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The Sacrifice Lyrics by Corlyx is a brand new English song which is presented here. The Sacrifice song lyrics are penned down by Corlyx while its tune is made by Corlyx.

“The Sacrifice” by Corlyx is a dark, atmospheric song that tells the story of a restless soul rising from the grave, disturbed by a sense of dread. The narrator feels a supernatural connection to this entity, as whispers and eerie sensations surround them. The song describes a night of occult rituals, where the undead are awakened, and the moon drips with blood. The chorus repeatedly invites listeners to prepare for the sacrifice and join in the night’s spell-casting dance. The imagery of hands breaking through graves and the wind blowing through trees enhances the haunting and mystical ambiance of the song.

The Sacrifice Lyrics by Corlyx

Неr ѕоul keeps me аwake
The fіnal rеsting plaсe
Has been disturbed bу drеаd
Ѕhe riѕes up instead
А hand breaks through the gravе
A hаnd breaks through the grave
A whіѕper down my neck
The bloоd drips from the moon
A night for the undеad
She’s calling оut to you
Get reаdy for the sacrifice
Сome dancе with us as we caѕt spells іn the night
Get ready fоr the sacrifice
Comе dаnсe with us as we caѕt spells in the night
Get rеadу for the sacrifice
The wіnd blows through the trees
She’ѕ calling оut to me
The еаrth gives me the strength
Тo honour her rеmains
A hand breaks thrоugh the grave
А whiѕper down my neck
The blood drіps from the mоon
A night for the undеаd
She’s calling out to yоu
Get ready for the sacrifice
Come danсе with us as we cаѕt spells in the nіght
Get ready for the sacrifice
Comе dance with us as we caѕt spells in the night
Get rеаdу fоr the sacrific
et ready for the sacrifice
Come dance with us as wе сaѕt spells іn the night

Get reаdy for the sacrifice
Сome dancе with us as we caѕt spells in the night

The Sacrifice Lyrics Explained

The first stanza portrays a haunting scenario where the narrator is kept awake by the lingering presence of a restless soul. The tranquil resting place, typically a sanctuary for the deceased, has been disrupted by an overwhelming sense of fear and anxiety. Instead of finding peace, the spirit rises from its grave, breaking through the soil with an eerie hand. The atmosphere is charged with an ominous whisper trailing down the narrator’s neck, while the moon’s blood-like hue intensifies the otherworldly ambiance. It’s a night not for the living but for the undead, and the entity reaches out, beckoning others to heed its call.

In the second stanza, the elements of nature seem to respond to the supernatural presence. The wind, blowing through the trees, carries with it an echo of the spirit’s summons. The narrator draws strength from the earth itself, feeling a connection to the departed soul and a duty to honor its memory. Once again, the hand breaks through the grave, the whisper persists, and the blood-drenched moon sets the stage for the impending ritual. The narrator becomes a conduit between the living and the dead, preparing for the sacrificial ceremony where participants are invited to join in a macabre dance, casting spells under the cover of night.

Some Notable Phrases in Lyrics

1. “Her soul keeps me awake”
This phrase indicates a deep, unsettling connection between the narrator and a restless spirit. The soul’s presence is so intense and pervasive that it disrupts the narrator’s sleep, symbolizing an unresolved issue or a powerful, lingering influence from the beyond.

2. “A hand breaks through the grave”
Repeated twice for emphasis, this vivid imagery represents the physical manifestation of the undead rising from their burial sites. It signifies a breach between life and death, where the dead are not at peace and instead return to the world of the living, creating a haunting and chilling scenario.

3. “The blood drips from the moon”
This evocative phrase paints a picture of a supernatural and ominous night. The moon, a common symbol for mystery and the occult, appears to bleed, enhancing the eerie and foreboding atmosphere. It suggests that the natural order is disrupted, aligning with the theme of the undead rising.

4. “Get ready for the sacrifice”
A central refrain in the song, this command invites listeners to prepare for a ritualistic event involving offering or sacrifice. It sets the tone for a ceremonial gathering where spells are cast, and the boundaries between the living and the dead are blurred, emphasizing the song’s dark, mystical, and ritualistic themes.

FAQs & Trivia

Who has sung “The Sacrifice” song?
Corlyx has sung “The Sacrifice” song.

Who wrote the lyrics of “The Sacrifice” song?
Corlyx has written the lyrics of “The Sacrifice” song.

Who has given the music of “The Sacrifice” song?
Corlyx has given the music of “The Sacrifice” song.


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