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What Does Bbl Even Mean Lyrics by RXKNephew is a brand new English song which is presented here. What Does Bbl Even Mean song lyrics are penned down by RXKNephew while its tune is made by RXKNephew.

“What Does BBL Even Mean” by RXKNephew delves into the rapper’s frustration with the hip-hop industry’s obsession with manufactured beefs and fake personas. The song questions why artists like Kendrick Lamar engage in feuds with those outside their street lifestyle, while criticizing the hypocrisy of certain figures within the industry. RXKNephew challenges stereotypes and societal norms, expressing his disdain for the facade of authenticity in the music business. Through raw and confrontational lyrics, the artist offers a candid reflection on the industry’s toxicity and the importance of staying true to oneself.

What Does Bbl Even Mean Lyrics by RXKNephew

I don’t even like this beat
Why the fu*k you got all this beef?
You n!ggas knew that n!gga had a BBL man
Y’all hang with n!ggas with BBLs, man
You getting mad at n!ggas and do all this-
Man this s*it stupid man
Why would you even make this beat?
Why would Drake get a BBL?
*** why would all these people get BBLs, I don’t-
What the fu*k do BBL even mean?
S*it sound wild zesty
Uh huh, watch this
Uh huh
Why Kendrick picking on the weak?
Why n!ggas doing marketing schemes about this fake beef?
You better be lucky I love my fans, that’s why I did this beat
Why Kendrick Lamar beefing with a n!gga who was never in the street?
How you gon’ beef with a n!gga with a BBL?
Leave that n!gga alone, ’cause you ain’t do him no better
Y’all thought Meek Mill was street, y’all thought Rick Ross was street
Y’all thought G*nna in the street, I guess you get paid to think
Birdman kissed Lil Wayne, y’all say he the best rapper
Any n!gga I know bump Drake got locked up for domestic violence
All my beef from the hood, I can’t beef with the industry
These n!ggas on TV, how the fu*k is they in the streets?
Kendrick said “a whole pool of liquor and he gon’ dive in it”
I’m really addicted to this alcohol, I might die with it
Them n!ggas might as well fight
Doing all that fighting on the internet and not in real life
I can’t believe I’m rapping on a beat that said BBL
You talk about a n!gga with a BBL? Boy you going to hell
I ain’t got s*it against gay people, but n!gga you are gay
How Metro produced with Future but Future cool with Drake?
All y’all n!ggas dissing Drake, I’m convinced you wish you was Drake
Just come out the closet, n!gga
I’m convinced all y’all R. Kelly Trapped in the Closet, n!gga
If Drake a pedophile, then why the hell they ain’t lock him up?
I’m just convinced that the whole industry is toxic as fu*k
Every year y’all want a beef, this s*it is wrestling
You might as well beef with Stone Cold, whole rap WrestleMania
Ice Spice saying Drake weird, whole world know Drake queer
N!gga screaming gang gang, but your whole gang weird
N!gga on TV shows
And got the nerve to talk about starting from the bottom, now you’re here?
We couldn’t afford no damn Jordans, ‘member my first pair
Kendrick signed with TDE, I’m signed to the street
Drake was signed to Lil Wayne, I’m signed to the street
The Game tatted a butterfly and signed to 50 Cent
Lil Durk signed to French Montana when I was in the street
Young Chop went crazy when Kanye stole his beat
They tried to get GloRilla and S*xyy Red with a fake beef
I don’t give a fu*k ’bout the industry, ‘long as the kids eat
They lying bout they age, they hiding kids
Like Charles Manson, n!ggas taking out they ribs
All this trauma, all this s*it that n!ggas did
Drake told Metro Boomin “Get on them drums n!gga”
Y’all ain’t seen Gucci Mane bury Pookie Loc body?
You tryna start a rap beef and catch a body?
I know Drake prolly fu*ked your b!tch, that’s why you mad at him
Since you so damn rich, then put a bag on him
N!ggas making AI beats and putting tags on ’em
If Drake got a BBL, then I feel bad for him

I can’t do this beat no more, I’m done with this beat
I did this for the fans, I did this for the folks, I don’t-
I gotta tell my truth, they want me to speak how I speak and how I be feeling
Sometimes they don’t wanna hear me talk
So I’m just gon’ talk to this microphone, inside this microphone

What Does Bbl Even Mean Lyrics Explained

The introductory segment of the song serves as a poignant prelude to the lyrical onslaught that follows. RXKNephew wastes no time in expressing his distaste for the beat, immediately setting a tone of frustration and disillusionment. He questions the prevalence of beef within the hip-hop community, using explicit language to underscore his incredulity. The mention of “BBL” (Brazilian Butt Lift) injects a layer of social commentary, hinting at the superficiality and societal pressures present within the industry. RXKNephew’s bewilderment at the proliferation of such cosmetic procedures, especially among prominent figures like Drake, reflects a broader critique of the culture’s values and priorities. The intro acts as a provocative opening salvo, inviting listeners to delve into the deeper themes and criticisms that the song will explore.

The verse section of the song serves as a sprawling critique of various aspects of the hip-hop industry, delivered with raw intensity and biting wit. RXKNephew begins by questioning the motives behind beefs involving high-profile artists like Kendrick Lamar, suggesting that such confrontations often target individuals perceived as weaker or less established. He goes on to condemn the commodification of conflict for marketing purposes, lamenting the superficiality and disingenuousness that permeate the industry. Throughout the verse, RXKNephew pulls no punches, addressing issues of homophobia, accusations against Drake, and the exploitation of trauma for profit. His lyrics are a potent mix of social commentary and personal reflection, offering a scathing indictment of the industry’s ethics and values.

The outro serves as a reflective denouement to RXKNephew’s impassioned diatribe, offering a moment of reprieve after the intensity of the preceding verses. RXKNephew’s exhaustion and disillusionment are palpable as he expresses his frustration with the beat and the industry as a whole. Despite the challenges he faces and the resistance he encounters, RXKNephew remains committed to his artistry and his truth. The outro is a poignant reminder of the artist’s unwavering dedication to his craft and his audience, even in the face of adversity. As RXKNephew speaks directly into the microphone, his words resonate with authenticity and conviction, serving as a powerful conclusion to a song filled with raw emotion and unapologetic critique.

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RXKNephew has sung “What Does Bbl Even Mean” song.

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RXKNephew has written the lyrics of “What Does Bbl Even Mean” song.

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RXKNephew has given the music of “What Does Bbl Even Mean” song.


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