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Together Lyrics by Chance the Rapper is a brand new English song which is presented here. Together song lyrics are penned down by Chance the Rapper, DJ Premier, Common, Bilal while its tune is made by DJ Premier.

Chance the Rapper’s “Together” celebrates family bonds and community solidarity. Reflecting on shared memories and struggles, Chance emphasizes the importance of unity, especially in tough times. The song portrays moments of familial love and support, from gatherings and meals to playful interactions. Chance urges collective action and empowerment, stressing the need to uplift each other beyond occasional reunions. With a blend of nostalgia and social commentary, “Together” champions resilience and togetherness in the face of adversity, echoing the essence of real hip-hop from the soul.

Together Lyrics by Chance the Rapper

[Verse 1: Chance The Rapper]
If you keep the house in the family
You can keep the family in the house
If you on the run, you got family in the South
We used to watch “Annie, Are You Okay?” on the couch
My cousin used to slam me ’til I punched him in the mouth
My aunty used to cook for twenty people every week
My uncle in the basement, even if they never speak
He come up, grab a beer, some time he kiss her on the cheek
Know how to fix a plate, and fix a bike and fix a leak
Fried catfish, bootleg Madea plays
Nosy aunty, like “Let me see your grades”
Smart aunty, like “I could tutor him”
Crazy aunty, like “If they fail him, I’ma shoot at them”
Small donations under false names and pseudonyms
Family pots for school clothes
Get the uniform, not the cool clothes
Having no drip like the pool closed
Least I had a jacket, some of the kids at the school froze
If you not in the building, it’s getting bulldozed
Gotta keep the crib, man
Gotta keep a spot for all the lil’ cousins to live in
Gotta keep a spot in case somebody get sick
‘Cause if one of us get on, then everybody get rich

[Chorus: Chance The Rapper]
We gotta stick together
And looking at the puzzle, we gotta fit together
And looking at the struggle, we gotta lift together
And not just on the holidays, we gotta get together
It’s either now or never, gotta get this sh!t together

[Verse 2: Chance The Rapper]
It’s not the Yacht Club but you should see the waves
When we float through the block club
Neighbors on they yard like they locked up
Kids in the street like Bud Biliken
Old man used to be a Panther, thug militant, community policing
Barbecue two trays, a Harold’s fifty piece and
Lemon pepper, onion powder, garlic powder seasoning
Four square killa man, slapboxing, teasing
Cackling, kekeing, cracking up, wheezing
This the homebase
You gotta watch ’em, they’ll right time ya at the wrong place
If you on your celly phone more than a phone case
They’ll take the crib to go, slide on ya home plate
We need CBA, CBA, CBA Barry
Before they build another golf course, library
Or send a eminent domain to Miss Mary
It’s gonna get scary, young Jeffery, young Larry

[Chorus: Chance The Rapper]
We gotta stick together
And looking at the puzzle, we gotta fit together
And looking at the struggle, we gotta lift together
And not just on the holidays, we gotta get together
It’s either now or never, gotta get this sh!t together

[Outro: Chance The Rapper]
Real, real hip-hip hop music from the soul, y’all
Real, real hip-hip hop music from the soul, y’all
Real hip-hip-hop hip-hop music from the soul, y’all
Real hip-hop music from the-from the-from the soul, y’all

Together Lyrics Explained

In Verse 1, Chance the Rapper delves into the essence of family and the significance of preserving familial ties. The opening lines convey the idea that maintaining the family’s physical home ensures the cohesion of its members. Even when facing personal challenges, the familial support system, often spanning across different geographical locations, remains a source of strength. Chance reminisces about childhood memories, such as watching movies together and playful interactions, illustrating the warmth and intimacy within the family. He highlights the roles various family members play, from cooking meals to offering guidance and support. The references to “Annie, Are You Okay?” and Madea plays evoke nostalgia and cultural connections within the family. Despite financial constraints, the family prioritizes essentials like school uniforms over trendy clothing, emphasizing practicality and unity. The verse concludes with a sense of determination to protect the family’s home and provide a safe haven for all its members, knowing that success for one means success for all.

The chorus reinforces the theme of unity and collective action. Chance emphasizes the importance of solidarity, urging individuals to come together not only during celebratory occasions but also during times of hardship. He stresses the urgency of addressing challenges as a unified front, implying that the time for unity is now.

In Verse 2, Chance reflects on the resilience and vibrancy of his community. Despite not having the opulence of a Yacht Club, the community exudes vitality and strength, symbolized by the metaphorical waves they create. References to neighborhood activities like barbecues and block clubs highlight the interconnectedness and communal spirit within the area. Chance pays homage to the older generation, acknowledging their contributions to community activism and cohesion. He warns against the encroachment of gentrification and the loss of community spaces, urging proactive measures to preserve local culture and heritage. The verse ends with a somber note, hinting at the impending challenges the community may face if they do not unite to protect their interests.

The outro serves as a reaffirmation of the authenticity and soulfulness of hip-hop music, echoing Chance’s message of unity and resilience within the community. Through its repetition, the outro emphasizes the enduring power of music to unite and uplift, especially in times of adversity.

FAQs & Trivia

Who has sung “Together” song?
Chance the Rapper has sung “Together” song.

Who wrote the lyrics of “Together” song?
Chance the Rapper, DJ Premier, Common, Bilal have written the lyrics of “Together” song.

Who has given the music of “Together” song?
Chance the Rapper has given the music of “Together” song.


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