Toki Lyrics (English Translation) – Casper Mágico

Toki Lyrics (English Translation) by Casper Mágico, Anuel AA, Luar La L is Spanish song which is presented here. Toki song lyrics are penned down by Casper Mágico, Anuel AA, Luar La L while its tune is made by Casper Mágico, Anuel AA, Luar La L.

In “Toki,” Casper Mágico, Anuel AA, and Luar La L navigate themes of loyalty and passion. With references to luxury and indulgence, they depict a relationship filled with intensity. The verses highlight a dynamic where desire meets danger, embracing risk and excitement. The chorus emphasizes an unbreakable bond amidst tumultuous experiences. The song’s title, “Toki,” suggests a place or state of mind where this passionate connection thrives. Throughout, the artists maintain a confident and assertive tone, embodying their commitment to each other.

Toki (English Translation) Lyrics by Casper Mágico

[Intro: Anuel AA, Luar La L, iZaak & Casper Mágico]
Uoh oh
Real until death, baby
Mera, tell me, Castle
No, no, oh-oh
Know that you and I are inseparable
Real until death, baby
Tre’ Letra’, The L

[Pre-Chorus: iZaak & Anuel AA]
I walk down the street and I always walk with the baby
Always on the wrist the AP
The movie doesn’t slow down and that’s daily (Daily)
And to those who throw it, that’s a maybe (Uah)
I go out on the street and I’m always with the baby, yeah
And on the wrist the AP (AP)
I sail you in that pu*sy, flow Navy
Callaíto’, underwater like Dei V, uah

[Chorus: Casper Mágico & Anuel AA]
Rapture, we seem to be by Toki
A plan B just in case
She climbs on top like a jockey
I tell her to suck, she told me “ok”
Rapture, we seem to be by Toki
A plan B just in case
She climbs on it like a jockey (The AA)
I tell her to suck, she told me “ok” (Anuel)

[Verse 1: Anuel AA & Luar La L]
Smoking Jordan, the smoke flying inside the Lambo (Inside the Lambo)
Capsulating with my Lady Gaga, I am hers Alejandro hers (Alejandro)
I feel like Hector “El Father” when she is on top of me fu*king (Brr)
Because I’m going up and she’s going down
I bite you like Tyson (Tyson)
I connect it to you like Verizon, baby (Verizon, baby; Uah)
I turn on the blicky and it fires up like the Phoenix sun (Oh-oh-oh-oh)
Kendall left Bad for the same reason Cassie left Diddy (Haha)
We end up fu*king after every fight
We always swim against the tide, eah (Eah)
It’s pure like coc*ine (Coc*ine), I’ll suck it if it cooks
When you spoke to me I loved your accent
He gave us the mischief, I pushed the seat back
The lights are dimmer than Arca and Tempo
The AA belongs to Amiri and I cover your body
Chingando on the beach I am Aquile’ in Troy (Aquile’ in Troy)
I leave you the totito pela’o like Tali Goya (Oh-oh-oh-oh)
I sink it like the Titanic
I’ll buy you a friend in the bathroom so he can touch you like Kany (Tre’ Letra’, La L; what? Heh)

[Verse 2: Luar La L]
Your alarm went off and I’m coming to the rescue (Ooh)
You want to get wet, come and ride on my yacht (You know)
We already have chemistry, I don’t use latex with you (When we fu*k, baby)
If you are prepaid, tell me how much it is for your contract (How much?)
You have all the packages, tell this little guy (What?)
When I spank you I’m going to leave your buttocks annatto red
Daily, I come out as a reminder (From one)
If I get lost she finds me and picks me up in the Pathfinder (Heh; What?)
Let’s give us a couple of shots, mommy, let them be from Macallan (Give it quicky, baby)
I fit into all your broken ones, I feel like an Allen key
You want a designer, I’ll buy everything from you and they’re not worth it (Martino)
Since you got your booty, you got hacked and it doesn’t work (Tell me something; what?)
Trap girl (Tramposa), she is from PR and lives in Tampa (Uh-huh)
I change the weather, I get it wet and it never clears (I change the weather)
With me he doesn’t climb steps, he goes up the ramp
I marked it with the official dust, I put that stamp on it myself, what? (Heh)
(Hey, mommy, you’re fu*king with the toughest new one)

[Chorus: Luar La L, iZaak & Casper Mágico]
Arrebata’o, I already feel for Toki
A plan B just in case
She climbs on top like a jockey
I tell her to suck, she told me “ok”
Rapture, we seem to be by Toki
A plan B just in case
She climbs on top like a jockey
I tell her to suck, she told me “oki” (We are ‘Los Mágico’, baby; Casper)

[Verse 3: Magical Casper]
And I told him “Doki”, I bite his mouth, that’s my lowkey (Doki; that’s my lowkey)
He knows I’m going inside masked, flow Jabbawockeez
He doesn’t sing, but I put the microphone in his mouth, flow karaoke (Prr)
When we are not together it connects to the WA
Let’s see if I’m online, and it says: “Come in, Pai already fell asleep” (Pai)
In four she asks me to grab her tits ‘(Woh)
Give the combi, like Nicky, I milked it completely
In my mouth, on my face, she spits on me, she pulls me, she’s very bad (Very bad)
IF this were a war, I ran out of bullets’ (Brr)
I think I’m flying, but this b!tch daughter cut off my wings
She receives me in bed without a bra and gistro (Gistro)
She calls me bully like her intro
I like to see his face with teary eyes’
When I grab her by the hair and she deepthroats me (Deepthroat)

