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Weakest Link Lyrics by Chris Brown is a brand new English song which is presented here. Weakest Link song lyrics are penned down by Chris Brown while its tune is made by Orsix, Neverodd, KXVI.

“Weakest Link” by Chris Brown is a confrontational track addressing Quavo from Migos. Brown challenges Quavo’s credibility, asserting himself as the superior artist and dismissing Quavo’s claims of toughness. He highlights Quavo’s alleged hypocrisy regarding violence against women and boasts about his own success and conquests. Brown takes shots at Quavo’s music, his personality, and even references a past controversy involving Quavo. The song intensifies as Brown delves into personal insults and threats, suggesting that Quavo’s fame has gone to his head. Brown concludes with a defiant declaration of dominance, proclaiming victory over his rival. The lyrics showcase Brown’s bravado and assertiveness, painting a picture of a heated feud between two prominent figures in the music industry.

Weakest Link Lyrics by Chris Brown

[Intro: Goldie & Quavo]
Now we can settle this like you got some class or we can get into some gangster s*it
Hey, Chris, I don’t want no issues, bruh
I don’t want no smoke, I don’t wanna fight you
I don’t wanna do nothing, bruh
Like, please, bruh

[Chorus: Chris Brown]
Who want smoke with me?
Who want smoke with me?
Who want smoke with me?
Who want smoke with C?
Who want—, mm, who want smoke with me?
Who want—
Brrah, brrah, brrah, yeah, yeah

[Verse: Chris Brown]
Okay, let’s get down to the facts, pu*sy, I’m dripped in red (Okay)
Don’t let this R&B s*it fool you, n!ggas get ripped to shreds (Get down)
Quavo talking like he a thug, n!gga, you a b!tch with dreads (You a b!tch)
Can’t wait to see the day that you back up all of that s*it you said (You on)
What’s all that boss s*it you talking? You ain’t no huncho, n!gga (You ain’t no huncho)
You the weakest link out of your clique, let’s keep it a hundo, n!gga (One hundred)
You fu*ked my ex-ho, that’s cool, I don’t give no fu*k, lil’ n!gga (Still a b!tch)
‘Cause I fu*ked your ex when you were still with her, b!tch, I’m up, lil’ n!gga (I’m up)
They say revenge is sweet (Revenge is sweet), now think about that s*it
Don’t let that line go over your head, I might just sing about that s*it (Crack, crack, crack)
I had her fiending ’bout that d!ck, there’s something sweet about that s*it (Yeah, yeah, yeah, uh)
I got some tea up out that b!tch, but I ain’t gon’ speak about that s*it (Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah)
Woah (Fah, fah, brr)
I ain’t playing chess with a checker player
I’m a ticking bomb on the detonator (Yeah, yeah)
I s*it on n!ggas, I’m a defacator (Yeah, yeah)
I’ll put a Migo on a ventilator (Yeah, brr, what?)
Stop talking ’bout beating girls, you was beating b!tches on the elevator
We seen the tapes, that’s devastating (Brr, baow, baow)
You doing bad, you a b!tch and your music trash (Yeah yeah, yeah)
Fashion week, they sat me next to your lame ass, I was truly mad (What?)
All I kept thinking ’bout was breaking your face, but I gave you a pass (What?)
You lucky I ain’t wanna fu*k the money up, boy, I would’ve broke you in half (Brrah, baow)
Quit trying to be tough, you ain’t like that, why you keep showing off? (Uh)
Quit talking ’bout drügs, you the only pack that I’ve been smoking on, woah
I just hit my plug, told him, “Come back, I’ma need more than one” (Come on)
Your last album was a weed tray, just some bulls*it that we roll up on (Brrah, baow, baow, baow)
You know it’s on, put you to bed, night, night, that’s Sudafed, yeah
Show me that I’m tender, b!tch, time to prove what you just said
R.I.P. Takeoff, he the only real one that got true respect
Crazy how when he died, everybody really wished it was you instead (Oh s*it, brrah)
You tripping, Chris, don’t say that, don’t lose your head (Damn)
You done turned the big bad wolf on, these fu*k n!ggas never knew revenge (Woo)
This what happens when a fu*k n!gga push a real n!gga out to the edge, yeah
This what happens when a dumb n!gga get fame and it get to his head, yeah
You gon’ kiss this ring, n!gga
Big “fu*k you” from my middle finger, yeah
I’ll tattoo my trigger finger, yeah
Bring real beef to your dinner table (Brrah, baow)
My mental state ain’t never stable, I know this s*it gon’ sting, n!gga (Grrah)
I’ll run your ass through the wringer, n!gga
You just got bodied by a singer n!gga, b!tch

[Chorus: Chris Brown]
Who want smoke with me?
Who want smoke with me?
Who want smoke with me?
Who want smoke with C? (Who want smoke?)
Who want—, mm, who want smoke with me?
Who want—
Yeah, yeah, yeah

Weakest Link Lyrics Explained

The intro sets the stage for a potential conflict resolution or escalation, with one party expressing a preference for a peaceful resolution while acknowledging the possibility of resorting to violence if necessary.

The chorus is a bold challenge issued by Chris Brown, daring anyone to engage in conflict with him. It’s a declaration of his readiness for confrontation, using repetition and emphatic sounds to assert his dominance.

In the verse, Chris Brown delivers a barrage of insults and accusations directed at Quavo from Migos. He questions Quavo’s authenticity as a tough individual, criticizes his behavior towards women, and boasts about his own superiority. Brown references past controversies, expresses disdain for Quavo’s music, and paints a picture of himself as an unstoppable force. The verse is filled with aggression, bravado, and personal attacks, showcasing Brown’s confrontational attitude.

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Who has sung “Weakest Link” song?
Chris Brown has sung “Weakest Link” song.

Who wrote the lyrics of “Weakest Link” song?
Chris Brown has written the lyrics of “Weakest Link” song.

Who has given the music of “Weakest Link” song?
Chris Brown have given the music of “Weakest Link” song.


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