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ADIVINO Lyrics (English Translation) by Myke Towers, Bad Bunny is Spanish song which is presented here. Adivino song lyrics are penned down by Myke Towers, Bad Bunny while its tune is made by Myke Towers, Bad Bunny.

“ADIVINO” (English Translation) by Myke Towers and Bad Bunny explores the complexities of a past relationship. The lyrics depict a sense of longing and reminiscence, with the artists reflecting on what once was. They acknowledge the changes that have occurred and the difficulty of moving on. Despite the temptation to reconnect, there’s a realization that it may not be the best decision. The song touches on themes of love, desire, and the inevitable uncertainties that come with relationships. Ultimately, it encourages each person to follow their own path forward, acknowledging that they are no longer the same people they once were.

ADIVINO (English Translation) Lyrics by Myke Towers

[Pre-Chorus: Myke Towers & Bad Bunny]
No offense
It doesn’t belong to me, ma, you are from the street
He doesn’t know that it’s a night without the luxury of detail
When you fire up the Phillies ’till they go out, baby
There are many people here
But why hide if everyone already knows
Psychologist because she likes to play with my mind
Devour me rich that when the night is over, baby

[Chorus: Myke Towers & Bad Bunny]
Follow your road
You have already changed and I am not the same
I always remember what we once were’
I know who you’re thinking of, guess what, baby
Follow your road
You have already changed and I am not the same
I always remember what we once were’
I know who you’re thinking of, guess what, baby

[Verse 1: Myke Towers]
I don’t know what gives me more muse, baby, having you or leaving you.’
She comes out of bathing in a towel, she is a model like Zendaya
I don’t want to be just another name that gets scratched on the list.
If you want, be cool, but tell him that he doesn’t measure up to me
All the things we do, she shuts them up
Tiffany & Co. I bought the screens from them
I know that you think of me, baby
I wanted to make you my first lady
I just wanna fu*k you, tell me where you’ve been at, I’ve been reminiscing lately
I will have a new love maybe
Baby, come back, don’t make me
We should have s*x, s*x, s*x like we did daily, daily

[Pre-Chorus: Myke Towers]
Why look for you? If I know where you are (I know where it is)
Today I’m alone, I’m without the staff (Oh)
I know you from behind’ (a long time ago)
I’m not into you baby, leave me alone (Haha)
[Chorus: Myke Towers]
Follow your road
You have already changed and I am not the same
I always remember what we once were’
I know who you’re thinking of, guess what, baby

[Verse 2: Bad Bunny]
Tell me what we are, tell me what we were
Tell me what we will be after the kiss we gave each other
I feel like in the end neither of us knew each other.
What the hell did we do? Baby, hey
To fu*k, I’ll play for you every time you ask
I would give you for life
You are bad, a poisonous devil, I forget
And I want another goodbye, hey
But now, goodbye, goodbye, sayonara
Don’t kiss me because it stops me
Impossible to say no to you with that face
Our love story was beautiful and strange, hey
And it’s true
You are a goddess and like you I will not find another
You neither, in your life I was the most real
I was faithful to your eyes and loyal to your lips
But no, we are not the same, yeah
You were one of my loves, I was just another ‘and your’ ex
Sometimes I laugh reading the texts
Sometimes I laugh, but it’s from stress
I don’t know when interest died
I don’t know if “I love you” is worth the same when it’s in English, jum
I don’t know if it’s a good idea for you and me to fu*k again
That you look at me again, that we lie to each other again
May we make the same mistake again

[Chorus: Bad Bunny]
Better go your way
You have already changed and I am not the same
I always remember what we once were’
I know who you’re thinking of, guess what, baby
Follow your road

ADIVINO (English Translation) Lyrics Explained

[Pre-Chorus: Myke Towers & Bad Bunny]
This pre-chorus sets the scene, depicting a night of indulgence and recklessness. The mention of firing up Phillies (cigars) suggests a casual attitude toward luxury, implying a setting where extravagance is mundane. Despite the crowd, there’s a sense of intimacy as the artists reflect on the psychological games played within the relationship. The phrase “devour me rich” conveys a desire for passionate engagement without regard for consequence.

[Chorus: Myke Towers & Bad Bunny]
The chorus advises separation, acknowledging personal growth and the inability to revert to past dynamics. It’s a recognition of individual paths diverging, with memories of what once was lingering. The repetition emphasizes the inevitability of moving forward and hints at a shared understanding of the situation.

[Verse 1: Myke Towers]
This verse delves into a mix of desire, pride, and nostalgia. Myke reflects on the allure of his partner and the struggle between wanting commitment and craving physical intimacy. Despite longing for connection, there’s a sense of resignation as he acknowledges the possibility of moving on. The mention of luxury brands juxtaposed with raw desires reflects the complexity of the relationship.

[Pre-Chorus: Myke Towers]
The second pre-chorus conveys a sense of resignation and detachment. Myke seems to acknowledge the futility of seeking connection where there’s none to be found. His loneliness contrasts with the previous scenes of indulgence, hinting at the emptiness that follows fleeting pleasures.

[Chorus: Myke Towers]
This chorus echoes the previous one, reinforcing the message of individual growth and the impossibility of returning to the past. It’s a reminder to follow one’s own path despite lingering emotions and memories.

[Verse 2: Bad Bunny]
Bad Bunny’s verse is a reflection on the complexity of the relationship and the uncertainty surrounding its demise. He questions the authenticity of their connection and reflects on the fleeting nature of love. Despite acknowledging their differences and the pain caused, there’s a lingering sense of longing and reluctance to let go.

[Chorus: Bad Bunny]
This final chorus mirrors the previous ones but with added emphasis on moving forward. Bad Bunny urges his partner to continue on their own path, acknowledging their shared past but emphasizing the need for individual growth and closure.

FAQs & Trivia

Who has sung “ADIVINO (English Translation)” song?
Myke Towers, Bad Bunny have sung “ADIVINO (English Translation)” song.

Who wrote the lyrics of “ADIVINO (English Translation)” song?
Myke Towers, Bad Bunny have written the lyrics of “ADIVINO (English Translation)” song.

Who has given the music of “ADIVINO (English Translation)” song?
Myke Towers, Bad Bunny have given the music of “ADIVINO (English Translation)” song.


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