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Wake Up Lyrics by Skylar Blatt is a brand new English song which is presented here. Wake Up song lyrics are penned down by Skylar Blatt, Chris Brown, Car!ton (Producer), TooDope, Sade Johnson while its tune is made by Car!ton (Producer), TM88, TooDope.

“Wake Up” by Skylar Blatt captures the journey from struggle to success, highlighting the challenges and betrayals faced along the way. Skylar reflects on the pursuit of wealth, navigating through fake love and questionable friendships. With a mix of pride and caution, he acknowledges the price of his achievements, remaining vigilant against those who may betray him. The song carries a message of resilience and determination, urging listeners to awaken to their realities and pursue their dreams despite the obstacles. Skylar’s lyrics delve into themes of trust, ambition, and the complexities of success, set to an engaging beat that echoes the highs and lows of the journey.

Wake Up Lyrics by Skylar Blatt

[Verse 1: Skylar Blatt]
I, I, got whole lotta problems
Tryna see ’em turn into dollars, so I’m here
I can see the money bring problems
Only when you came up from the bottom, though I hear
Mama say, “As soon as they cross you
Even if you know they ain’t got you, I’m here”
I just say the Rollie came bussing
Rolling with them n!ggas can’t trust, oh, I got
Racks, whole lotta money
I ain’t never gotta worry ’bout it ’cause I got plaques
Whole lotta commas, tryna be the one ‘fore the summer come
I got tracks into riding Maybachs
Feel a way, but where was they at?
So why not stack?
If it only take practise
Bankroll ain’t matching they captions, I hear

[Chorus: Skylar Blatt]
We should go and wake up
Even though I know it ain’t much, still I’m here
I don’t wanna fake love
Even though I know it’s fake love, all I feel
We should go and wake up
Even though I know it ain’t much, still I’m here
I don’t wanna fake love
Even though I know it’s fake love

[Verse 2: Chris Brown]
Got whole lotta problems
Lot of n!ggas turned down the squabbles, so I’m here
Jealousy, the money bring problems
.45 right beside the wallet, don’t try here
Mama say, “As soon as they cross you
That’s when you know that God got you, I’m here”
I’m just glad this .40 ain’t bussing
Walking with some steppers that’ll touch you, I got

[Chorus: Chris Brown, Skylar Blatt, Chris Brown & Skylar Blatt]
We should go and wake up
Tell them people we don’t give a fu*k, this my year
Even though, it ain’t much
I’m the one that went and spent a dub on my ear
I just wanna wake up
I just wanna wake up
All I hear
I just wanna wake up
I just wanna wake up
I, I just wanna wake up
Find another way to run it up, so I’m here
Why they wanna break us?
You ain’t seen where I came from, no idea
I know money make blessings
They should know we ain’t stressing, I’m here
Since the Rollie came crusted
Order up the Rolls-Royce truck, I’ll cry here

Wake Up Lyrics Explained

In Verse 1, Skylar Blatt paints a picture of the struggles and aspirations that come with chasing success. He acknowledges the abundance of problems in his life but sees them as potential opportunities to turn into financial gain. However, he’s aware that with money comes its own set of challenges, especially for those who have risen from the bottom. Skylar’s mother imparts wisdom about remaining cautious even when it seems like others have your back. Despite his wealth and achievements, Skylar remains wary of the company he keeps, recognizing that not everyone can be trusted. He reflects on his financial success, with references to expensive items like a Rolex (“Rollie”) and Maybachs, but also alludes to the loneliness that can accompany wealth, questioning the loyalty of those around him who were absent during his struggles.

The Chorus underscores the theme of awakening to one’s reality despite the challenges. Skylar expresses a desire for authenticity and genuine connections, rejecting superficiality even though he’s aware of its prevalence. Despite the realization that the situation may not be ideal, he resolves to stay true to himself and remain present in the moment, echoing the sentiment that he’s still here despite the obstacles.

Verse 2, performed by Chris Brown, echoes Skylar’s sentiments about the problems that come with money and success. Chris reflects on the envy and hostility that can arise from financial prosperity, emphasizing the need for vigilance and protection in a dangerous environment. He shares his mother’s wisdom about divine protection in the face of betrayal, highlighting the importance of faith and discernment.

The final Chorus brings together both Skylar and Chris, emphasizing their shared experiences and determination to rise above adversity. They assert their resilience and defiance against those who seek to undermine them, declaring their independence and commitment to their goals. Despite the challenges they face, they remain focused on their aspirations and refuse to be deterred by negativity. The reference to luxury items like a Rolls-Royce truck symbolizes their success and serves as a reminder of how far they’ve come despite the odds.

FAQs & Trivia

Who has sung “Wake Up” song?
Skylar Blatt has sung “Wake Up” song.

Who wrote the lyrics of “Wake Up” song?
Skylar Blatt, Chris Brown, Car!ton (Producer), TooDope, Sade Johnson have written the lyrics of “Wake Up” song.

Who has given the music of “Wake Up” song?
Skylar Blatt have given the music of “Wake Up” song.


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