[Verse 4: iZaak]
My crazy, little nalgona
Rebulera when she gets angry
I-I-I-I think that’s why she wraps me around
Because-Because one always returns to the toxic
Right through, right through, truly, truly
I sing ‘e b!tch, I know that you bite me with evil
To mark the territory, mommy, I am yours, don’t worry
Baby, I know that if I look for it with another wh*re
I know I’m losing my daughter
I’m not gross, I need you
I’m an a$$hole without that ass, mommy

[Chorus: Luar La L, iZaak, Anuel AA & Casper Mágico]
Arrebata’o, I already feel for Toki
A plan B just in case
She climbs on top like a jockey
I tell her to suck, she told me “ok” (Uah)
Arrebata’o, we seem to be from Toki (From Toki)
A plan B just in case a little (just a little)
She climbs on it like a jockey (Like a jockey)
I tell him to suck, she told me “ok”

[Outro: Luar La L, Casper Mágico & Anuel AA]
That? Tre’ Letra’
We are the magical ones, baby
The AA
The L
Mera, tell me, Castle
L3TRA Entertainment, baby
GLAD Empire
Mera, tell me, Casper
Tell me, Casper; Los Mágico’; iZaak
Mera, tell me, Luar (Los Mágico’, did you hear, baby?)
Mera, tell me, iZaak
I go with Custom
Customizing a pair of baby girls today
So get ready, I’m coming for you, mommy, hehe
Real Until Death

Toki (English Translation) Lyrics Explained

[Intro: Anuel AA, Luar La L, iZaak & Casper Mágico]
This intro sets the stage for the themes of loyalty and camaraderie that run through the song. Anuel AA’s declaration of being “Real until death” suggests a deep bond, while the repetition of “Mera, tell me, Castle” invokes a sense of closeness and communication within a tight-knit group. The inclusion of “Tre’ Letra’, The L” reinforces a sense of identity and solidarity among the artists. Overall, it serves as an opening statement of unity and commitment.

[Pre-Chorus: iZaak & Anuel AA]
In this section, the lyrics portray a lifestyle of opulence and indulgence, with references to luxury watches and lavish experiences. The mention of the AP (Audemars Piguet) watch symbolizes status and wealth, while the comparison of s*xual prowess to a Navy sailor suggests confidence and skill. The imagery of sailing and being underwater adds to the sense of adventure and risk-taking associated with this lifestyle.

[Chorus: Casper Mágico & Anuel AA]
The chorus describes a passionate and intense relationship, likening it to being enraptured by something irresistible, represented here as “Toki.” The mention of having a “plan B just in case” hints at the unpredictability and volatility of the connection. The imagery of riding like a jockey conveys a sense of control and excitement, while the playful exchange of commands adds to the sensual and provocative tone.

[Verse 1: Anuel AA & Luar La L]
Anuel AA’s verse paints a picture of a hedonistic lifestyle filled with luxury, passion, and conflict. References to smoking Jordan sneakers inside a Lamborghini and engaging in s*xual activities with a sense of bravado depict a life of excess and pleasure. The comparison of love to drügs emphasizes its addictive nature, while the mention of celebrity relationships adds a layer of intrigue and scandal.

[Verse 2: Luar La L]
Luar La L’s verse delves into the dynamics of a tumultuous relationship, where desire and conflict intertwine. References to rescuing the partner and indulging in extravagant experiences reflect a sense of adventure and passion. The mention of buying designer goods and experiencing hacking alludes to the materialism and vulnerability present in modern relationships. Overall, the verse portrays a relationship characterized by intensity and unpredictability.

[Chorus: Luar La L, iZaak & Casper Mágico]
This chorus echoes the sentiments of the previous chorus, emphasizing the intense and passionate nature of the relationship represented by “Toki.” The repetition of commands and assurances underscores the dominant and submissive dynamics at play, while the inclusion of group identifiers reaffirms the unity and collective identity of the artists involved.

[Verse 3: Magical Casper]
Casper Mágico’s verse explores themes of dominance and submission within a s*xual relationship. References to playful interactions and intimate moments convey a sense of intimacy and connection. The mention of controlling communication through technology and indulging in physical pleasure suggests a dynamic where power and desire intersect. Overall, the verse portrays a complex and passionate relationship dynamic.

[Verse 4: iZaak]
iZaak’s verse delves into the complexities of love and desire, highlighting the allure of toxic relationships. References to possessiveness and insecurity underscore the emotional intensity of the connection. The juxtaposition of vulnerability and aggression reflects the conflicting emotions inherent in such relationships. Overall, the verse explores themes of dependence and longing within a passionate and tumultuous romance.

[Outro: Luar La L, Casper Mágico & Anuel AA]
The outro serves as a conclusion to the song, with the artists reaffirming their collective identity and unity. The repetition of group names and acknowledgments emphasizes the collaborative nature of the project. References to “Customizing a pair of baby girls” suggest a sense of creativity and empowerment. Overall, the outro reinforces the themes of loyalty, camaraderie, and creativity that run throughout the song.

FAQs & Trivia

Who has sung “Toki (English Translation)” song?
Casper Mágico, Anuel AA, Luar La L have sung “Toki (English Translation)” song.

Who wrote the lyrics of “Toki (English Translation)” song?
Casper Mágico, Anuel AA, Luar La L have written the lyrics of “Toki (English Translation)” song.

Who has given the music of “Toki (English Translation)” song?
Casper Mágico, Anuel AA, Luar La L have given the music of “Toki (English Translation)” song.


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