Wonder Scale Lyrics (English Translation) – 初星学園 (Hatsuboshi Gakuen)

Wonder Scale Lyrics (English Translation) by 初星学園 (Hatsuboshi Gakuen) is Japanese song which is presented here. Wonder Scale song lyrics are penned down by 初星学園 (Hatsuboshi Gakuen) while its tune is made by 初星学園 (Hatsuboshi Gakuen).

“Wonder Scale” by Hatsuboshi Gakuen is a spirited anthem of hope and resilience. The lyrics liken life’s journey to the wind’s freedom and the sun’s warmth, urging listeners to embrace the unknown with courage. It celebrates the beauty of human connection, urging smiles over loneliness and highlighting the resilience of butterflies and rainbows. With a message of perseverance and self-expression, it encourages embracing dreams and overcoming obstacles. The song’s uplifting melody and empowering lyrics inspire listeners to find their own unique path and share their song with the world.

Wonder Scale (English Translation) Lyrics by 初星学園 (Hatsuboshi Gakuen)

you know what
Like the sun shining in a deep forest
I wish I could give you hope
me someday

[Verse 1]
The wind is so free
The tips of my hair danced
The next moment, go somewhere else
Even if you can’t see it, there’s definitely a promise
Let’s meet like we used to
True or False The answer is yes.
Leave it for the future, now
Sharpen your heart Tune of love
Run up Wonder Scale
Let’s become a traveling song inside you
Draw with finger tact today
Hey, what color?
Even if I’m not good at it, I want to make it resonate, My Song

[Verse 2]
If you want to tell me, Tender not Lonely
People are kinder than lonely
Right? Smile!
Butterflies have such thin wings
rainbow in the fountain
cross vividly
Even if it’s small, it’s definitely there
Courage, see
Bundle it up like a bouquet
True & False Failure? (Hmm)
Don’t worry, repeat, retry as many times as you like

[Instrumental Interlude]
I’m here, I
I won’t give in to the first cry of the day I was born.
The excitement is a crescendo, the heartbeat is beating quickly
Can you hear me?

Sharpen your heart Tune of love
Run up Wonder Scale
Let’s become a traveling song inside you
Dreams drawn with finger tact
Oh, it’s infinite, isn’t it?
I want to make my song resonate as one in the world

Wonder Scale (English Translation) Lyrics Explained

The intro sets a tone of introspection and aspiration. The speaker acknowledges a desire to bring hope, likening it to the sun’s rays penetrating a dense forest. There’s a longing to uplift others and find personal growth in the process.

[Verse 1]
This verse captures the fleeting nature of life’s moments. The wind symbolizes freedom and unpredictability, while the dance of hair tips suggests joy in movement. Despite uncertainty, there’s a belief in promises unseen, urging a focus on present connections and leaving future uncertainties aside.

The chorus encourages emotional openness and self-discovery. “Sharpen your heart” implies honing one’s emotional sensitivity, while “Wonder Scale” suggests exploring life’s vastness. The metaphor of a traveling song within embodies the idea of personal growth and the desire to create something meaningful despite perceived limitations.

[Verse 2]
Here, the lyrics delve into the beauty of vulnerability and human connection. The speaker contrasts tenderness with loneliness, asserting the kindness inherent in people and the importance of smiles. Nature’s fragility, depicted through butterflies and rainbows, underscores the value of small but significant moments and the courage to persist despite challenges.

[Instrumental Interlude]
This instrumental interlude likely serves as a reflective pause, allowing listeners to absorb the preceding verses’ messages and emotionally connect with the music before transitioning into the next section.

The pre-chorus amplifies the theme of resilience and communication. The speaker asserts their presence and determination to overcome challenges from the moment of birth, symbolizing a relentless pursuit of dreams. The crescendo of excitement and heartbeat conveys a sense of urgency and passion.

This repetition of the chorus reinforces the themes of self-discovery and universality. It emphasizes the infinite potential within each individual and the desire to create a resonant impact on the world through personal expression and connection. The imagery of drawing dreams with finger tact underscores the power of imagination and determination.

FAQs & Trivia

Who has sung “Wonder Scale (English Translation)” song?
初星学園 (Hatsuboshi Gakuen) has sung “Wonder Scale (English Translation)” song.

Who wrote the lyrics of “Wonder Scale (English Translation)” song?
初星学園 (Hatsuboshi Gakuen) has written the lyrics of “Wonder Scale (English Translation)” song.

Who has given the music of “Wonder Scale (English Translation)” song?
初星学園 (Hatsuboshi Gakuen) has given the music of “Wonder Scale (English Translation)” song.


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