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ADIVINO Lyrics by Myke Towers, Bad Bunny is Spanish song which is presented here. Adivino song lyrics are penned down by Myke Towers, Bad Bunny while its tune is made by Myke Towers, Bad Bunny.

“ADIVINO” by Myke Towers and Bad Bunny delves into the complexities of a past relationship. The lyrics explore themes of reminiscence, longing, and the inevitability of change. Despite recognizing the evolution of the relationship and the changes within themselves, there’s still a sense of connection and understanding of each other’s thoughts and actions. The song oscillates between desire, frustration, and acceptance, capturing the emotional turmoil of a breakup and the lingering desire for reconciliation. Myke Towers and Bad Bunny deliver introspective verses, contemplating the past, present, and uncertain future, ultimately urging each other to move forward and follow separate paths.

ADIVINO Lyrics by Myke Towers

[Pre-Coro: Myke Towers & Bad Bunny]
Sin ofenderte
No me pertenece’ a mí, ma, tú ere’ de la calle
No sabe’ que e’ una noche sin lujo’ de detalle
Cuando le da fuego a los Phillie’ hasta que se apaguen, bebé
Aquí hay mucha gente
Pero pa’ qué disimular si to’ el mundo ya sabe
Psicóloga porque le gusta jugar con mi mente
Devórame rico que cuando la noche se acabe, bebé

[Coro: Myke Towers & Bad Bunny]
Sigue tu camino
Ya tú cambiaste y yo no soy el mismo
Siempre recuerdo lo que un día fuimo’
Sé en quién estás pensando, a que adivino, bebé
Sigue tu camino
Ya tú cambiaste y yo no soy el mismo
Siempre recuerdo lo que un día fuimo’
Sé en quién estás pensando, a que adivino, bebé

[Verso 1: Myke Towers]
No sé qué me da más musa, bebé, si tenerte o que te me vaya’
Sale de bañarse en toalla, es modelo como Zendaya
No quiero ser un nombre más que en la lista se raya
Si quieres se guaya, pero dile que no me da la talla
Toa’ las cosa’ que hacemo’, ella las calla
Tiffany & Co. le compré las pantalla’
Yo sé que tú me piensas, baby
Quería hacerte mi first lady
I just wanna fu*k you, tell me where you’ve been at, I’ve been reminiscing lately
I will have a new love maybe
Baby, come back, don’t make me
We should have s*x, s*x, s*x like we did daily, daily

[Pre-Coro: Myke Towers]
¿Pa’ qué buscarte? Si sé en dónde estás (Yo sé dónde está)
Hoy ando solo, ando sin el staff (Oh)
A ti yo te conozco desde atrá’ (Hace tiempo atrás)
No estoy en ti, bebé, déjame en paz (Jaja)
[Coro: Myke Towers]
Sigue tu camino
Ya tú cambiaste y, yo no soy el mismo
Siempre recuerdo lo que un día fuimo’
Sé en quién estás pensando, a que adivino, bebé

[Verso 2: Bad Bunny]
Dime qué somo’, dime qué fuimo’
Dime qué seremo’ despué’ del beso que nos dimo’
Siento que al final ning*no de los do’ nos conocimo’
¿Qué diablo fue lo que hicimo’? Bebé, ey
Pa’ chingar, ‘toy pa’ ti toa’ las vece’ que tú pida’
A ti yo te daría de por vida
Tú ere’ mala, una diabla venenosa, se me olvida
Y quiero otra despedida, ey
Pero ya, goodbye, adiós, sayonara
No me bese’ porque se me para
Imposible decirte que no con esa cara
Nuestra historia de amor fue bonita y rara, ey
Y es verda’
Tú ere’ una diosa y como tú a otra yo no vo’a encontrar
Tú tampoco, en tu vida yo fui lo más real
Yo era fiel a tus ojo’ y a tus labio’ leal
Pero no, no somo’ igual, yeah
Tú fuiste uno de mis amore’, yo solamente fui otro ‘e tu’ ex
A vece’ me río leyendo los text
A vece’ me río, pero es del estrés
No sé cuándo fue que murió el interés
No sé si un “te amo” vale lo mismo cuando es en inglés, jum
No sé si es buena idea que tú y yo chinguemo’ otra vez
Que me mires otra vez, que nos mintamo’ otra vez
Que cometamo’ el mismo error otra vez

[Coro: Bad Bunny]
Mejor sigue tu camino
Ya tú cambiaste y yo no soy el mismo
Siempre recuerdo lo que un día fuimo’
Sé en quién estás pensando, a que adivino, bebé
Sigue tu camino

ADIVINO Lyrics Explained

The Pre-Coro sets the stage for the song’s emotional depth. It begins with a recognition that the singer does not intend to offend, but acknowledges that the other person belongs to the streets, suggesting a familiarity with the street life. The imagery of a night without lavish details implies a raw, unadorned encounter. The mention of smoking Phillie cigars until they extinguish suggests a desire to indulge in the moment fully. The singer notes the presence of many people but questions the need to hide their feelings when everyone already knows. The reference to playing with the singer’s mind hints at a complex, possibly manipulative relationship dynamic. The plea to devour the singer richly before the night ends encapsulates a sense of urgency and desire.

In the Coro, the singers reflect on the changes that have occurred between them. They acknowledge that one has changed while the other remains unchanged, reminiscing about their past selves. Despite the transformation, there’s a sense of understanding and intuition about each other’s thoughts, as indicated by the line “Sé en quién estás pensando, a que adivino, bebé.” This chorus captures the bittersweet essence of remembering what they once were while acknowledging the inevitability of moving on.

Myke Towers’ verse delves into the conflicting emotions of desire and departure. He struggles with whether having the person or losing them provides more inspiration. The imagery of the person emerging from a shower in a towel and being compared to Zendaya emphasizes their attractiveness. There’s a sense of frustration in not wanting to be just another name on a list. Despite the desire for intimacy, there’s an acknowledgment of change and a longing for the past, evident in the references to reminiscing about past encounters.

The second Pre-Coro serves as a continuation of the emotional turmoil. The singer expresses a sense of resignation, indicating that they know where the other person is but choose to walk alone. There’s a hint of familiarity from the past, but it’s coupled with a sense of detachment and a desire to be left alone.

The second Coro, led by Bad Bunny, reinforces the theme of moving on. He acknowledges the change in both himself and the other person, reminiscing about their past but ultimately recognizing the need to follow separate paths. Despite the recognition of their shared history, there’s an acceptance of the present reality and a suggestion to continue forward.

Bad Bunny’s verse delves deep into introspection and self-awareness. He questions the nature of their relationship, pondering what they were, are, and will become. There’s a sense of regret and confusion about their actions and decisions. Despite the bitterness of the breakup, there’s a recognition of the other person’s allure and uniqueness. He reflects on the authenticity of their love but ultimately concludes that they are not the same. The verse is laden with emotions of longing, frustration, and a hint of resignation, encapsulating the complexities of love and loss.

Overall, “ADIVINO” explores the multifaceted emotions of a past relationship, ranging from desire and nostalgia to acceptance and resignation. Through poignant lyrics and emotive delivery, the song captures the intricacies of human connection and the inevitability of change.

FAQs & Trivia

Who has sung “ADIVINO” song?
Myke Towers, Bad Bunny have sung “ADIVINO” song.

Who wrote the lyrics of “ADIVINO” song?
Myke Towers, Bad Bunny have written the lyrics of “ADIVINO” song.

Who has given the music of “ADIVINO” song?
Myke Towers, Bad Bunny have given the music of “ADIVINO” song.


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