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World so Loud Lyrics by ALTERJOY is a brand new English song which is presented here. World So Loud song lyrics are penned down by ALTERJOY while its tune is made by ALTERJOY.

“World so Loud” by ALTERJOY explores themes of disillusionment, hypocrisy, and societal decay. The song reflects on the futile efforts to preserve traditions in a world where honesty is scarce. It criticizes the exploitation of the present for selfish gains, leaving future generations to suffer. The lyrics challenge the existence of a higher power, questioning its silence in the face of moral degradation. Ultimately, it portrays a world filled with noise and chaos, where individuals grapple with their own hypocrisy and the consequences of their actions.

World so Loud Lyrics by ALTERJOY

We only let it die
The harder we all try
Nowhere left to hide
Traditions lie

Stare into the deepest blue
Find your own views
Refuse to the abuse

The king of then
The fool of now
Jump a life raft from the
World so loud
Drink from the moon
Intoxication looms
Pull the spine out from your hopes
Spill your blood in the clouds

We’re all hypocrites
That think we’re lit
We promote our merit
To the world and
Don’t show our true face

We exploit
To live in it
The next generation then gets f***ed
While they rely on us

If there is a god
Do you think it would speak to you?
What would it say
If it saw you break all the rules?

Well there is a god
And it’s looking for something new
King of the universe
Master of all the fools
We’re all hypocrites

We point at the accused
Explanations are refused
Bad decisions come in twos
We’re the only ones who lose

The king of then
The fool of now
A world so loud

World so Loud Lyrics Explained

The first stanza reflects on the gradual erosion of traditions and values in society. Despite efforts to uphold them, they inevitably fade away. The more individuals try to preserve these customs, the more they seem to disappear, leaving no refuge from the changes.

In the second stanza, there’s a call to introspection and independent thinking. It urges listeners to delve into their own beliefs and reject any form of manipulation or exploitation.

The third stanza portrays a sense of resignation or defeat. It describes feeling dead, once powerful but now foolish in a noisy and chaotic world. The metaphorical suggestion is to escape from this overwhelming environment, akin to seeking refuge on a life raft.

The fourth stanza depicts indulgence and escapism. Drinking from the moon symbolizes pursuing unattainable desires while intoxication looms, clouding judgment and leading to disappointment.

The fifth stanza addresses the hypocrisy prevalent in society. Despite believing oneself to be enlightened, individuals often hide their true selves, instead presenting a façade of merit to the world.

The sixth stanza highlights the cycle of exploitation and its impact on future generations, who bear the consequences while relying on the current one.

The seventh and eighth stanzas ponder the existence of a higher power and its potential disappointment in humanity’s actions. It suggests that if there is a god, it seeks change and new direction, recognizing the flaws and hypocrisy of humanity.

The final stanza reflects on the consequences of societal judgment and refusal to accept accountability. Despite pointing fingers, explanations are dismissed, leading to repeated mistakes and only self-inflicted losses in a relentlessly noisy world.

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ALTERJOY has written the lyrics of “World so Loud” song.

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ALTERJOY has given the music of “World so Loud” song.


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