to his crew, emphasizing their unity and readiness to defend themselves against any threats. Throughout the verse, Key Glock exudes resilience, resourcefulness, and an unwavering determination to succeed against all odds.

In the outro, Key Glock maintains his authenticity, emphasizing his genuine identity and experiences. The repetition of “Yuh, nah, for real I mean, five real yeh, yeh” reinforces his sincerity, suggesting that everything he has expressed in the song comes from a place of truth. By stating “five real,” he implies that his words are not only genuine but also deeply meaningful. This outro serves as a final affirmation of Key Glock’s authenticity and credibility as an artist.

FAQs & Trivia

Who has sung “The Greatest” song?
Key Glock has sung “The Greatest” song.

Who wrote the lyrics of “The Greatest” song?
Key Glock has written the lyrics of “The Greatest” song.

Who has given the music of “The Greatest” song?
Key Glock has given the music of “The Greatest” song.


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